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  1. Driver had two spinal fusions and is now sitting up but still not breathing on his own. Brain swelling is all but gone now we’re just waiting for the infection in his lung to pass and a pin hole in the lung to close up and he should be able to talk and doctors will have an idea of how severe the brain injury is.
  2. He's started to open his eyes and move his hands a little but its still a very long road ahead. Doctors are slowly taking him off sedatives, so we will see how he is later this week. Jeff was supposed to get a brain scan yesterday but I think its being held off until tomorrow.
  3. A gofundme has been started for him and his 7 month pregnant fiancé. https://www.gofundme.com/f/for-jeff-and-lexi?utm_source=facebook
  4. I can confirm the story, our driver is now responding but still in surgical/trauma ICU. I can’t list any details due to the ongoing investigation, but so far the positive is that he started to point to where he is hurting around midnight last night.
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