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  1. I try to inform people how to strap things down.. But it's a uphill struggle. " Made it home just fine no issues. ~85-90 mile trip. Two straps. In gear and ebrake on. Never had an issue pulling any cars before like this either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " Linked the FMCA handbook but.. "meh not gonna read it. Thanks tho" *facepalm*
  2. Estonian company have a tractor beak down pulling a B-double / link. Tow truck are dispatched from Estonia to clear the road.. Tows tractor and leaves trailer on the freeway with no triangle, lights nor flairs. Gets hit by another truck after several hours. http://www.tidningenproffs.se/nyhet/2018/02/i-olycka/ Source article from Tidningenproffs..  
  3. Not suprised the software comes from eastern europe.. Those Deer equippments gets lost alot. Even loaders, diggers and excgavators wnds up missing..
  4. One of the junior guys at work borrowed the van to move. Turns out if you park a loaded van on top of water lodged lawns .......................they sink. Once unloaded he could not move.. Alot of good advice from other coworkers but i ended up doing a recue run.. Sling to the tow hitch and careful instructions and a hail mary and we got it out. . Was sunken down to the control arms. Left a deep thrench in the lawn too.. When i stood on it i sank down about 2" =) Not exactly a textbook recovery but there was no Holmes treees and company doesn't have a winch =) Not really good, bad or ugly but more funny.. Only damage (exept for lawn) was a bruised ego..