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  1. May 2016: We want to thank Bill's Towing (long retired) from Upper Sandusky, Ohio for selling this to us. He restored it many many years ago and it has spent most of it's life at the Tow Museum in Chattanooga. We promised him visiting rights if he would sell it to us. We put it in the showroom for all passer-byes and customers to enjoy. We will get it out a couple of times a year and maybe take it to a couple of tow shows,, will see! someotherplace said: If this forum had a "like" button, I'd hit it about 500 times! Richard Lemar said: Awesome display of history. Being from York Pa. it's nice to see this piece of history on public display. Thank you Lemar Alwehbe said: Looks Awesome 60BelAirSleeper said: Way Cool , Thumbs - up ! Really a neat piece to have at your business . Kevin Moore said: Very Nice Uzedcarz said: Thanks to you all! A LOT of memories shared as my Dad and I drove that down the road! dperone said: Awesome conversation piece as well as history saved. Catanz said: That truck is so nice. I would love to own one some day. I would hate to drive it I wouldnt want to ruin it. Glad it fit in the showroom to keep it safe. Spanky said: Nice Wrecker unit. I see Bill had it labeled as a 1 ton, but according to my Chevrolet Master Parts Book, a 1936 Chevrolet "RA" series truck is a, 131in. wheelbase , single rear wheel, 1 1/2 ton. The "RB" series is a 131in. wheelbase , dual rear wheel 1 1/2 ton. DAVIDV440 said: Got a really really nice 1970 Dodge D-300 with a Jacobs Wrecker Split Boom Body on it for sale it's a beautiful truck and there were not many Jacobs Wrecker Body on them I thought about trading it in to you guys but I've got another year or two before I will buy a new truck oldtruck57 said: awesome truck on display at ricks..... I was there last year pickin up a wrecker......great people to deal with
  2. Heading to Florida Tow Show, get it while it last...
  3. A great repeat customer for years!! Thank You R & S Auto Repair, Wallace, N. Carolina!!! .... Again!! You are much appreicated! Lakeview Motor Sales, Loraine, Ohio....... THANK YOU!!!! Your business is well appreciated! Smith's Auto Service from Fountain Inn, South Carolina... We can't THANK YOU guys enough!! Didn't take them long to see the difference in a cheap spec'd. truck and a well spec'd. truck! Your business is greatly appreciated! A fantastic customer from Fairhaven, Michigan! THANK YOU THANK YOU to Guardian Towing & Recovery!! Eagle Towing,,, Chesterfield, Virginia ..... THANK YOU!! Your business is very much appreciated!! All the way from Washington!! THANK YOU Sound Equipment Rental, Snohomish, Washington!! Your trust in Rick's and Jerrdan speaks volumes and it is greatly appreciated! A great Chicago customer!! THANK YOU D & D Towing!! All the way up here from Pharr, Texas!!! ... A very special THANK YOU to South Texas Towing & Recovery!! You are much appreciated! A fantastic repeat customer... Birmingham Auto Auction, Hueytown, Alabama..... THANK YOU! .... AGAIN! Transportation Network... out of Hurricane, W. Virginia --- We sincerely thank you and appreciate your business!! THANKS! A beautiful Peterbilt!! Purchased by Bennet's Wrecker Service, Hardinsburg, Kentucky. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! These guys are wonderful!! We can't thank you enough Two Brothers Towing, Columbus, Ohio!! Your repeat business is appreciated more than you will ever know! A super repeat customer,, and you are MUCH appreciated! Back's Auto Auction, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.... THANK YOU! All the way up from Asheville, N. Carolina,,, THANK YOU West Ridge Auto Sales! THANK YOU!! to Automotive Appearance Pros, Columbus, Ohio!! We sincerely appreciate your business! A special Thank You to Zachs Towing, Martins Ferry, Ohio!! Your business is greatly appreciated! Thanks to another great repeat customer... Schaffer's Automotive, Elverson, Pennsylvania..... We can't thank you guys loud enough or long enough!!
  4. Les's Auto Repair, Martinsville, W. Virginia.. fantastic folks,, we want to THANK YOU!!! Dobenmire Towing,, Logan, Ohio... you folks are much appreciated and we want to say THANK YOU!!! Another fantastic repeat customer.. Steve's Towing out of St. Clair, Michigan... fantastic folks! THANK YOU!!.. again! Another great and fantastic repeat customer... Skipco Financial Adjusters, Canal Fulton, Ohio... WE THANK YOU!!! Matthews Towing, Ohatchee, Alabama... THANK YOU THANK YOU! oe and all the crew at Canton Towing, Canton, Ohio... Thank You Thank You! for your repeated business!! It means a lot to us and is greatly appreciated!! .A,P.S., Inc. out of Columbia City, Indiana.. WE THANK YOU!! Your business is truly and much appreciated!! We want to Thank You BME Towing, Brice, Ohio... We appreciate you guys very much! Hensley Towing, Bucyrus, Ohio... another great repeat customer... WE THANK YOU!!!! A special THANK YOU to Kelton Wrecker, Gadsden, Alabama! Midnight Sun Towing... all the way from Anchorage, Alaska.. and a great repeat customer! We sincerely Thank You for your continued trust and business!! Felipe Salmernon-Melendez, Indianapolis, Indiana.. your business is truly and sincerely appreciated!!! THANK YOU!! Floyd's Garage, London, Kentucky... we THANK YOU!!!!! Paulding Auto, Dallas, Georgia,, your repeated business is truly appreciated! We Thank You guys sincerely!! Central PA Auto Auction... we have lost track of how many this makes,, but we appreciate each and every single one!! THANK YOU!! Brian Greene, Lima, Ohio.. man, your business means a lot to us and we sincerely THANK YOU!! Birmingham Auto Auction, Hueyville, Alabama... And they came back a short time later and bought a second one!! you are more appreciated than you will ever know!! THANKS!! Birmingham Auto Auction, Hueyville, Alabama... we can't thank you guys enough!! BAM Recovery, Indianapolis, Indiana.......THANK YOU!!! You are much appreciated! Thank You to Bill's Towing, Salesville, Ohio.... You are one of a kind for sure!! We truly appreciate your business!! Triple City Towing, Endicott, New York... Great folks, and we truly appreciate their business!! THANK YOU! Hague Towing,, Rockford, Ohio... you are a great customer!! THANK YOU!! We THANK YOU Quinlan Towing out of Painesville, Ohio!! We TRULY appreciate your business! Mel's Auto Clinic, Canton, Michigan........ THANK YOU!!!!!! Huckle's Towing, Waverly, New York.... you guys are awesome!! We THANK YOU! We THANK YOU Wayne Subaru... Wayne, New Jersey! Metro Towing, Tracy, California... (he buys them 2 at a time!!) How can we possibly thank you enough for your continued business!? We TRULY appreciate you guys! Lakeshore Auto Sales,, you guys are the greatest!! THANKS!!!! Your repeated business is most truly appreciated! All Out Auto Recovery, Shepherdsville, Kentucky...... We truly appreciate your business and send you a big THANK YOU! All the way from Council Bluffs, Iowa.... We can't thank you enough Arrow Towing!!! Thank You Agave Towing,, All the way from Billings, Montana! Your business is GREATLY appreciated! A great repeat customer that has bought more trucks from us than I can count without a calculator! All the way up from Dinwiddie, W. Virgina.. Browder's Towing... WE THANK YOU!! Thank You 2 Brothers Towing, Columbus, Ohio!!
  5. Congrats and a BIG THANK YOU to Greg Embrey, Greg's Towing! My firend, your repeat business is appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you again!
  6. Another Happy Customer of Rick's Truck & Equipment....Joey's Auto's Highland , New York. This was one bad Rollback Truck!! Notice the custom paint , another option given by Big Bro............
  7. Customers like this are what keep Rick's and Jerrdan going!! Mike and crew from Pro-Tow Towing, Elizabeth City, NC ... How can I possibly THANK YOU enough?? Consistently, time and time again ... year after year.. several times a year, Mike just calls, tells me what truck he wants (what RED truck!) and it's done. You are truly and very much appreciated!
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