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  1. Turbo4whl

    February Patron Recognition Month

    I'll sign in on March 1st. Send us a reminder for us old folk.
  2. Turbo4whl

    Model B with the 750

    I found a picture of the company's 1959 Mack with a Holmes 750. This was a single screw chassis with a bag axle added in the rear. I started work for the company in 1971 and they were still running this unit. As just a helper they didn't want us towing but the mechanic would usually take a helper with them. Since I actually helped on the job I got picked a lot to go on tow jobs. Some of the mechanics would let me drive out to the down unit. The Mack had a gasoline engine, air assist steering and two transmissions as most Mack Model B's. Later in the mid 70's the Holmes 750 was remounted on a low mileage twin screw 1971 Autocar, (former tractor). This Autocar with the 750 is what I towed a lot with from the late 70's until the mid 90's when it was replaced with a Vulcan mounted on a Peterbilt. Through cutbacks I hardly ever got to take a helper with me. Still hunting for a picture of the Autocar.
  3. Turbo4whl

    Picture needed, 220/330 hand crank

    Very interesting, adjustable crank length. I don't remember the handle I had being adjustable, but I had a 220 Holmes over 40 years ago. It was at least 10 years old when I got it. Thank you for the picture. I hope someone is planning to bring that 220 back to life.
  4. Turbo4whl

    Picture needed, 220/330 hand crank

    Were you able to find the 330 crank handle?
  5. Turbo4whl

    Picture needed, 220/330 hand crank

    I did make the handle I needed using the W45 handle pictured. If you don't want the 330 handle and want to sell it, let me know.
  6. Turbo4whl

    750 Holmes operations

    I did not do a lot of heavy winching but I do have a towing tip. Towing for a utility company back in the 1980's the equipment was getting larger and the front bumpers weaker. We would slide a cross arm (4"x 6" wood post) between the chains and the front of the frame of the truck. Then when you hoist the truck the frame would take more of the load than the front bumper. If we were worried about the board sliding around we put a ratchet binder around the chain and the cross arm. Only needed the binders if we were towing a unit out of a overhead right-a-way. (Not really on a road at all) We also used a heavy piece of angle iron with some thin strips of wood bolted to the inside. Same as the cross arm, slide this in on top of the chains under the front edge of the bumper, then hoist the truck. The angle iron spread the load better on the front bumper of some trucks. Always carried these with us, used them when needed.
  7. Turbo4whl

    Picture needed, 220/330 hand crank

    I found my crank handle. I was searching for a Holmes 330 crank handle. I shorted the search to Holmes crank handle and found these, listed for a W45. Perfect! I'll cut the square drive off, weld in a length of pipe and I will have my needed 330 handle.
  8. Turbo4whl

    Holmes 330

    Yes, I did buy two sheets from wiswilburn. Neither had a picture of the crank handle. I was hoping to make the crank look like an original.
  9. Turbo4whl

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    Besides working on trucks, I'm a scout leader. I use a replaceable battery powered Maglite that I've had for years and I haven't broken it yet. Camping or on the trail, a rechargeable light would be dead weight when it runs out. This is what I have: This light has even more Lumens. I don't have one but it could be charged in your truck:
  10. So, since I got this 330 Holmes without a hand crank, I'll make one. I would like the handle to look like the original Holmes crank handle, but I cannot find a good picture on line. If someone has a picture to share, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  11. Turbo4whl

    Holmes 330

    Thank you for the information. Do you have any printed literature on the 330? Now all I have to do is find a period correct truck to install it in.
  12. Turbo4whl

    Holmes 330

    The previous owner power sanded or brushed the paint off the ID plate. If the bottom most number is the serial number, very hard to read is: VT2-717 Can you date this unit from the serial number?
  13. Turbo4whl

    Holmes 330

  14. Turbo4whl

    Holmes 330

    I'm not sure why I had to have this 330, but over 40 years ago I had a 220. Looks like it hasn't moved in years, but I think I can get the rust freed up. The 220 was a hand crank only. This 330 can be used with a crank, or with a chain drive PTO. The unit has no crank handle so I guess I'll have to make one, unless someone has a Holmes crank handle they want to sell.
  15. Well, I don't see it, but I hear it! Sounds like a drive shaft dancing around under the truck.