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  1. So Sorry to hear about this loss, our industry is under attack and it is though we can do nothing to hinder another family from losing their loved one. We send them our Love and Pray they find peace at the end of the day. As difficult as that is to say or do. Hope they Find the Killer soon!
  2. So Who is Good and who should we avoid. We've been with progressive and survive them leaving the market. Our agent is now the one that is not interested in shopping rates. Has told us numerous times the few companies still writing are all the same. What does that mean and is he right? Please advise
  3. I am on hold through the summer, need to get our insurance costs down before adding new equipment. Thanks
  4. Great Job to bring this community back to life or should I say a New Towing Community to Life. Best part it's all towing related with few distractions. Check it nearly every day, plain to become a supporter this month. This is too good to let get away, hope to have pic's of a new truck soon. Sadly things not changed, no one seems to have stock and the ones that do either want the financing or do not call back. Here's to 6000 members, hope most will be active
  5. still waiting, is there anyone out there that has on hands info. or any info. ???
  6. Anyone have one of these? This is what I am considering now. Is it really better?
  7. Jerr-Dan 22' Steel Bed might consider a Chevron Could even be a 2018 or something with low miles. Either the dealers do not respond or they say they have what I am looking for then oh we just sold it. But wait we can order you one. If I wanted to order one, I know where to go. May have to do that soon. Send me a message, if I post my number again the phone will ring with everything but what I want.
  8. I signed up, will try to use this more. Right Now, I am looking for a New Rollback. Going to check out the training, but it's starting to raining the the phones are ringing.
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