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  1. i have several motor clubs, agero and swoop are the only clubs free for swoop dispatch, if you want other digital dispatch, you have to pay
  2. Swoop dispatch, which is a horrible joke of a company, has stated that I will lose call volume from Agero if I leave swoop. Swoops software doesnt work properly, you can never talk to a real person, and im just over it. I cancelled my paid subscription to them, and am manually putting in calls from other motor clubs., because og our early stage, we depend on Agero calls. Is there any truth to losing volume by making the switch to towbook?
  3. So, they said buy a tow truck, they said, it'll be profitable they said..... Well, we did, about 90 days ago we bought a tow truck and put it to work trying to carve out just club tows, and go for volume. We could not have hired drivers and survive with out the clubs to lean on, and thats just a fact. Ive read all the horror stories about Agero. Fact is, if you bill honestly and do your job the way you're supposed to they are hands down the leader for work. If we had 2 trucks, we could run Agero jobs all day. Are we under paid, yes, but under payed running 21 hou
  4. were just starting, weve tried hourly, salary, and have recently moved to a daily minimum or a percentage of the truck, which ever is greater. This seems the way to go. they know were just getting started, and they know its only gonna grow from here. We have one roll back, and 1 service truck, and a lowboy single car carrier as well as an enclosed trailer. We turn down virtually nothing, and are on board with several insurance companies and looking to add on more. as the trucks get recognized and seen, the phone is starting to ring without an insurance agent on the other side. We pay ver
  5. thanks for the info, and i was just giving you a hard time...its what i do lol
  6. lol, we want to go, but other than a date, we dont have a location or i missed it?
  7. Hello. Not new to forums, just new to this one. We have an 07 F650 cummins/allison/jerrdan rollback with wheel lift. Low profile single car hauler, 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 service vehicle, and are building a new Wrecker recovery vehicle as we speak. We are currently located in Riverside Oh, but have just bought a new location in Centerville Oh. I also own a fabrication shop, and full repair service at same location. We are keeping our equipment moving thru various Roadside services providers until were established. Agero is our main client, but we get stronger every day. As our flee
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