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  1. You read my mind oh, I was thinking the same thing that the hpl35 would look awesome and be very functional on the back of the 3500 HD but to complete that project I would need to find another 24-inch tunnel box. I don't even want to know what jerr Dan would want for a new one. I know these Trucks ride bouncy but this one is super bouncy. I believe the shocks in the front or completely gone because what I'm moving it in the parking lot if I hit the brakes hard the truck just bounces. For right now I'm going to leave the truck in one piece and fix it up a little bit. If it really ri
  2. Just purchased an MPL 35 and I'm looking for somewhere to purchase where pads for the wheel lift. Everytime I look for wear pads I see just one and I believe that the wear pads are not all the same and even if they are I don't know how many I need. Does anybody have this information? Has anybody changed their own wear pads?
  3. The plans I had for my long-wheelbase 3500 HD have been derailed. I have been waiting to get the title from the guy I purchase the seconds 3500 HD from which has the Challenger Express repo style wheel lift. Not the biggest deal in the world if I don't get the title because I really was just going to use that truck to test out the wheel lift as I fix all of the loose joints and wear pads. My plan was to transfer it over to the other truck but now after measuring I realize that the long wheelbase truck has a 102 inch wheelbase which would need a double tunnel box to make it work. Not only is th
  4. I have heard some crazy things about Detroit Wrecker Sales. I don't have any personal experience with them. I'll see what happens
  5. I finally got someone on the phone today because it would not complete the order for the advertised sale price. This price was for the dollies with the 4.8 Wheels which you can upgrade on their website for an extra $50 but when you upgrade from the listed sale price it changes everything so it's an extra $150. So I was just going to order the ones with the 4.8 wheels for now since they would give it to me for the $1,500 but the freight was $261 Plus New Jersey sales tax so that put me over $1,800. I told him forget it I'll get them from the tow show in Atlantic City so I don't have to pay ship
  6. I have been looking for a set of dollies for a long time and missed out on a set that was only used three or four times made by Collins for $900. I have basically made up my mind that I'm either going to get a used set for extremely cheap and rebuild them or buy a brand new set. This morning I got a Labor Day Sale email from zips and they have a set of dollies for $1,500. They're made by Collins they have aluminum wheels and aluminum crossbar. I'm going to upgrade them to 5.7 in Wheels which I believe is only $50 extra. Is this a good price or is there a better time to buy? I'm not in a huge r
  7. On this Challenger unit that I have it needs new wear pads and all of the pivot Points are wore out. Where can I get new wear pads and pins for all the pivots? The unit is called a challenger Express.
  8. Did you ever get this issue taken care of. I have never had the water in fuel light on with any of my 6.5 diesel trucks and I have had very many. If you're still having a problem I can look into it more. I know a lot of the Fords have a sensor and I'm sure this truck does as well. Maybe you're having an issue with the sensor itself.
  9. I have a 1996 3500 HD long-wheelbase diesel but I'm going to build into a wrecker. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. DewEze is what was recommended to me. I believe 6 gallons per minute disrespect that was recommended for a wrecker body and I don't see why it would be any different for a rollback. I'm sure someone else will chime in. It's amazing how expensive it is to buy the pump the mounting bracket and everything else that you need to get it working. Let me know which route you take
  11. So I just got a good deal on a 2000 Chevy 3500 HD with a challenger 4301m body. It is a short wheel base but I bought it so cheap that I'm thinking cleaning the body up repainting it and replacing the wear pads and some of the loose pivot Points. The unit is functional except for one of the cylinders for the claws has a leaky seal. Is this a good solid unit that is worth rebuilding?
  12. I found a 1993 3500 HD long wheelbase with a Vulcan 894 wrecker body that has been fully restored. The truck looks like brand new. The guy is asking 16500. The truck is nice but it is a 1993 and it has about a hundred and sixty thousand miles on it. I looked up the specs on this wrecker body and I'm surprised they put something so heavy duty on this chassis.
  13. Hi I am thinking about purchasing 18 or 19 ft carrier or a wrecker unit for a cab and chassis that I have already. The truck is a 1996 Chevy 3500 HD with a 15000 lb GVWR manual transmission diesel engine. The truck has the super long wheelbase option from the factory. I have been looking around at different manufacturers and bodies but it seems like the entire industry has made the prices a secret. I have my own shop and I could probably install the body by myself but I'm wondering what the price range is or a new one. I would like to be educated before I call different dealerships because I w
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