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  1. Ohkay but the way your are saying your statement is so familiar to several senerio i been thru. And i know its just my mind doing its things and telling me did they tell her and wheres the privacy between me and them. But i gotta caught myself and stop thinking that way. Yes im new but i can learn quick cuzz i will see all there moves. Specially if someone really try so much to act like they dont know act stupid. My thing is ill let you do it i can wait my turn dont get mad when i do it to you. I had a few shop doing that to me. I been surviving with out them for a while i been alrite with it. What i have i like to keep. I only have one truck but its mines and paid for to. I know that when dealing with AutoBody Shops dont get paid from them well in California it is. You can correct me if im wrong. I read that on the tow article. but they to smart or maybe to greedy slick whatever. I told them bro you trying to much on your hustle to much wrote i bet you i can top it. And you wont ever saw it coming. Do you know what im trying to say. I hate it when you wana be nice to someone and they still wanna dip in my pate telling me im doing you favor. my response to them you did not put noting on my truck you washout there hustling with me all the things i been thru. Thank you for your response. And please tell me more about situation in the tow world. And i will gladly tell you more about mines. I got some good ones to share.
  2. What do you mean with " billing a customer for using a motor club service?" What is the correct way of getting paid and doing business in the tow world?
  3. But to lie in business is good rite? The only thing i am amaze from when the employe does it back to the boss. The boss get all mad. And start nagging. When the employess i didnt say anything about yours. if can dish it you have to take it to..
  4. its seems that only the bad people o far in life
  5. Dam things like that happens. The way i see it you never know when is your day. Only can take it day by day and just pray everyday.
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