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  1. Not looking to slam a business, but I have reached my limit. We bought a Dual Tech autoloader three months ago. I am trying to get parts from them for this unit (just 2 hydraulic cylinders) and have been in contact with Donnie at Dual Tech. Everyone there routes my calls to him, but he does not EVER return calls. He knows what I need, but thats where it stops. He has to look for the misplaced cylinders. I have called and asked for the owner, only to be told that he is not there every time I call. Once in a while I actually speak with Donnie, but he always needs to call me back, which never happens. Other people in other areas there try to help, but it always ends up with needing to talk to Donnie. So, the truck sits. I guess there is no concern there for customers after the sale. Hopefully the owner of Dual Tech or someone who knows him lets him know his son is treating customers.