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  1. Have a nice '82 F-600 V-8 370 c.i. gas, 5 speed with 2 speed rear. Formerly from a North Carolina municipal bus garage, this is a really clean, rust-free old gal. 600 Holmes body and a Century III 50,000 lb. wheel lift. Has 33,000 ORIGINAL miles; bus company only used it for their own towing. Was garaged in NC. Fresh tune up and new brake system recently. Runs perfect. Truck is currently registered and inspected and ready to use daily. Perfect for an in-town wrecker, start-up business, or spare truck for recovery. Comes with 3 sets of forks and 2 sets of L brackets/wheel cradles. Lot of equipment included actually. Obviously, yellow isn't doing it any justice....This truck deserves a nice, new paint job. Asking $7,700.00 OBRO. We can deliver it to you if needed as well. email inquiries to: ironmountainiron@gmail.com
  2. I've been really dormant from this site for a good while, staying busy running my equipment transport business and paying attention. Just wanted to refresh my membership/subscription here and start being more active in networking. I've been in the transport, rigging, heavy duty equipment and repairs, operating and every other aspect of the heavy iron industry the better part of 40 years now. Several years ago I integrated all of my skill set, certifications and endorsements and developed a small family operated American owned business to provide a service to everyone from the homeowner that purchased a backhoe off Craigslist or some online auction site, to used equipment dealers, contractors, etc. and offer my experience in it all to make life simple for the customer. Primarily I am into heavy equipment hauling, from construction and forestry equipment to all types of machinery, trucks, on and on and on. Based in New England and operate in about a 1500 mile line from home. Much of my business comes from word-of-mouth and repeat/referrals, but the Facebook page and some advertisements have definitely helped spread the good news. I also do dead equipment recovery, non running machinery, etc., I do a lot of mechanical work on things to make life easier and cheaper for the customers as well, as needed. Hooked up with a towing industry leader and gem, I hire Coady's Towing out of Lawrence, Mass. to do my heavy lifting and loading services as needed, with John Kemp at the remote control box. recently we've done several jobs together from overseas container relocating to moving an old railroad caboose. We're planning on doing another caboose in about a week from now as well. So if anyone is ever seeking an experienced, straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense heavy duty hauler to help relocate or haul equipment, then we're around to help. Call on Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, llc either through PM here, or Facebook (Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, llc) or Instagram (@ironmtnironhauling) to see if we can help. There's NO substitute for experience.
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