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  1. Most of these were 345's. Take some interior and inside box shots too.
  2. Where is the IH located? 345 gas with a 5-speed right?
  3. Hey everyone. I am the Jerr-Dan sales guy for All American Jerr-Dan and I have been compiling a reference list for towing companies to help either start or expand their business. I have IAA and COPART contact info, Manheim and Adesa, list of Motor Clubs, Load Boards etc. The biggest thing is insurance for these guys. I am finding it hard to get insurance companies who are willing to sign on a new start up company with one truck. Progressive will, but they seem to want to charge these guys over $20k a year for insurance, I'm trying to help my clients become successful right out of the gate by giving them this info. Can anyone recommend companies you use, especially in NJ tri-state area? These are the companies I have on my list so far, but most don't want to do start ups: Chester Point Insurance Campisano Insurance East Coast Insurance Group Farmers Insurance Winant and Bomack YouZoom Insurance Services Progressive Thank you very much for your advice.
  4. My gut feeling is $1,500 the way it sits. Clean it up, get it running, maybe $3500. It would make a cool camper conversion.
  5. Try getting a title through Vermont. Here is a link to the procedure. Works with cars and motorcycles. http://www.chinonthetank.com/2014/04/get-a-title-with-a-vermont-registration/
  6. If anyone is interested in a new or used wrecker or flatbed, I am the Jerr-Dan sales consultant for AAJD. Feel free to message me. Thank you.
  7. Every time I see this truck, I love it even more. Nice job!
  8. I've had a couple customers of mine add two leafs to the springs as well. They prefer them to the air bags because its maintenance free. Install them and forget them. No air adjustments, no worries if the bags get cut.
  9. That thing is fantastic! I love these old wreckers. The GMC has such a tough, all business look. I'm hoping to buy another hobby truck for myself soon.
  10. Even if you know what the seminar is about, its always good to rehear it. Maybe you might learn something new, or remember something you long forgot? Training is training no matter what you have done, or how long you have done it. If you are not going to put the effort into the class, why bother attending?
  11. I'm missing out. I think I need a pair of these ASAP!
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