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    Monday at 3:00 22nd April in Salem Senate Bills 3176 and 3172 will be heard this is the fix we need any Oregon Towers that can attend and support should this will fix that low paycheck you usually get. You can google it up to read is several pages . Call me if you want more info Terry Roseburg Towing 541-530-3809
  2. I think you may experience upward bind load when winching a vehicle in close when it comes off the bottom you might check that in actual usage and make sure your roller has a top roller so you don't end up damaging your line .
  3. Tell us about the International we want details ?
  4. Need more pictures of the yellow beast and tell us about it .
  5. Thank you it was looked at was very useful.
  6. Have recently been working with my state rep. on some legislation I am trying to introduce, is currently in committee prior to the legislative session starting. I am looking for persons that may have a relationship with a person in the legislature that could lend some support on what is being proposed that I call the" fix " of what is wrong with the current laws and regulations that effect how we do business and trying to be more able to get paid for the work we do for law enforcement. Would also be helpful to get as much support as possible from law enforcement so if you know someone with some clout as they say jump in and get ahold of me . There is also an effort being push by the OTTA on RV issues and abandoned RV's if all were to get past we would all get see what it finally feels like to WIN!! Terry Roseburg Towing
  7. If you are going to be in the towing business period you should review all the laws and regulations your local and state require you comply with. Am always running into towers that don't know squat about what they are required to be or do to be in business . The internet opens up a whole new world or you can pay your attorney 250.00 PH to educate you.
  8. As I understand it everything is in probate , family doesn't want to run it possible buyer interested . We are along time B&B user not liking thinking of other brand in the future .
  9. After 50 years hear there has always been a new kid on the block, someone will always be there to give it a try . Some will use it to get a foot hold some will find out they are running their trucks in the ground without money to replace . If you can make it work good for you , I did it once for a while .
  10. Anyone have recommendations on an reliable dependable transporter to transport a classic car from Oregon to North Carolina. thanks terry
  11. He probably new what that mattress had seen ………………….
  12. If you roll over they will know you will always roll over.
  13. I would like answers from people that have mechanical experience not just an opinion . 1. What actually happens to a standard truck transmission that is damaged from towing with out pulling the drive line , and how far would it take to do such damage ? 2. Next if towing a 3 axle tractor from the front and chaining the forward axle up before lifting so when lifting the forward axle is off the ground will it not turn the drive line in effect likely to not damage transmission ? 3. If you have a truck that the engine still runs and you left it running during the tow is the oil in the transmission churning around inside enough to not cause damage while towing ? Again these questions are fielded to persons with knowledge in transmission operation and rebuilding thanks in advance I know just enough to be dangerous
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