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  1. I assume you found their site for information? http://www.truhitch.com/ I work on a fleet of utility equipment. When any of our heaver units requires a tow, such as our IH Paystar 5000 mounted with a 170 foot reach Bronto Skyreach, the towing contractor always arrives with their Tru-Hitch. The all wheel drive Paystar is very top heavy an just makes scale.
  2. Carlisle Fairgrounds hosting Truck Nationals this weekend. Lots to see: https://carlisleevents.com/
  3. Still here in Pennsylvania. Carlisle Truck Nationals this weekend. https://carlisleevents.com/ Anyone going? I'll be there. IA62-IA64 Always lots of trucks and wreckers to see. (not my wrecker pictured)
  4. I added two flag holders to my hobby wrecker: American Flag always on the right. Two small Bonnie Blue flags on the wheel lift and a Scouting anniversary flag on the mast. Sorry, no wind to move the flags when parked.
  5. On our older F550's if the batteries were disconnected the PCM would not recognize that the unit has a PTO until after the truck has been driven. So a possible issue could be with the PCM or connections. More common, the man lift units that we have, the PTO will not work if the parking brake is not set. There is a trigger wire with a diode wired to the parking brake pedal switch. Another possibility is the throttle pedal. When the PTO is engaged the PCM sets the RPM. If the accelerator pedal is pushed it can disengage the PTO. (not all models) Is the floor mat pushing on the throttle? Tomorrow at work I can look on the Ford site and see if there are any TSB's related to the PTO. I will need the vin number to look for TSB's. (Technical Service Bulletins) Send a PM with the number if you want to.
  6. I would guess this one is out of your enjoyment range as well. I spotted it and though I'd post for everyone's viewing pleasure.
  7. Was someone looking for one of these? Not mine and not cheap. https://longisland.craigslist.org/cto/d/rocky-point-vintage-tow-truck/6870166987.html
  8. Turbo4whl

    F650 Allison trans

    Not sure about the 650's, the 750's in the fleet I work on have the module above the transmission. We have had several trucks with corroded contacts on the module plug. This will set many various codes, intermittent.
  9. So I found the truck to mount the Holmes 330 on. 1956 3800 (1 ton). Like the old Holmes unit this truck needs work too, but it is very original.
  10. I'll sign in on March 1st. Send us a reminder for us old folk.
  11. I found a picture of the company's 1959 Mack with a Holmes 750. This was a single screw chassis with a bag axle added in the rear. I started work for the company in 1971 and they were still running this unit. As just a helper they didn't want us towing but the mechanic would usually take a helper with them. Since I actually helped on the job I got picked a lot to go on tow jobs. Some of the mechanics would let me drive out to the down unit. The Mack had a gasoline engine, air assist steering and two transmissions as most Mack Model B's. Later in the mid 70's the Holmes 750 was remounted on a low mileage twin screw 1971 Autocar, (former tractor). This Autocar with the 750 is what I towed a lot with from the late 70's until the mid 90's when it was replaced with a Vulcan mounted on a Peterbilt. Through cutbacks I hardly ever got to take a helper with me. Still hunting for a picture of the Autocar.
  12. Very interesting, adjustable crank length. I don't remember the handle I had being adjustable, but I had a 220 Holmes over 40 years ago. It was at least 10 years old when I got it. Thank you for the picture. I hope someone is planning to bring that 220 back to life.
  13. Were you able to find the 330 crank handle?
  14. I did make the handle I needed using the W45 handle pictured. If you don't want the 330 handle and want to sell it, let me know.
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