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  1. We buy Salvage Freight. Got a call from a Tow truck owner. He had recovered a trailer that had serveral skids of popcorn left on it. It was an overage delivery. The owner of the trailer didn't want it. The tow owner wanted to apply what he would get for it to the storage fees of the trailer parked on his lot. We made the purchase, picked it up. Everyone is Happy. If you have any Salvage, abandoned freight, overages etc... Give us a call 434-610-8815
  2. Just a short note to let tow owners know We Buy Salvage Freight when it is not picked up, abandoned, recovory bill not paid etc...etc.... We buy most categories with some exceptions. You have some cargo you are interested in selling give me a call 434-610-8815 ask for Paul
  3. Hello All. I would like to introduce myself. I am Paul Garber with Freedom Liquidators from Winston Salem NC. We Buy Salvage Freight from Tow Owners when you get hung a load. Or the Insurance company tells you to dispose of the load etc....
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