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  1. I found a 1993 3500 HD long wheelbase with a Vulcan 894 wrecker body that has been fully restored. The truck looks like brand new. The guy is asking 16500. The truck is nice but it is a 1993 and it has about a hundred and sixty thousand miles on it. I looked up the specs on this wrecker body and I'm surprised they put something so heavy duty on this chassis.
  2. Hi I am thinking about purchasing 18 or 19 ft carrier or a wrecker unit for a cab and chassis that I have already. The truck is a 1996 Chevy 3500 HD with a 15000 lb GVWR manual transmission diesel engine. The truck has the super long wheelbase option from the factory. I have been looking around at different manufacturers and bodies but it seems like the entire industry has made the prices a secret. I have my own shop and I could probably install the body by myself but I'm wondering what the price range is or a new one. I would like to be educated before I call different dealerships because I would have no idea if they're quoting me a fair price or not. Has anyone purchased a body recently that they could give me an example of what the going price is. the repo style units I have been looking at or jeer Dan mpl40 but that's only because there's a dealer very close to my house and that's what they have out front. Someone else suggested they are Vulcan 882 which I really do like as well and have seen on other similar trucks to mine. Strapless wheel lift seems very convenient. If a new body is out of my price range then I'm a search for something used but I really need to no where the price have a new body starts before I go that route. Thanks for any and all info
  3. I just got done looking at a Miller Industries website I checked out the photo gallery and the specs on the Vulcan 882 beautiful setup. I forget the model designation but there's a really nice Chevron with optional Spades in the rear that go down hydraulically for keeping the truck stationary while doing a topic recovery in the dirt. there is a Ford dealer right down the road from where I live that just became a jerrdan dealer and they have quite a few trucks set up with the mpl40 which is beautiful. I always had it in my mind but it would be nice to set up with a repo unit but that Vulcan 882 has the rotating L arm brackets and strapless wheel lift Scoops from the looks of the picture. That is very nice setup. Does anybody have any idea what it would cost to buy a brand new Jared in mpl40 or it's Vulcan 882. I'm sure I'd be able to put it on myself. Everytime I look for information on price to buy a wrecker unit brand new it's like you hit a brick wall. You could find a price on a whole truck but not a brand new unit itself.
  4. Hougen 11087 Fractional Rotacut Combo Kit - 19 Piece, 5/16 to 1-1/2 Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KKO6VKS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_qkcAEbPZQ81TA This is the type of drill bit set I was talking about. I'm not sure what type of body I am going to mount on top. I will start working on ideas. I have an 8 ft dually chevy bed. Maybe I can fill in the gap with something like stacks and a tool box.
  5. To keep things simple and to keep a high lifting capacity I believe I'm going to leave the wheelbase the way it is and cut the frame off right behind the leaf spring shackles. As far as drilling holes in the frame I have done it before with Harbor Freight stepper bits and a cheap cordless Dewalt drill $99 special around Christmas time LOL. This time I think I will order the hugin drill bit set. I know I am spelling it wrong but they make bits that look like spot weld drill bits. They actually manufacture the sets sold by Snap-on under the name of blue point. My friend has them and they are awesome. Although I don't have a huge amount of experience I did have a 2001 Dodge Ram that a friend and I installed a lift and tow 5 series unit under which worked out great. I'll have to find some pictures just sold it last year. I had an aluminum flatbed that I installed on top and somehow without measuring the wheel lift when fully retracted lined up perfectly with the tail board of the bed. Great truck but the two piece riveted frame did not like lifting heavy loads and lift and tow 5 series unit was good for playing around but old and wore out and not heavy duty like the sneaker lift. The sneaker lift is built like an army tank
  6. Yes this is the system where the back tank feeds the front tank. And the front tank feeds the motor
  7. Yes I completely understand about the newer trucks and how things have changed with the GVWR. I believe this truck is either 15,000 or 16,000 but I can check later. I would definitely take your advice on leaving the long wheel base. As far as removing the rear fuel tank that would be fine I just have to figure out if the fuel gauge will work accurately if I simply disconnect the rear tank and sending unit. As far as the transmission this truck shifts like butter and the clutch is great. Also I'm in New Jersey and to find a completely rust free truck is like winning the lottery, so guess I won.
  8. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. I just bought back my old 1996 Chevy 3500 HD with the long wheelbase and the 6.5 turbo diesel with a 5-speed manual transmission. I'm debating on whether 2 look for a rollback body from another truck to put on it or adjust take off the existing worn out stationery flatbed and cut the frame off behind the rear leaf springs and put on a wheel left I have from another wrecker that works excellent. It is the original sneaker lift made by Hi-Tech in Texas. I should be able to reuse PTO pump from the Old Wrecker and transferred over but I'm not positive. I'm really looking for opinions on which way I should go based on knowledge and experience. Which one will require less modification? This truck has dual fuel tanks that automatically self level so I'm wondering if I would have to get rid of the rear fuel tank for either one of these modifications. Right now I have a 1986 Ford F-350 with a Holmes 440 body and the sneaker lift. It is a great old truck but too late and too short of a wheelbase so anything heavy what's the front end up in the air and makes it unsafe on the road. I'm thinking with the extra weight and when wheelbase of this Chevy 3500 HD I should be able to will of almost anything safely
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