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  1. Call Roddy at Twin Cities Wrecker Sales 651-488-4210 He has kit to sell. We have four Century Auto loaders that have them on and they makes a big difference when winching. They are located in St.Paul Minnesota Kelly Neal
  2. Glad to hear that worked out for you. I to stopped upgrading for a while but decieded I was missing out on some advances in the program and they worked with me to get to the lastest version. Being on thee yearly help they are always availble to help and you get the lastest updates included. They can also backup your data in case sometihing goes wrong with your computer and save you alot of time starting over. Kelly Neal :drivin
  3. Topic from 2007: This car is two years old and only has 49 miles on it. We towed it to the dealer for warranty work and then hauled it back to his home so the car wouldn't get any miles on it! Interstow said: Nice cars. I moved one of those last year for the car show. Fortunately I had the use of a loading dock and the transport trailer ramp to help with the load angle. Twinbulls said: That's one hot car !!! I have moved a couple of them...but not lately.... looks great on your truck !!! That's a great pic of both trucks and Porsche....
  4. We started with Tracker back in 1979 and love it. We had three trucks at the time and now have grown to nine. Last year we moved up to Tracker Touch and Drivers Dispatch. It was the best thing we have ever done. This past winter made the dispatching so fast and easy with all the info the drivers needed with out having to talk on the radio. I am a little stubborn to change and still use the Garmin GPS but the Tracker Software makes it so easy I have started to use the mapping software with great results. I am surprised that you are having problems getting a hold of anyone. I rarely have had trouble getting a hold of someone. The only time I did I wanted a certain person and I called during one of the big tow shows. I think you should try and call because it is a great software. Kelly Neal :drivin
  5. We use collins dollies and always order to thicker cross bars. We dolly a lot and had to many bars cracking at the ends on the thinner bars. Kelly Neal :drivin
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