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  1. Written By Brian Edward Walters, Attorney at Law Almost every incident management towing company knows that TDLR does not set incident management towing fees. While those fees can be regulated and capped by the county or a city, TDLR generally has deferred to either an “unregulated” view of incident management towing fees or deferred to the city or county to set those rates. However, lately there has been a substantial uptick in TDLR “back door” regulating the prices charged by incident management towing companies. TDLR’s method of enforcement focuses on the , FOR THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE BECOME A SOUTHWEST TOW OPERATOR MEMBER. If your a member it has just been sent to your email. https://swtowop.org/index.php/news/405-tdrl-s-back-door-regulation-of-incident-management-towing-fees?fbclid=IwAR0QVrq-Posi45M2H33gxbucBWXm2IONsGLgkxRq7CaD0YcFRKru606i3NE
  2. Rep. Goldman visits with members of Southwest Tow Operators Association. Rep. Guillen visits with Tasha Mora, Legislative Co-Chair, Southwest Tow Operators Association. Rep. Goldman visits with tow operators and members of Southwest Tow Operators Association. Source Southwest Tow Operators FB Page
  3. Source Southwest Tow Operators FB Page GOOD DAY AT THE CAPITAL! Thank you to Tom Anderson, Tess Anderson. Tasha Lobato Mora, Cheri huddleston (for keeping us in the know),Jeanette Rash, Victor Ramos, Lynn Teeter, Trish Mc Gough, Travis With Wicked Towing for the support with HB2807. Jeanette & Tasha made some compelling testimony today. I truly believe the Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee was listening today. Thank you to Chairman Tracy King, Rep. John Kuempel, Rep Senfronia Thompson (she's a hoot) for hearing what we have to say and Rep. Ryan Guillen for carrying HB2807. I think we are on the right path!
  4. Tasha Mora, James Lindgren, Linda Lindgren, Gary Hoffman, Aimee Hoffman, Vince Court, Lori Court, Scott Mosser, James Bennett, Cheri Hudddleston, Curtis Jordan Shonda Jordan, Tommy Anderson and Tess Anderson in Austin, Tx.
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