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  1. Hi looking for good honest repair shop around Vancouver, My daughter has bought a camper van and i need a some one that actually cares to look it over .She brought to a Canadian Tire and I spoke with them and it just seemed they just quickly pushed through the shop ,I'll say customer service seems to really suck . I even called and told them what i wanted checked ,which was not. please any suggestion would be appreciated as I am Ontario.
  2. what a bunch of boneheads and the thing is they think they did a good job! Need some training.
  3. winter coming, usually tow a lot of loaded highway plows they get pretty heavy, may be of great use
  4. yeah ok I would assume that but do they work well
  5. anybody using a brake buddy
  6. looking for winch brake cover for ramsey H930
  7. I received shirts a few years ago and after first wash the logo faded badly. Spoke to customer service and they blamed it on the t-shirt quality and did not rectify problem.
  8. really nice memoriam,our condolences to Kens family and friends .
  9. any thoughts were to mount on camera on the rear of nrc heavy
  10. Yeah I WON can't wait to get it Dans Towing & Recovery 57 Queensway Ave Espanola Ontario Canada P5E1H9
  11. pic 12 .We have those friendly drugstores in Canada now!
  12. is a m2 106 & m2 112 bumper the same.After market is saying they are but oem part numbers are different
  13. anybody ever try timbren load boosters on a tandem walking beam suspension
  14. Dan here ,Dan's Towing & Recovery 30 years in business 6 trucks, wreckmaster certified
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