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  1. Ron I have just been busy with doing the CTTA stuff and trying stay alive in this crazy world we live in now
  2. Ron I am here sorry I am late been busy doing way two many things... my size aint changed still 3xl
  3. The New Central Towing Website just went live today. I am real happy with OMG and what they have done with it. Enter New Central Towing Website Here Also, find a link to the new website on the TowForce main Forums page!
  4. Rita and the family our heart felt condolences.
  5. Well towing is slow so last weekend, then again this weekend Diane and I repainted my office. We cleaned and organized my collection of tow trucks. Thanks dear!
  6. Bobby I had a talk with Tommy also it sounds like Texas is onboard with the idea. now to get the rest of the states to commit
  7. what would be the thoughts of the state reps getting together for a face to face to discuss driver safety and legislation like a round table ?
  8. spot on guys I had a great talk with Tommy yesterday the wheels are turning slow but movement is great !!!!
  9. why is the CTTA training not accepted I dont understand Randy please explain
  10. Very interesting discussion Randy you bring a lot to the table sir I just hope that you and all owners are aware the towing industry is under attack from all sides and we need to be very careful what action is taken anther words be careful what you ask for ! I for one agree we need regulation but it needs to come from industry not the legislature or our customers ie insurance company's speaking from the state level we have been working to do this for the last few years and still continue too
  11. Ron and fellow towers Merry Christmas and yes I am here not as much as I would like but I am still here
  12. Look what Washington Unified School District said about CTTA SilhoLight Safety Vests: We started our week off by making new friends at the California Tow Truck Association who visited the #WUSDK12 to donate 100 CTTA SilhoLight Safety Vests! These aren’t just your ordinary vests either...these safety vests actually illuminate an individual’s silhouette in a glow, allowing them to be seen even without a light source to reflect off. How cool is that?! On behalf of everyone at the #WUSDK12 we want to thank the #CTTA for their generous donation to our schools to further strengthen our safety efforts. And remember, when you see a tow truck assisting motorists on the roadside, please slow down and move over a lane: it’s the law and it will save lives! #Great2bWUSD #CTTA ORDER YOURS TODAY at http://ctta.com/vest/
  13. I will be there also looking forward to the hole week of events cant wait to see some of my old friends and make some new ones
  14. Written By: Melody Correia Operations Manager at California Tow Truck Association Eric, our amazing Digital Media Manager, Sherry White, a beloved CTTA past president and the first person I ever spoke to at the association.. and of course, Quinn Piening, our new president (aka "the boss!"). These three immediately made me feel at home and I'm so grateful I get to work with such wonderful folks.
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