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  1. Uzek, This '98 4700 with 22' JerrDan Wrangler aluminum bed, weighed in at 16k, loaded with 4 tool boxes and an extra winch on the stinger. A full 10k of legal capacity was nice...
  2. Add at least a 1000 lbs. for steel...
  3. Dennis, Thanks for speaking up. Maybe you could tell us why the world needs HONK? In the age of Google, I really have a hard time seeing the benefit to us service providers of having a middleman with their (your) hand in our pockets. And I fail to see how you improve service to my customer, when they can call me directly and talk to the guy who will be coming to help them. Of course it's not just you, but HONK came on strong like they were going to turn the industry upside down and clearly the whole "app" thing didn't take off like that, so now you are just another motor club (except you aren't). All my best, Rod
  4. I caught the announcement over at AT. Atlantic City is better for me, but moving the show further into the busy season, isn’t.
  5. I have a free fax to email number from my phone company for incoming. I have used eFax for outgoing, but not for years, I just scan and send .pdf’s. Fax Machine? What is that? LOL I last bought one like thirty years ago!
  6. Look amazing, Eric. Congrats on commissioning a fine machine.
  7. Not a club contractor but I just had an experience with GerberNCS just like ESC's above. Was asked to do a jumpstart out of my area and took payment by card/phone, got canceled within a mile of the location, and two weeks later they hit me with a chargeback for the full amount. I have submitted my documentation and we'll see how that goes, but this is the first chargeback I have had in 18 years in business. I will NEVER help a client for them again, their "word" is worthless, literally.
  8. My current favorite is the NEBO Larry C. Super bright and fits in a shirt pocket. I have one on me all the time. I buy them by the dozen. Here is the best price on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nebo-6353-The-Larry-C-COB-LED-WORK-LIGHT-WATER-IMPACT-RESISTANT-MAGNETIC-YELLOW/262800783346?hash=item3d3025b7f2:g:YJAAAOSwlV9WTOrJ
  9. Take it. It’s good money It would cost to much to get the full payment.
  10. That’s a huge disruption to a business, I am sorry. I hope you can find other work to replace it, or cut your losses quickly. Lots of stories over the years here of how a motor club can drop you like a stone, when they want to.
  11. Nice one Uzek. Love the pic with the blade stuck in the tree!
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