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  1. Most non-bank finance companies are not required to disclose the Annual Percentage Rate “APR” on your loan. This is not meant to mislead you, but to streamline the paperwork. Sadly, the less trustworthy lender(s) will actually tell you a rate that is not true, or will tell you the “simple interest” rate (no need for finance class here, but it is a meaningless and misleading rate). This past week, a buyer was told they were getting 17% when the actual APR was 27.8%. Personally, this upsets me greatly which is why I am writing this post. So, how do you determine the APR on your loan? You could pay $149 for the software program. Or, just call, email or message me and I will tell you the “real” interest rate you are paying. I need to know the following: Purchase Price (with sales tax if applicable) Down Payment (if any) Monthly Payment Term (number of months) # of payments upfront $ amount of security deposit (if any) $ amount of balloon payment at the end (if any) I will be happy tell you the “Real” APR. If it is good, no harm done. If not, I usually can beat it and have an answer for you in less than 2 hours after taking your application during a 5-minute phone call. At Balboa Capital, we provide fast, fair and flexible financing and are the preferred finance company for Allstate Roadside Services, Road America and TowPartners.com. We will get you in the truck you need at the payment you want! Call Mark Johnston at 773-793-7725 or email mark.johnston@balboacapital.com.
  2. Balboa Capital is the preferred finance company for Allstate Roadside Services, Road America and TowPartners.com. We finance more than $300 million of equipment each year and are one of the largest independent direct lenders in the country. You will enjoy our: Easy online application with no financials up to $250,000 2 hour approvals Fast and simple documentation Great rates and service Financing for new and used trucks Please call Mark Johnston at 773-793-7725 or mark.johnston@balboa capital.com. or visit www.facebook.com/TowFinancing.
  3. Fast, fair, flexible and friendly financing for new and used tow trucks and working capital. Please contact Mark Johnston at 773-793-7725 or mark.johnston@balboacapital.com!

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