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  1. Dans Towing Happy to be working and everyone is healthy.
  2. My dad started in the towing industry in 1959. My dad was a great leader and teacher for all the young towers. My dad also was a firefighter for 36 years working his way up to assistant fire chief. Well as all you family towers know I also became a little tower hanging with my dad everyday in the tow trucks and the repair shop just couldn’t wait till I could drive a tow truck. I now have 45 years in this business and still love it it I also became a firefighter and became captain 1 till I retired from firefighter. I still own Dans towing and love going to work everyday this shit gets in your blood and it’s hard to slow down. 
    Stay  safe all watch everybody’s back including your competition so we all can go home safe every nite. 

  3. Dans Towing

    Dans Towing

  4. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Dans Towing

      Dans Towing

      What is the best move for all towing business owners in this crazy time? 

    2. TowZone


      I am told it is to Diversify, Contact Auto Repair Customers and Work With them to help their business. This situation rates will be closer to what Motor Club Rates are as the Shops will be offering Free Towing within a small area. This will only be the situation for a few weeks, but it is a good gesture and gets you some business in. If you have a repair shop it's a chance to get that business offering to pick up the vehicle and return it while maintaining a proper distance and wiping down vehicle. Body Shops, Tractor Repair are all looking at this to get business in. But, ultimately this would be a good question in the marketing forum. There are creative ideas out there, this is only one I heard the other day. I encouraged that member to relay it as well. I think he got busy.

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