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  1. Eastendtow 66

    Strange Call

    I got a email from agero if your a provider for them they will set you up with swoop same contract rates paid by swoop they now took lincoln rap calls from aaa
  2. Eastendtow 66

    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    still here its been a hell of a winter got time to get on here today
  3. Eastendtow 66

    Coolant Sensor Low Voltage

    I would say ground problem to there might be a broken ground wire or one pulled just hanging by outer cover of wire not making contact in crimp end
  4. Eastendtow 66

    Eastendtow 66

  5. Eastendtow 66

    Tow dolly lost a wheel

    I would just plug the cord in back of wrecker to power lights up
  6. seen one sitting on the side of interstate 39 by rockford il waiting on tow truck went in limp mode