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  1. JD50/60T Rotator with a 57" Tunnel Tool Box on a 274" CT Body with 300 Cubic Ft of Storage S130 Outriggers, UL300 Coach Underlift Boom with 134" Reach with 16,000 lb Capacity HDR 1000 3 stage Boom with Ramsey 2 Speed 50,000 lb Winches and Dual 20,000 lb Turret Winches The 3 Stage Boom Retracted @ 60 degrees has a capacity of 120,000 lbs. and Extended Capacity of 35,500 lbs At Maximum Boom Extension, the reach is 492" This Truck is in Stock in So Calif at the Hydraulic Shop Inc. and is waiting for a Customer, even in California, to come and look at what is offered. Contact Wally Thornton at 951-575-6393 for more info
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