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  1. RodVT

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    Not a club contractor but I just had an experience with GerberNCS just like ESC's above. Was asked to do a jumpstart out of my area and took payment by card/phone, got canceled within a mile of the location, and two weeks later they hit me with a chargeback for the full amount. I have submitted my documentation and we'll see how that goes, but this is the first chargeback I have had in 18 years in business. I will NEVER help a client for them again, their "word" is worthless, literally.
  2. My new truck is ready and this one has to go. Make an offer!
  3. RodVT

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    My current favorite is the NEBO Larry C. Super bright and fits in a shirt pocket. I have one on me all the time. I buy them by the dozen. Here is the best price on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nebo-6353-The-Larry-C-COB-LED-WORK-LIGHT-WATER-IMPACT-RESISTANT-MAGNETIC-YELLOW/262800783346?hash=item3d3025b7f2:g:YJAAAOSwlV9WTOrJ
  4. Well, I guess they did want it after all. Congrats.
  5. Take it. It’s good money It would cost to much to get the full payment.
  6. RodVT

    Tipsy Beer Trailer

    Pretty funny, really. Nicely done.
  7. RodVT

    I am back

    Really nice to have you back Jerry. I am glad you are doing well. You certainly did do a lot at the museum to be proud of. Thank you.
  8. This truck has served me well for the last 14 years but I have a new one on the way. This will be available mid to late October. DT466 set at 190HP but has chip on the injection pump, in-frame done less than 50,000 miles ago. PAC Brake exhaust brake and new clutch and full set of injectors around that time also. 6+1 manual transmission. Lo-Pro chassis. Hydraulic brakes. Also added a limited slip rear end, Mico lock on the rears, custom ice grousers on the tailboard, SST tail light housings, and stinger mounted winch. Recently replaced all four doors and fuel tanks. Radio remote controls for deck and winches. electric air compressor for the remote winch operation, PAC Brake, air seat, and filling tires. 626,000 on the chassis (Built new as a flatbed, the first 500K where straight highway hauling auction cars in Florida). 19.5" tires, Fronts are new, rears Michelin XDS2's @<50%. 2 brand new Interstate batteries. JerrDan 22' Wrangler aluminum bed with wheel lift. 4 aluminum tool boxes and plastic fenders (attached to subframe, they raise with the deck). It is not brand new, but everything works and will be in service until the replacement arrives. Lettering is all vinyl. Landline: 802-434-5751 Yes there is some rust, I am in Vermont after all. No trades, thank-you. 25,999 GVW.
  9. RodVT

    Runaway Boat

    Nice one Uzek. Love the pic with the blade stuck in the tree!
  10. RodVT

    Paper Rollover

    Nice work. How long were you on scene?
  11. Here in the U.S., homeowner's insurance would/should have paid for your work.
  12. RodVT

    Participating in the owners den

    I don't "get" the club thing, and it's a pain to navigate away from the main forums page. Just sayin.
  13. Too funny. Good job turning it into an insurance tow though.
  14. RodVT

    Knuckle boom in action

    I love my boom truck. It's a Hiab with 52' of stick and lifts 2500 lbs. at full extension. It is on an Autocar chassis with a Kilar 20k deck and weighs 38,000 empty.