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  1. We have an After-Market Taillight housing available for the Jerr-Dan Medium-Duty (14-16 ton) & the heavy-duty (25 ton on up) beds. This picture shows the brushed stainless mounted in a 25 ton body. The reverse lights were moved to the lower worklights. We have also used the Hybrid Maxxima light which has the reverse light in the ring of the light. Here is a picture of the polished stainless housings mounted in a 14/16 ton body. The reverse lights were installed in the lower worklights, & in a pair of worklights mounted by the hydraulic spades. once a gain you could also use the hybrid Maxxima light with the reverse light in the outer ring to meet D.O.T. compliance. A little wiring ability is required for install, you need to cut the old ends off & install new ends for the L.E.D. lights. We have options for L.E.D. lighting (the cut-outs are standard sizes). You may need to replace the hardware (screw tabs) in the body. The housings come with rubber trim, & 4 new stainless screws per housing. The housings are sold in pairs, & come in brushed or polished Stainless. Give my parts guy Eric a call with any questions. 800-282-2793
  2. If you haven't looked at a Jerr-Dan aluminum bed in a few years, you should! The beds have been built (since about 2003) with galvanized steel slide rails, the same rails used on the steel beds! No more rail wear issues!. The Jerr-Dan sub-frame is also made with the greaseless design, & provisions to quickly install grease zerks at any of the pivots. The slide pads are the proven greaseless pad system that Jer-Dan has had since the inception of the B.I.C. sub-frame.
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