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  1. My CONGRATS! to the ISP for taking the time to do this - we need to get people talking about it and the best way is to get into their pocketbook!! Thanks again ISP!! Steve.
  2. I have to commend you for coming on here is you will most likely hear many negative thoughts. We have run some Honk calls paid by CC. Your comment about people not wanting to talk on the phone anymore.....I am 68 years old, I do not text, do not email, do not use apps - I use the telephone and fax only. People (mostly younger) today give me the impression that talking on the phone is somehow confrontational. They don't want to hear the "tone" in someone's voice - that might hurt their feelings. You say using apps is easier - not for me. I can get through a conversation on the phone a lot quicker than one can test back and forth. Don't get me wrong - these ways of communicating have their place, but I don't think towing is one. Just my comments. Steve.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe GVW ratings are relative to a load being placed over or in front of the rear axle. When you extend your underlift, you are transferring weight OFF your front axle depending on how much extension you have. With that being said, I have owned quite a few WL trucks over the years and I prefer 161" WB on LD and ALWAYS beef up the rear springs. On one 1-ton I built, I added 3 leaves to the main and 3 leaves to the overload - I think I had a total of 14 leaves on each side. I could tow box trucks from the front with no problem with plenty of steer axle weight - the W/L of course was mostly sucked in. I now have an 02 F550 12 ton 161" WB and I also have no issue with it as far as steer axle weight goes. All the responses to your issue have indicated that it is a given to beef the rear springs on a wrecker. As previously said, this will due little to offset front axle weight relative to W/L extension. Hope this helps - thanks, Steve.
  4. Well that was interesting. The job was done with no apparent damage. There's obviously more than one way to skin a cat and I, however would have done it differently. Good job, Steve.
  5. Beautiful and very capable truck! Thanks for posting - Steve.
  6. Gee, you mean you didn't need a rotator and 2 heavies to do this?? LOL! Fun recoveries - good job guys! Steve.
  7. We bought a small tracked unit (Bombadier) with stiff legs and a 15K winch with 300' of 3/8" cable. Got tired of getting 4x4 wreckers stuck - LOL! People generally miss a turn and their GPS redirects them onto a level "B" road. Gotta wonder what they're thinking.....Steve.
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