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  1. New Castle County Police have arrested two men in connection to a series car thefts, including using a tow truck to steal disabled vehicles. Police say there have been multiple reports of stolen cars, many consisting of older and disabled models, throughout the county. Surveillance footage and witnesses captured a tow truck towing the vehicles. Investigators linked the tow truck back to 47-year-old Mathew Wojciechowski and 44-year-old Arnold Phillip Anderson. Credit: New Castle Police The truck and suspects were seen driving to Chester, Pennsylvania on Feb. 25, with a then stolen older model Pontiac, which they later sold to a local car dealership. Detectives found that multiple stolen vehicles were sold to this business by Wojciechowski and Anderson. Both Wojciechowski and Anderson were charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, felony conspiracy, and other related charges. Anderson was taken into custody on March 17 and is being held on $22,000 secured bail. Wojciechowski was taken into custody on March 16 and was released on $96,000 unsecured bail. RESOURCE LINK with video
  2. Two people were hurt in the incident. FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio — An investigation is underway in Fairview Park after police say a tow truck driver was struck by a vehicle early Monday morning. It happened on Lorain Road near West 204th Street. The tow truck driver and the driver of the other vehicle were both taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown. Patton's Towing RESOURCE LINK with video Fox 8 Cleveland Reports: FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio - A crash involving a tow truck in Fairview Park is under investigation. The crash has closed Lorain Road at W. 204th St. A tow truck driver was working when he was hit by a car, according to FOX 8 crews on the scene. Police tell FOX 8 officers had pulled over the car that was on the tow truck. While the tow truck driver was loading the vehicle, a gray car hit the tow truck head on. The tow truck driver was transported to the hospital along with the driver of the gray car. RESOURCE LINK with video FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio — Two people were hospitalized early Monday morning after a crash involving a tow truck driver and another vehicle. Fairview Park police said a driver of a silver Acura was driving westbound on Lorain Avenue near West 204th Street in Fairview Park when it crossed left of the center lane and hit the tow truck head-on. The driver of the tow truck was behind his truck loading another car onto the bed of the truck. The impact trapped the tow truck driver between his truck and the car he was loading. Police, who witnessed the entire crash, said they previously called the tow truck driver to assist with a traffic violation. Officials said both drivers were transported and taken to Metro Health Medical Center. RESOURCE LINK with video AirTracker 5 over crash involving tow truck and a vehicle
  3. NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Two tow truck drivers were left bloodied after, they said, a customer shot them with a pellet gun while on the job in Northwest Miami-Dade. According to the victims, the incident took place outside of am towing business at around 5 a.m., Saturday. The two truck drivers, who asked not to be identified or show their faces on camera, said they were pegged by pellets after a man came by to pick up his impounded vehicle. “I thought I was gonna die,” said one of the victims. “I didn’t know what was going on.” But the driver said the assailant did not target him right away. “I was standing outside of work, and a person came to release their car. They did so, they left and came back with a gun, and they shot me and my friend,” he said. “He questioned us. He didn’t give us a chance to explain to him what was going on. He just started shooting his gun,” said the second tow truck driver. The first victim said he was shot in the back and in one hand, where the projectile remains lodged inside. “I ran for cover as far as I could, until I knew he left,” he said. “If it was a real gun, it could have impaired my whole life. Lucky it was just a BB gun.” The other victim said he was hit in the head, adding he is grateful that it was a pellet and not a bullet. “Thank God it wasn’t a real gun. I wouldn’t be here right now to explain the story,” he said. Miami-Dade Police is investigating the incident. 7News has reached out to the department for more information about the incident. If you have any information on the shooter’s whereabouts, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward. RESOURCE LINK with video
  4. KUWAIT CITY, March 16: A tow truck crashed into a cement barrier on the Sixth Ring Road near Saad Al-Abdullah area, resulting in injuries to the driver. In a press statement issued by Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD), the Public Relations and Media Department explained that the Control Room of KFSD, after receiving information about the accident, dispatched firefighters to the location along with securitymen and paramedics. The driver, who was trapped inside the tow truck, was rescued after which paramedics referred him to the nearest hospital for treatment. The tow truck was removed from the road, and the traffic flow was organized. RESOURCE LINK
  5. While assisting a stuck motorist with cones deployed a safe work zone created, and lighting activated unit was stuck by a motorist who failed to slow down to the required speed and move if possible when passing a roadside emergency vehicle. Dr. Hook Towing Said: Please Slow Down & Move Over our Operators have families they want to go home to at the end of their shift. Thankfully all involved escaped with minor injuries. RESOURCE LINK
  6. There are few Details regarding the incident at the time. RESOURCE LINK with video
  7. Topic posted on the Tesla Motor Club community 03.14.19: I honestly want to pull my hair out. I would love to let Elon know about my experience this morning with Tesla Roadside Assistance. The power steering in my X failed today, so my car is stuck in my garage. I called Tesla Roadside Assistance...they sent a tow truck out (costs covered) and I was told it would be to my house within the hour...but they went to the WRONG address (NOT the address on my file nor the address I confirmed with them - I have NO CLUE where they got this address). Allegedly the tow truck sat in front of this wrong address for ten minutes, the tow guy allegedly called my phone "several times" (my phone was with me the entire time and it NEVER rang), then they left. When the truck didn't show up at my house after two hours, I called Roadside Assistance and was told, "The tow truck came and sat in front of your house for ten minutes, they called you several times, then they left...and now if we send them out again, YOU are going to have to pay for it." No matter how hard I tried to explain that the truck NEVER sat in front of my house, nor did I get any phone call, the guy wouldn't budge. "I'm sorry, but I can get a quote for you on how much it will cost to come tow your car. We are just unable to pay for it since we already sent them out once." *Cue the tears, because that's the moment I started to cry. I have a feeling if Elon knew about this, heads would roll! UPDATE - HUGE kudos to the SLC Tesla Service Center...I called and told them the frustrating situation (after I regained my composure from talking to Roadside) and the manager said HE will pick up the bill to send the tow truck back out to my home. Now THAT is customer service! RESOURCE LINK
  8. March 14, 2019 at 10:25 AM EST DOLES, GA (WALB) - One person was killed, and another was transported for medical care after a collision about 9:45 Thursday morning, according to officials. One person was taken by helicopter, and another by ambulance. The name of the person who was killed will not be released, pending notification of next of kin. Worth County deputies and the Georgia State Patrol are all on scene. A small SUV collided with a wrecker truck at the intersection of Highway 32 and Highway 313, according to law enforcement. When authorities release more information, we will update this story. RESOURCE LINK
  9. International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame in Chattanooga received honor and recognition 03.14.19.
  10. Mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8 breaks down at a Michigan gas station Well this is awkward. After years of seeing the mighty mid-engine C8 Chevy Corvette in spy shots rumbling around Michigan and the Nürburgring, we now see it broken down at a gas station. According to the spy photographer, the sports car pulled into the gas station with no issues, but once the occupants were ready to leave, it refused to start. After close to a half hour of trying to start it, it was covered up and a tow truck called to have the 'Vette unceremoniously hauled back to HQ. Any breakdown of a prototype in public is unfortunate, but this is particularly rough for Chevy since reports have been coming out of development troubles. Most notably are electrical issues, which may have been the cause of this car's breakdown. There have also been reports of chassis flex on the high-horsepower models, though that may have been fixed already. We still expect the C8 to be revealed this summer. It will likely cost around $70,000 to start, and high horsepower models will probably break the $100,000 mark. Some sort of V8 will power it, though we're not sure if the base engine will be a pushrod engine or possibly a double-overhead cam engine. We also know that some kind of automatic, possibly a dual-clutch transmission, will at least be available, if not the only transmission. RESOURCE LINK w/video
  11. See the new sports car in a compromising position at a gas station and on the tow truck. RESOURCE LINK
  12. CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte tow truck driver is operating his business even though he told WBTV he does not have a valid driver license or a commercial driver license. WBTV started investigating David Satterfield and his company Automobile Recovery and Parking Enforcement after a tip to the WBTV Investigates line. The story starts in Franklin County Georgia. That’s where Frank Poole called us from after his father’s 1999 Ford Super Duty truck was stolen while he was having lunch. "And drove it to Charlotte, North Carolina and abandoned it," Poole said. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police called and said the truck was located, reported and towed by a company called Automobile Recovery and Parking Enforcement and owner David Satterfield. If Poole wanted the truck back he would have to call him. "I called up there and he told us the tow fee was $1,500 and that it would be $75 every additional day it was left which sounded just outrageous to me," Poole said. In 2014 the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that local government agencies couldn't cap how much towing companies charge for services. RESOURCE LINK with video
  13. HB 625 by Neave – Relating to notice and request for a hearing regarding a vehicle that has been towed or booted. HB 626 by Neave – Relating to notice of a person's right to a hearing placed on a sign prohibiting unauthorized vehicles on a parking facility. HB 1121 by Sanford – Relating to the recovery of property from certain vehicles stored at a vehicle storage facility or governmental vehicle storage facility. HB 1140 by King, Tracy O. – Relating to the adjustment of fees for vehicles stored at vehicle storage facilities; authorizing fee increases. HB 1568 by Hernandez – Relating to the authority of certain municipal employees to request the removal and storage of certain abandoned or illegally parked or operated vehicles. HB 2807 by Guillen – Relating to regulation and liability of certain vehicles on a highway; increasing a criminal penalty. HB 3434 by Oliverson – Relating to the regulation of motor vehicle towing, booting, and storage; authorizing administrative penalties. HB 3530 by Moody – Relating to the towing of certain property from a self-service storage facility for disposition by a vehicle storage facility. HB 3558 by Farrar – Relating to capturing images of the illegal passing of a stationary tow truck. SB 1185 by Creighton – Relating to the towing of certain property from a self-service storage facility for disposition by a vehicle storage facility. SB 1651 by Powell – Relating to motor vehicle towing. SB 1671 by Taylor – Relating to the regulation of motor vehicle towing, booting, and storage; authorizing administrative penalties. SB 1713 by Lucio – Relating to the towing and booting of unauthorized vehicles on a parking facility during certain hours. RESOURCE LINK
  14. Police Sgt. Chris Montague says he gets daily complaints about exorbitant fees A veteran police officer is calling for licensing of tow truck drivers and greater oversight of the industry in Ottawa following another complaint about exorbitant storage fees. Sgt. Chris Montague, a 21-year veteran of the Ottawa Police Service, runs the city's vehicle impound lot. He's watched the towing industry closely throughout his career and said he gets daily calls from people requesting police assistance over the fees charged by private towing contractors. Tow truck tricks: How not to get taken for a ride after an accident Tow truck operator leaves driver on hook for $2K bill Drivers feeling ripped off by unregulated tow trucks Montague said it's time to bring law and order to what he calls towing's "wild west." His call comes after one woman was handed a bill of nearly $3,000 for storage fees she said she shouldn't have to pay. 'My car was stolen' Judy McDougall tried for days without success to reach Ottawa United Towing, the tow truck company that removed her Volvo SUV from the scene of a crash on Feb. 7, she said. McDougall's vehicle had been struck by another car pulling out of a gas station. Ottawa United Towing arrived at the scene even before police, she said, and offered to take her SUV to a body shop the next morning — even though Ontario law prohibits towing companies from soliciting within 100 metres of a crash. McDougall agreed, but by the morning of Feb. 8, her Volvo hadn't shown up at the garage. And early the following week, she sensed there was a problem. For more than a week, McDougall said, she tried contacting Ottawa United Towing owner Jason Ishraki by phone and email. She reached out to her city councilor, Tim Tierney, and to her MPP, Nathalie Des Rosiers, for help — but her vehicle remained in the company's yard. Not the only incident McDougall isn't alone. During the September 2018 tornadoes in Ottawa and Gatineau, Ontario-based Onroute Towing & Recovery towed Richard Dumont's SUV without his knowledge or permission. The vehicle was taken to a field 35 kilometres from his home, and his insurance company was billed $1,800 to release it. In March 2017, an Ottawa couple was billed more than $4,000 to have their car towed from the scene of a collision, only to see it held "hostage" until the matter was resolved. CBC News called Ottawa United Towing to interview owner Ishraki about McDougall's experience, but received no response. When CBC News showed up in person, Ishraki blamed the delay on McDougall's insurance company. He then ordered CBC off the property, and another person threatened to smash a reporter's camera. 'A free-for-all' Montague said there's little protection for Ottawa drivers from predatory and exorbitant storage fees. And he believes policies enacted in the Greater Toronto Area — including licensing, fixed towing rates and other strict controls — have pushed some operators east into the looser, more lucrative Ottawa market, he said. "It's the wild west out there ... it's just a free-for-all," he said. Ottawa does not require tow trucks to be licensed, but more than a dozen other municipalities in Ontario do. Montague is now calling for tow operator licensing and what he calls a "tow rotation" — a schedule of eligible operators set out by police. 'It's ridiculous' Insurance Bureau of Canada spokesperson Pete Karageorgos blames a regulatory vacuum at the municipal level and a lack of enforcement of provincial towing laws. While the industry doesn't track the effect of inflated storage fees on overall insurance prices, a 2012 study suggested insurance fraud of all kinds added about $236 to each policy in Ontario, he said. "Insurance companies have the added costs of trying to fight what seem to be — in some cases — illegitimate and illegal charges through the courts," Karageorgos said. "It's ridiculous, bordering on criminal. The retired mechanical engineer and her husband kept a spreadsheet tracking their 26 attempts to reach the company. "In my mind, at that point, my car was stolen. It was gone," McDougall said. She tried to get police involved, urging them to investigate it as a stolen vehicle — but police told her it wasn't a criminal matter, she said. When the towing company answered her calls more than a week after the crash, she was informed she faced a bill of $2,900 for storage in a yard, she said. The car was delivered to an autobody shop on Feb. 22. "What they do ... should be treated as criminal," McDougall said. RESOURCE LINK
  15. A 19-year-old is facing obstruction and dangerous driving charges after allegedly trying to block police from towing an 18-year-old associate's Mercedes-Benz, Hamilton police say. The incident started shortly after 12:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a news release. That's when officers were in the area of Glassco Avenue North and Dunsmure Road in the city's east end. According to police, they spotted a silver Mercedes-Benz sedan being driven without a front licence plate in the area. Officers followed the vehicle, and once the driver stopped, he was spotted as a "known suspended driver," a police news release reads. The 18-year-old driver was then stopped. "During the investigation into the suspended driver, a male associated with him attended the scene," a police news release reads. "The driver directed the unknown male to position his vehicle where it could prevent the Mercedes Benz from being towed." That man then got into a grey Mitsubishi Outlander SUV and drove it around the block before returning at a "high rate of speed," police say. By this time, officers had parked a police cruiser on the roadway to prevent the SUV from blocking a tow truck. "Although the road conditions at the time were poor due to snow and ice conditions the male continued to attempt to reposition his vehicle by driving on the sidewalk and across a lawn at an unsafe speed," the news release reads. Police say they were able to "safely secure the vehicle." Both men were arrested and are now facing charges. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/mercedes-arrest-1.5051551?cmp=rss
  16. 2 dead, 1 injured in early Monday crash near Amarillo RANDALL COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - Two people are dead after a two-vehicle crash early Monday morning in Randall County. Around 1:10 a.m., a truck moving a semi trailer was attempting to back up across FM-1541 into the Affiliated Foods warehouse loading dock one mile south of Amarillo. A tow truck driving north on FM-1541 crashed into the trailer, causing the cab of the truck to detach. The driver of the tow truck, Adam Taulbee of Austin, as well as his passenger, Laura Almanza of Lubbock, died at the scene. Christopher Riddley, who was driving the truck, was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The crash is under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety. RESOURCE LINK
  17. WEYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - A typical work day took a terrifying turn for a Weymouth tow truck operator Friday, when a driver in the right lane got too close and hit his hand. Christopher Rotz said his hand was clipped by a moving car’s mirror while he was helping a driver on Interstate 93. “I got lucky but people have been hurt way worse,” Rotz said. “People decided not to move over, as usual, it’s very common.” Rotz said the mirror went flying. He eventually picked it up on the side of the road. Rotz said the breakdown lanes are a lot smaller because of the snow and he barely has enough room to load cars. “There was a lot of snow. The breakdown lane is just about half what it usually is,” Rotz said. “My truck was already in the travel lane.” Rotz said he had a bunch of close calls in the past but was never clipped. “We all, as tow operators, definitely hope that people move over, definitely appreciate it,” Rotz said. The company that Rotz works for said if he had been a few more inches to the right, he would not have survived. RESOURCE LINK
  18. Driver killed 3 men trying to change tire alongside I-635, abandoned 13-year-old passenger at scene, police say Dallas police are searching for the driver who hit an SUV on the shoulder of Interstate 635 early Sunday, killing three people and injuring two more before abandoning his 13-year-old passenger to run from the scene. The victims were traveling east when they stopped to change a flat tire in the 3200 block of Interstate 635, just west of the Dallas North Tollway, Dallas police said. Around 3:30 a.m., a pickup truck fatally struck three men who'd been working on the tire, then hit the SUV, injuring a man and woman inside. The truck's driver, who hasn't yet been publicly identified, fled the crash on foot, leaving a 13-year-old boy behind. The teenager was reunited with his mother at the hospital, police said. When the suspect is arrested, he will be charged with manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid, according to police. RESOURCE LINK
  19. HOUSTON - Police said two people are hurt after a shootout between a tow truck driver and the owner of a car. Detectives said the tow truck driver was picking up a vehicle on Sunforest Drive and the owner tried to stop him. The car's owner and his friends confronted the driver and shot out the tow truck's tires. Police said some of those bullets ricocheted off the ground and hit two people in the crowd that had gathered. They were shot in the legs and are expected to recover. The wrecker driver fired back while driving away, but police said no one was hit. The owner of the vehicle took off and is on the run. RESOURCE LINK
  20. They did recovery the tow truck not long after it stolen. It had lots of damage and missing parts, but it was found.
  21. Down to Business: Being a tow truck driver a 'lifestyle,' not a career — 'this place is in my blood' Phone/website: 630-978-7100; www.nartowing.com Owner: Josh Wisch, of Aurora. Years in business? “My father, Don Wisch, started the business 35 years ago. I’ve been the owner since 2011,” Josh Wisch, 34, said. What does your business do? “We tow for seven police departments: Naperville, Warrenville, Lisle, West Chicago, DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, DuPage County Forest Preserve (District) and Winfield. We also do emergency tows, roadside assistance, flat tires and jump starts.” How busy was the polar vortex? “We did 227 calls in three days. I’ve got six guys working. It was insane.” What’s the best part of doing business in Naperville? “It’s heavily populated, so there’s more business coming your way. Towing for the police is steady income. I like the accounts I have, body shops, mechanics.” What challenges do you face? “It’s a dangerous job. Every tow is different. Some are harder than others. You have to pull up the vehicle without damaging it further. We have five trucks and they seem to go down in multiples. It never fails.” Do you have a busy time of year? “We’re pretty consistent all year round. When you get bad weather, light rain or a dusting of snow, that’s when the roads are slick and we are busy. When we get more snow, we’re not that busy because people are more cautious.” What’s the best part of this business? “Every person you meet is different. I like communicating with my customers. My employees make it easy for me. They’ve all been here six-plus years, trustworthy people.” What’s the worst part? “My wife, Jackie, does a lot of my billing. That helps a lot. But I still manage all the phones, manage a lot of my paperwork. I’m doing that and driving a truck all day long. Is towing a tough job? “This isn’t a career. It’s a lifestyle. My dad saw two of my high school basketball games. It’s a hard job to adapt to. You always work beyond the time you want to get off. When the weather is bad, you’re called in. I’ll go months without putting my four daughters to sleep. There aren’t too many women who’d put up with this. Jackie is a trooper.” What do you like about owning a business? “This place is in my blood. It’s aggravating sometimes, but I like being in control of something, to be a leader to others. Coming from sports, I always wanted to be a leader.” What’s your sports connection? “I played varsity basketball at Naperville Central. I was a starter, small forward. I started playing basketball at Ripon College in Wisconsin, but gave up on that. I coached the basketball team at Marmion Academy for five, six seasons.” What’s the biggest misconception people have about your business? “They don’t understand these tow trucks cost $110,000, $120,000. Then they argue about a $75 tow for a $50,000 vehicle. And they don’t understand the danger we put ourselves in. Drivers don’t move over for construction workers or police officers. Why are they going to move over for a tow truck driver?” What’s the story about the dog? “Daisy is a 3-year-old German Shepherd. She does not like anybody she does not know. She stays here overnight. She has in-out access. A few weeks ago, there was a guy carrying around bolt cutters. He ended up getting arrested for criminal trespassing. We think his intent was to cut the chain on my fence and drive his car out. He was standing on top of the back fence, and she came flying out. He about (needed a new pair of pants). He threw some McDonald’s (food) over the fence, maybe to calm her down, but she was not having any of that. She did her job.” Do you have any favorite stories? “One woman was about to rear-end a tow truck on Route 59. She somehow moved at the last second to the passenger side. The corner of the bed went through the windshield to the rear window. It would’ve taken her head off.” What do you have planned for the future? “In the next month or so, a mechanic shop will be in the garage here. And I’d like to get into heavy-duty towing, bigger trucks. I’ll need bigger tow trucks for those. They cost $300,000 to $700,000 each.” Any tips for people waiting for a tow? “I don’t care how the weather is, get out of the car. Wait in the grass because you can’t trust drivers.” What advice would you give someone starting a business? “Be ready to put the time and effort in. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a grind. If you have a family, don’t expect to see them.” Steve Metsch is a freelance reporter for the Naperville Sun. RESOURCE LINK
  22. CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y (WENY) – A local tow truck driver seemed to be at the right place at the right time Wednesday morning. Jasmine Cundiff and her mom were on I-86 making their way to the dentist when Jasmine began to choke on her subway sandwich in the passenger seat. “I thought it was me just choking on air but it was food, said Cundiff. It was really really scary.” After crossing her hands around her neck to let her mom know she was choking, the 21-year-old began to loose color in her appearance. “I looked over and saw her changing colors. All that went through my head is that I would blame myself,” said Tina Cundiff, Jasmines mom. A short distance ahead Tina saw a tow truck driver on the side of the road assisting someone with a tire change. She immediately pulled over and screamed for help. That's when Gary's volunteer firefighters instincts kicked in, relying on his CPR training. “I've been doing it pretty much most of my life and just reacted to the situation and did what I had to do,” said Gary Winslow, Tow Truck Operator. Jasmine choked for roughly 3 min and says she felt like she was going to die. On Thursday, she had a message for Gary. “Thank you for saving my life Gary, that means so much to me,” said Cundiff. RESOURCE LINK with video
  23. Mark Dennison from Sheehans Towing. He worked in the industry for over 25 years, the last 12 years with Sheehans Towing in West Palm Beach. A celebration of life will be held: Saturday March 9th from 9am-11am Palms West Funeral Home 110 Business Park Way Royal Palm Beach, FL There will be a tow truck procession from the funeral home to the gathering following the service. Please contact Sheehans Towing for information on the procession at 561-659-0758
  24. EAGLE VAIL TOWING: SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — An avalanche came down near the Vail Pass summit, trapping a tow truck driver and closing Interstate 70 in both directions between Copper Mountain and Vail. The slide occurred shortly after midnight. About 20 minutes after, crews reopened eastbound lanes of I-70, following multiple crashes. The driver of the tow truck was OK, according to a tweet from Colorado State Patrol. The slide covered all westbound lanes of I-70 about three miles west of the Vail Pass summit. RESOURCE LINK
  25. March 06--SAN DIEGO – A tow truck caught fire and rolled backward until it crashed into a fire truck in University City Wednesday. Video taken from a nearby high-rise building on La Jolla Village Drive showed flames shooting from a tow truck. The truck slowly rolled backward into a fire truck that was positioned to block traffic. The crash happened around 11:20 a.m. Spencer Kerrigan was driving near the Crate and Barrel in UTC when the fiery tow truck started moving. “The fire truck shows up and it parks to block traffic, and all the sudden the tow truck starts going backwards on fire! Fireman jumps out of the way and yells to move the truck but not in time,” Kerrigan stated. “I just missed the video of it rolling, but then the Jennings tow truck nails the firetruck!” San Diego Fire-Rescue Department officials said no one was injured in the crash. Traffic was being diverted away from the area. RESOURCE LINK
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