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  1. were just starting, weve tried hourly, salary, and have recently moved to a daily minimum or a percentage of the truck, which ever is greater. This seems the way to go. they know were just getting started, and they know its only gonna grow from here. We have one roll back, and 1 service truck, and a lowboy single car carrier as well as an enclosed trailer. We turn down virtually nothing, and are on board with several insurance companies and looking to add on more. as the trucks get recognized and seen, the phone is starting to ring without an insurance agent on the other side. We pay very little attention to the eta, because most base call creation on acceptence(which is dumb) and then they lie to the customer. Our fix for that has been contacting the customer, explaining the situation and the actual wait time, and let them decide if they want to cancel or wait for the service. Obviously i push for waiting for us because we are top shelf, but im not leaving an older person sit on the interstate for hours because theyre call came in after an unattended to a closed facility. i communicate with the customers and it seems to being doing us well. as we continue to grow, (were building a truck, and putting another back together) so will our reputation. Thats the point where we start cutting off the fat. I have a 5 star BBB rating, and am associated with many other warranty companies in my auto repair shop. We specialize in the warranty work, quality, and turn around. we balance our books several times a week, monthly when were filing sales tax,and have P/L information on every month folder. theres 2 numbers that we monitor, what came in, and from whom, and how much did it cost and why. we are constantly changing the way we do things as we learn. If the customer calls and cancels, it does not count against call exceptance....almost everything else does. our trucks are averaging roughly a 40% profit, weekly. if we miss our target, we find out why and adjust accordingly. like i said, ran a wrecker for years, first time owning one, but once you understand the system, make it work for you. if it isnt, the only person that can change it is the owner. my truck hooking for 40$ and enroute loaded miles absolutely pays the bills, and as long as my partners and I are diligent about calling and getting addons, we do well for ourselves, well enough we know we need more trucks.
  2. thanks for the info, and i was just giving you a hard time...its what i do lol
  3. lol, we want to go, but other than a date, we dont have a location or i missed it?
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