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  1. Any ideas on what is causing a high pitch squeal when operating wheel lift. I was thinking of just rebuilding the valve body unless it could be something else...
  2. Just wanted some opinions on older rollbacks (2000 - 2008) Pre DEF if Diesel they have owned that were dependable and low maintenance. Also What Bed MFG, Length and Steel or Alum. I was considering a GMC with a 8.1 Gas... I like the Fords but the V-10 and low end oil issues.... Since this is only a spare truck I wold like to stay around 20K or under. We have a Fleet Service Truck Garage with a Weld and Fab Shop and Body Shop so I don't mind doing maintenance and repair but some Mfg's parts are very pricy when they break down. Thank You in advance for any input.
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