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  1. Our other off road truck was busy with another one. Good thing one of our employees was in the dunes with his truck. They hooked four trucks together and tried to pull him out before calling us.
  2. Topic Originally Create on Tow411 in December of 2012: We use them for off road and in Silver lake state park (sand dunes) aztectowingllc said: Wow...NICE ExpySSV said: I always mean to stop in and see you guys whenever I'm up at the dunes, but I usually get myself too busy. I'll have to stop and say hey. MichTowBoy said: Usually see you guys out on the dunes, Looking good. Brent Baker Jerry's Towing & Recovery, Inc Newaygo,MI www.newaygocountytowing.com Ed Barker said: Very nice recovery trucks. swtt2014 said: Nice rigs. What's the specs on these 2? We operate in the desert so we need a rig that can get in and out of the soft dirt and sand with a load.
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