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  1. thanks for the reply/the century has separate valve bodies too. a 4 spool and 3 spool. damn caps are broke . I know exactly what u mean on the vulcan. the boom controls are seized up. there are no grease fittings.How do i lube them up?? i bought in december and the controls were free. now they stuck. i see shaft collars under neath/
  2. i got two wreckers beds im planning to fix up. vulcan 880 and century 412 both dual lines. The vulcan uses one cylinder for lt tilt on wheel lift. The century uses 2 cylinders on the wheel lift tilt. which one is more heavy duty??
  3. yes aluminum. truck is old not wanting to put alot of cash in it. the hydraulic pressure must have pushed the retaining ring into the cap mushrooming it out a bit.
  4. im working on extend cylinder. i removed the wire that holds the cap into the cylinder. i cant get the cap off for shit. it rotates 360 degrees and it moves but wont come off. i tried to used engine hoist and snapped the chain. i cant believe how much trouble im having here.
  5. the cylinder pin there no room to punch it out from side . its like in a box with 4 inches between the wall and the pin. any ideas?
  6. i was using my phone with android and my pc with chrome. i guess i need ie. if i use cell or chrome it asks me to chose a category from drop down menu. the bed is one piece welded together no bondo but its rhino liner or line x
  7. thanks for the reply. i pick it up this weekend will update then. i have a rollback body and a short framed f550 i was going to extend maybe im better off swapping beds if its possible to chop some tool boxes off. it looks like it has the longest wheelbase chassis. on those f series cab chassis you usve to cut the frame to shorten it because the frame rails dimensions change before rear axle. will update Monday. thank you
  8. how do i upload pictures the orange button not working right.??
  9. my dumb ass bought it but paypal is dicking me around , wont release my money to the seller. yes it has a hydraulic power pack lol. which is interesting. it has v10 with auto no pto on trans. i looked up kit and they run about $2000. he told me the pony motor works great. franken century???i dont know those boxes dont separate its one unit. reduced weight capacity??? i though longer wheel base is better for tow trucks??
  10. lol i was thinking same thingsi found a better pics. definitely a vulcan
  11. i never saw a small f550 with a long body on it. the body is one piece also the tool boxes cant be removed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-Ford-F-550-/163865735536?hash=item262728b170%3Ag%3Ae6wAAOSw-8hdc9--&nma=true&si=W2whBs7C95nqb%2BQNH%2F7v3vWD4SM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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