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  1. A-Hessco Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations team reporting in, Boss.
  2. A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations https://www.hesscoinnovations.com/towing-service
  3. https://www.hesscoinnovations.com/roadside-assistance
  4. I think it is more of many in this industry are either not technically savvy and/or too busy to be interacting online. The towing community does not have anyone to lobby for them, yet. But Hessco is working on it. The towing industry is ripe for innovations in the US. We are implementing innovations, equipment, and brand new ideas that are really working and scalable. It is time the insurance companies stop running this industry because they are ruining it with their greed. Towing companies have the right to make a decent profit, too. We bear the risk and overhead, we should reap the rewards, not third parties and insurance companies. The towing apps out there now are either insurance companies or people who have never dispatched logistics much less towed a vehicle. There is a way for it to be better for the towing company and the customer, not the insurance or some unreliable app. We are working on a national call center for towers, by towers. The days of the insurance companies charging $150 and giving the towing companies $50-$60 has got to stop. We deserve much more than a third! That's organized crime numbers. I would love to talk to anyone about this more if you are interested. Contact Robyn anytime at info@hesscoinnovations.com
  5. Proudly serving Jacksonville, Florida with light duty roadside assistance & towing services. 


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