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  1. There appears to be no more radiator shops in my neck of the woods. Have called a few places in Nashville and they won't return phone calls or closed down.
  2. My old but good working 1995 F800 rollback is on the side lines due to rusty fuel tank. Haven't had any luck in finding a new one, since it is a 1995 model...so any ideas on where I can locate one or any ideas on repairing the old unit? Thanks!
  3. Thought I would stop in and say hi. My name is Stoney and have been towing cars for 10-12 yrs. Have owned a 1995 Ford F-450 rollback, now own a 1995 Ford F-800 rollback, 1997 Ford F450 wrecker, and a 2000 Ford F650 crew cab rollback. Everyday is a adventure!
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