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  1. Thank You Kind Regards, from frozen BC Canada
  2. Seems the angle is steep. For sure the clutch wears faster and more easily than the drum. The drums are not replaceable. truily, the new clutch does not sit flush to the drum surface. About a 1/8 inch gap. Probably normal, and the clutch has good wear to the mating surface. Also, the curved edge has rounded shoulders as opposed to the new square shoulder. Does the drum look worn? Kind Regards Jim
  3. Thanks, got it apart tonight. Clutch is rounded. Have new one I am very surprised to see the little bite the clutch has on the drum About 1/4 of an inch at most gonna post a pic tonight
  4. Good day My 2010 612, or so Ramsey 234 Hydraulic Winch engages, and normally under load. Releases. If I hold the handle it helps, until the other day. Now it wont stay locked in at all, well- it will spool in. As long as there is no weight on it. Part #4 in diagram shows lock/engagement selector. Clutch I suspect is the culprit as the selector arm moves the drum in and out, as viewed through inspection hole. Anyone think anything else? Kind Regards Jim
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