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  1. So my daily blew out and I have to use my 74 as a daily and theres no storage. So Im lookin for a utility bed for it now. It was an active wrecker when I got it. I just cleaned things up and adjusted things. So: 12,000lb winch with tether and remote, headache rack, boom telescopes, wheel lift, 2 sideboxes, 1 with a lock. Everything works In pretty good shape. 1 dent. 1 bad cross member. If youre near Pittsburgh and are interested in a trade or a cheap buy, hit me up. Have a great day
  2. Found these in a shop sittin. Thought theyd be interesting
  3. Slowly fixing the last guys "repairs." Little by little Im changin her but I figured Id toss a few pics up. Im focused more on the mechanics right now. Ill deal with the 3 spd and cholo wheel later. Wasnt my favorite, but shes grown on me like the clap and now Im ok with the unique way the last guy did things
  4. Oh Im not gettin back into the towin business. Its my daily driver. Ill deck it in rough cut, drop the boom flat, welder, vise, generator, compressors on the engine, work bench on the side, and still be able to use it as a wrecker for scrap or city jobs. If it was valuble, I wasnt changing it. Its not, so itll be a great work truck. Winch is new, everything works great, Ill make a lot of money with it
  5. It was a 67 f250 campers special. 300 6, borg t18 4spd, 4.10 dana 60 rear. I bought it to have a good truck and learn to work on it, but then it all went. So I figured if I was goin, Id go full. It was nice but just couldnt dial it in. Was broke and no daily vehicle, I did what I had to and traded for this chevy wrecker. Ill find pics of the 67. I painted the engine to the pumpkin, black with ford blue highlights (covers, bolts, casting marks, etc.). Id buy it back if I get back on my feet. This 74 chevy Im fixin up piece by piece. Redoing the gauges now. Guy made some questionable choices
  6. Thank you. I traded a ratrod daily for it, it makes a good heavy work truck. It's been so chopped, I can't find anything but the reading. I am in western Pa and got it from eastern Pa. It works great. Pieced and chopped, with some odd choices, but works great. I think he was trying for a drag truck. Thank you. That definately helped.
  7. So I got this truck on trade. It wasnt my choice but Im ok with it. It's my daily driver for now. Its been "hotrodded" but Im slowly fixing that. 74 chevy c30, 350. Single extendable pipe beam. Cable operated wheellift. Everything works great. Does anybody have any ideas on the maker? Ive heard Vulcan, Ive heard Lambert, nobody can hit me with any info. No plates or names but 1 latch says "Reading." Any help would be greatly accepted.
  8. I think I own 1. Im not sure. Got it on trade. Works great but its just my daily, not a wrecker driver anymore. Anywhere to find out any info? So hard to find.
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