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  1. Of Course we will be there, check out ERSCA at the show. https://ersca.org/
  2. Ron I will be in attendance along with Diane and the ERSCA crew we are going to make all the museum events and the tow show ERSCA is doing a 2 day ESSENTIALS OF LIGHT DUTY training class hope to see a lot of folks especially at the HOF induction Sherry White from calif Troy Barnett are being inducted
  3. Training continues on the showroom floor with Shane Coleman from ERSCA and Tim Ward from Southwest Tow Operators Association.
  4. From Emergency Road Service Coalition of America THANK YOU to APTO and operators from Ohio for attending Emergency Road Service Association of America Heavy-Duty training in Cleveland. Outstanding group of operators paying close attention to information being presented by ERSCA and Instructor Shane Coleman.
  5. Safety instructions before the hands-on work begins in Cleveland Ohio. Students are eager and motivated to learn the Essentials of Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery training being provided by ERSCA and APTO.
  6. From Emergency Road Service Coalition of America Come join us with the Southwest Tow Operators for our TDLR Training Friday, August 6th! Contact STO directly to register at 972-247-9454
  7. Ron as you know I dont list motor clubs normally and thats because I truly feel that all of them suppress our industry yet we as owners chose to do work for them or not too thsi year I will give you my ranking of them 1 TESLA and they are really not a motor club 2 Geico 3 Allstate 4 national motor club 5 ARI 6 Quest 7 NSD
  8. Merry Christmas to all of the tow force from here in lock down California and yes Ron still here just not as often as I would like
  9. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I bear this sad news. On Friday July 3, our own Media and Marketing Manager, Eric Gould suddenly passed away. As many of you know, Eric played a huge part in so many things we have accomplished in the past and was crucial to many of the current works we have in flight. He was a model employee as anyone who knew him will attest, but more importantly, he was an example to all of us of what a truly wonderful person looks like. As any of the last association presidents know, Eric’s role required almost daily interactions. My tour as CTTA president bears witness to his creativity, dedication and passion to the industry and the everyday people we serve. Eric’s unique ability to balance technology with people was rare and he was a quick learner who was unafraid to ask questions. He was quick witted but gentle and was as thoughtful a person that I have encountered so far in my life. His loss has left me devastated. Staff and I will release more details about how we will be honoring Eric in the coming days. For now I offer my condolence to so many of you who knew and loved Eric like I did. Please be in prayer for our staff, Eric’s wife and family. Please bear with us as we navigate life at the CTTA without such a crucial part of our family. If you would like to contribute to Eric's Memorial Fund, created for assistance for his wife Dana, please follow the link below. https://www.gofundme.com/f/eric-gould-memorial-fund Sincerely, Quinn Piening CTTA President
  10. Ron I have just been busy with doing the CTTA stuff and trying stay alive in this crazy world we live in now
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