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  1. My driver said equinox but that sure is the same button setup so it must be a terrain
  2. Everything I find is with the electronic shifter also. it is a 2018 the 10th VIN is a J
  3. Need help shifting a 2018 Chevrolet equinox in neutral with no power. Owner manuel no help neither was the AAA book and towspec. Contacted local dealer they didn't even know. searched google to no avail
  4. We do an average of 3 calls a month for them. They pay whatever we tell them with a credit card and no complaints. There directions and information are always correct. One of the better companies we have towed for. I made a mistake once of calling them a motor club when they called and the person on the phone quickly corrected me and made sure I was aware they were no motor club ! Will continue to tow for them anytime.
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