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  1. A 27-year-old man was flown to a Seattle hospital on Sunday after he crashed into a tractor-trailer on Interstate 5, according to the Washington State Patrol. About 6:40 p.m. Sunday, the Chehalis man, who was driving a tow truck, was headed north on I-5 in Lewis County. One mile south of Chehalis, troopers say he crashed into a tractor-trailer when it stopped for traffic. The man was hurt and flown to Harborview Medical Center. No Further Details
  2. Two people were seriously injured Sunday when a State Farm road assistance tow truck and a stranded vehicle were involved in a fiery crash. ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Two people were seriously injured Sunday when a State Farm road assistance tow truck and a stranded vehicle were involved in a fiery crash. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, at 7:40 p.m., a Cadillac SUV driven by Sarah Lam, 32, of Bradenton, ran out of gas. Lam pulled over to the outside northbound shoulder of the Howard Frankland Bridge, where State Farm road ranger Adam Lopez, 29, of Tampa, spotted her. Lopez slowed down and entered the outside shoulder to assist Lam. A tractor-trailer truck headed north abruptly changed lanes to go around Lam and Lopez, cutting off a Chevrolet sedan driven by Alvaro A. Vizcarra, 40, of St. Petersburg. To avoid a collision with the tractor-trailer truck, Vizcarra was forced to veer his car onto the outside shoulder where he struck the rear of the State Farm tow trucks, forcing the truck into the rear of Lam's Cadillac. The Cadillac and tow truck truck burst into flames. Lopez and a passenger in Lam's SUV, Ngung Thi Nguyen, 67, of Bradenton, were taken to Tampa General Hospital with serious injuries. The tractor-trailer truck continued on. Anyone with information on the truck is asked to call the FHP at 813-559-1800. RESOURCE LINK UPDATED: TAMPA (WFLA) – A Road Ranger is recovering after getting hit while on the way to help other motorists. That’s prompting his fellow Road Rangers, the people who make a living saving stranded and broken down drivers, to issue a stern warning: Drivers need to pay attention! For Sergio Carrera, a day on the job for him is a bad day on the road for many of us. “Not only did I change her tire and give her gas, I actually sat there 15-20 minutes listening to her tell me everything that happened in her day,” says Carrera. Part of the Road Rangers corp Carerra travels the highways looking for distress, but like all heroes, his job is not without danger. Sunday night Road Ranger Adam Lopez pulled over to help a couple out of gas on the Howard Frankland Bridge. A car swerved onto the shoulder and hit Lopez’s emergency vehicle and the couple’s car in front of him; both of those vehicles caught fire and backed traffic up as firefighters and paramedics responded. “It freaked me out because I had just seen him an hour and a half earlier. The first thing that came to my mind was my friend who was killed on the Howard Franklin Bridge,” says Carrera about another friend that died while on the job. These Road Rangers plead with people to pay attention to their surroundings and respect the move over law. “Like I say those three seconds, four seconds that you don’t slow down for that trooper, that road ranger, that paramedic, or for that tow truck driver, it’s a few seconds that either destroys your life or many lives,” says Carrera. As for Adam Lopez, the Road Ranger hurt in the weekend crash, is back home recovering. He has a broken jaw and it may be a month before he’s fully recovered.
  3. ‘Leg was severed completely — tow driver’s heroics may have saved a life A tow truck operator is being credited with saving the life of a man whose leg was severed in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike on Tuesday. Alex Petruccio, 27, of Pennington, a driver for Treat's Garage in Windsor, was sent on a call for a disabled car in the southbound inner lanes near Exit 8A in South Brunswick and saw the car parked on the left shoulder — a spot he calls one of "the most dangerous places" to stop on the Turnpike because of its narrow shoulder. The occupants of the car, Jianjun Yin, 60, from Vienna, Virginia and his wife, who was driving, pulled over after hearing a plastic shield dragging along the road underneath and wanted to be taken to a Honda dealer for repair, according to Petruccio. The EMT and former lifeguard at the Quarry Swim Club in Hopewell said "things got really good before they got worse," as the left lane was clear of traffic when Petruccio went about his work trying to get the car loaded onto his truck. Petruccio said he took advantage of the break to get the couple into his truck. "I hear truck doors shut, I turn around and see the lady in the truck and I realize that the guy didn't follow her. He's standing on the line almost in the fast lane," Petruccio said. He stepped between Yin and the traffic which had begun to build again. Petruccio said there was a language issue and said the man stepped forward, possibly to shake his hand. That feeling of security was quickly broken when Petruccio heard a screech and a bang. "I look up and see a car maybe six cars back or so just swerve out violently into the shoulder and it's coming straight at us like a missile coming right at us," Petruccio said. As Petruccio jumped out of the way he yelled at Yin to move. "Behind me I hear 'boom!' It was like something out of a movie.There were pieces everywhere flying through the air and smoke and everything. And when I turned around I saw the guy and he was laying in the bed of my truck and his entire leg was severed off completely. I mean 100% it wasn't there," Petruccio said. Petruccio said in that split second he realized this was "real" and he had to do something. State Police spokesman Sgt. Alejandro Goez said that a Buick Century hit a Jeep Cherokee in the left lane, sending the Jeep onto the right shoulder, hitting the Honda and Yin. Petruccio said he ran over to Yin, who was a bit confused at what had happened and was trying to get up. He said he repositioned Yin so he wouldn't fall off the truck, then ran to the cab of his truck to have Yin's wife call 911 and to look for rags or something to stop the bleeding. The person who struck Yin came out of his car and was standing with his hands on his head in shock at what had happened. Petruccio said he yelled at him to take the belt off from his pants. "I ran and grabbed his belt from him, jumped on the back of the truck, wrapped the belt around what was left of the guy's leg and just pulled as much pressure as I could. By this time the woman had come out of the truck and she was understandably hysterical," Petruccio said. In his rush, he found a roll of paper towels and had Yin's wife put pressure on what was left of her husband's leg to stop the bleeding. "It was an amount of blood I've never seen in my life," Petruccio said. Petruccio called the Turnpike dispatcher and reported that the traffic was getting worse, as drivers were now rubbernecking and slowing down in heavy traffic to take a look. Another also driver stopped to help. "You could see the look on his face was 'what did I just walk into,' but he snapped out right out of it, jumped right on the back of the truck, and me and him went to work trying to keep the bleeding under control," Petruccio said. He couldn't recall his exact words, but recalled the man said he was a retired or off-duty trooper. Several other people also stopped to help, including a man who said he was a retired EMT and had a medical bag. He handed gloves to everyone as they wrapped Yin's leg. Petruccio had Yin's wife talk to him to keep him alert. Petruccio was taken aback as the State Police trooper ran up and then ran away. "He ran up expecting that nothing had been started and realized we had it under control until medical got there, so he went back to clear traffic for the helicopter," Petruccio said. It was Petruccio's taking charge of the situation that earned him credit for saving Yin's life, according to State Police spokesman Lt. Ted Schafer. The troopers who responded to the scene all believe that had Petruccio not taken the action he did, Yin would have bled out. Adam Mackie, the manager of Treat's Garage in Windsor, said that Petruccio has worked for him for two years, and praised his driver for his quick action. "When things went bad, he thought very quickly," Mackie said, adding that everyone at Treat's is impressed with what he did and don't know what they would have done in the same situation. "He has a concern for everyone else in this world and tries to help everyone as he can," Mackie said. Petruccio credits his time riding with the Pennington First Aid squad with preventing him from freezing up, and recalling his training. He has since bought a medical bag for his truck. The incident also made him realize the importance of abiding by New Jersey's "Move Over Law" and the impact a distraction behind the wheel can have. "People don't realize that something as simple as moving over and slowing down can save somebody's life. This affected so many lives, even my family is horrified by this. And the guy's family too and what they have to deal with now is absolutely horrible just because somebody was, who knows, distracted for a little bit. People don't understand that something as ordinary as looking away can have an extraordinary consequence," Petruccio said. The reason the driver of the Buick lost control remained under investigation, according to Goez. RESOURCE LINK
  4. News Out of South Africa: Rescue Care operations director Garrith Jamieson, with Nkosi Makhaye, owner of Kasi Boys Towing, who was murdered on Saturday night. Durban - A TOW truck owner was gunned down outside his business in Cato Crest at the weekend. Nkosi Makhaye, owner of Kasi Boys Towing, was shot dead on Saturday night while standing next to his vehicle parked in Thula Crest Road. According to a source, he was talking to a friend when two men approached them and fired shots. Makhaye died at the scene. His friend was unharmed in the shooting. Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed that Cato Manor police were investigating the case. Rescue Care operations director, Garrith Jamieson, said when paramedics arrived at the scene, they tried to resuscitate Makhaye. He sustained multiple gunshots and despite our best efforts, he succumbed to his injuries,” he said. Jamieson said he knew Makhaye personally and shared a close relationship with him over the past decade. “He looked after me and was someone who always had my back. He was the most gentle and caring person. “Nkosi was the type of person who would go out of his way to help others and has helped many, many people,” Jamieson said. Manor Gardens Community Policing Forum chairperson Janus Horn said Makhaye’s death was a great loss to the community. “Lawlessness has taken over. Cato Crest is comparable to the Wild West and unfortunately there is no sheriff in town. The residents are terrified of being robbed and killed. “They fear about their children and homes. The biggest problem is that police cannot get into Cato Crest. It is too dangerous for anyone to go in there,” he said. He said Makhaye was due to be married soon, adding that he had built a thriving business. “My deepest sympathies to his family,” he said. The shooting comes just days after a youngster was gunned down in Sydenham. On Thursday, Chadley Thring was shot dead by an unknown gunman. According to a witness at the scene, Thring was part of a group of men standing near a shop in Barns Road. “There were two men standing nearby and when the deceased moved away from the group, he was shot at. “The men then ran off to a car parked nearby. “There was a getaway car parked nearby. The driver of the getaway car, a silver Toyota Corolla, also fired shots before driving off,” the source said. Mbele said a case of murder was opened at Sydenham police station. Ward councillor Chris Pappas condemned the shooting. “It is extremely sad and I extend my condolences to the family. We need police to step up patrols in the community to ensure that our residents are safe. We cannot have these kinds of blatant incidents taking place on our streets, especially when children could be placed in harm’s way. “Last week I called for the anti-gang units to be deployed to hot- spots such as Sydenham. I want to repeat this call and ask the MEC to speed up the deployment,” Pappas said. RESOURCE LINK
  5. Anna Findley is Gene Schofield's sister and, along with family, has been advocating for changes to Alabama's "Move Over" law. (Source: WSFA 12 News) By Samantha Day | August 3, 2019 at 11:03 AM CDT - Updated August 3 at 1:39 PM BUTLER COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Years after a tow truck driver was killed in Butler County, his family is advocating for to change Alabama’s “Move Over” law. That hard work is paying off. “I’ve never felt so lost in my life. He was my only brother and now I don’t have him,” Anna Findley said back in 2016. Her brother, Gene Schofield, was a tow truck operator for All About Towing in Montgomery. In March of 2016, while helping someone on the side of Interstate 65 near mile marker 123, he was struck by a car. “Right before he was hit, he told the two drivers to step into the grass, because it was too scary on the interstate and just minutes later he was hit,” said Findley. Since his death, Schofield’s family has been advocating for changes to Alabama’s “Move Over” law. “We knew that if we didn’t say something, then this could happen to someone else and we are doing our part to try to raise awareness to prevent that from happening,” said Findley. Anna Findley is Gene Schofield's sister and, along with family, has been advocating for changes to Alabama's "Move Over" law. (Source: WSFA 12 News) Their advocacy hasn’t gone unnoticed. Just recently, Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into law naming a stretch of Interstate 65 in Gene Schofield’s honor. “This year we had a bill passed where we basically dedicated that mile to Gene, so today we are unveiling that sign for the first time to the public,” said Findley. After Schofield’s death family and lawmakers were able to pass two more bills. One requiring drivers to move over for state transportation and stranded drivers, and the other would increase fines for those breaking the move over law. While the sign won’t bring her brother back, Findley hopes it serves as a reminder. “I hope these signs are a consistent reminder of Gene and his legacy, as well as all first responders on the interstate," she said. "It is the scariest job.” Original News Story from March 24, 2016: A tow truck operator was killed Wednesday evening when he was struck by an SUV while helping another motorist on Interstate 65 near Greenville. Gene Lee Schofield Jr., 27, of Fort Deposit was struck by a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Shawn Antonio Davis, 36, of Selma, according to Alabama state troopers. Schofield was pronounced dead at the scene. Davis was arrested and charged with reckless murder. The preliminary investigation indicates that Davis was under the influence of alcohol and violated the Move Over law. Troopers say Scofield was assisting another motorist when he was struck by the SUV. The amber lights on his wreck were flashing. The crash occurred at around 8:31 p.m. on Interstate 65 near the 123 mile marker, approximately four miles south of Greenville RESOURCE LINK
  6. Mansfield, Ohio: 1200 block of Park Avenue West - A 41-year-old man told police Friday afternoon that he and a 70-year-old man do not get along because they are from rival tow companies. He said while he was on the ground strapping down a car for towing, the older man kicked him in the center of his back. Police made a report and advised the younger man how to pursue charges. RESOURCE LINK
  7. Wrecker driver hit and killed on shoulder of I-20 OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) - Louisiana State Police say a wrecker driver is dead after he was hit and killed on the shoulder of Interstate 20 on Friday. According to a spokesman from LSP, the crash happened shortly before 9:15 p.m. Friday on I-20 near the Ouachita/Richland Parish line. Per LSP, the preliminary investigation revealed the wrecker driver, 65-year-old Lloyd Moore Jr. of Tallulah, was trying to load a disabled vehicle onto his wrecker on the shoulder of the interstate when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. Moore was pronounced dead at the scene by the Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Office. Toxicology samples were obtained and will be submitted for analysis. The crash remains under investigation. Louisiana State Police Press Release: TROOP F NEWS RELEASE August 3, 2019 Wrecker Driver Dies in Ouachita Parish Crash Monroe – Shortly before 9:15 p.m., on August 2, 2019, Louisiana State Police Troop F responded to a crash on Interstate 20 near the Ouachita/Richland Parish line. The crash claimed the life of a wrecker driver. The preliminary investigation revealed the wrecker driver, 65-year-old Lloyd Moore Jr. of Tallulah, was attempting to load a disabled vehicle onto his wrecker on the shoulder of I-20 when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. Moore was pronounced dead at the scene by the Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Office. Toxicology samples were obtained and will be submitted for analysis. The crash remains under investigation. Troopers urge citizens to remember that Louisiana’s “Move Over” law keeps EVERYONE safe. The “Move Over” requirement applies not only to first responders such as law enforcement, ambulance, and fire/rescue crews, but also to highway workers, tow and recovery truck operators, and any vehicle utilizing hazard/warning lights. Please MOVE OVER to keep them safe! In 2019, Troop F has investigated 25 fatal crashes resulting in 30 deaths. Contact Information: M/T Michael Reichardt Louisiana State Police Public Affairs Section Office: (318) 345-2810 michael.reichardt@la.gov
  8. A tow truck driver was hit on I-285 when he stopped to help a stranded driver early Friday, Sandy Springs police said. The vehicle that hit the man, identified by police as 26-year-old Darrell Simpson of Marietta, reportedly did not stop and continued west on I-285. Simpson was rushed to a hospital, where he was in critical condition, Sandy Springs police Sgt. Sam Worsham said. The accident happened around 2 a.m. in the westbound lanes near Riverside Drive. Simpson pulled his tow truck behind a Mercedes-Benz SUV, which was stopped in the center lanes after hitting a center median, Worsham said. “When he exited his vehicle to check on the driver, he was struck by a passing vehicle,” Worsham said. The Sandy Springs traffic unit is still investigating. Anyone with information should contact police. RESOURCE LINK Police search for driver who hit tow truck driver on I-285, kept going SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) - Sandy Springs Police are searching for a driver who slammed into a tow truck driver on Interstate 285 and kept going. It happened near the Riverside Drive exit. Two weeks later, the tow truck driver was just released from the hospital. Darrell Simpson was heading home in his tow truck when he saw a driver who had lost control of her car and crashed. He was on the phone with 911 when he saw another car heading toward him. "I tried to jump out of the way and still got struck by the car. I remember car tires flying past my head," said Simpson. It was Simpson who then needed help. Another driver stopped to see what he could do. "He thought it was a deer in the road and he got out and realized it was a person, I was trying to get him to help me up and I realized both my legs were mangled," said Simpson. Simpson said both of his femurs and his tibia were broken and were replaced with titanium rods. He was in the hospital for two weeks. He just got out of the hospital and struggles to get around with a walker. The driver of the car that hit him is on the run. Simpson said he's not pushing for the driver to be arrested, but he does hope the driver comes forward. "I'd rather them come forward and their insurance can pay my medical bills so I can feed my family. I'm not worried about someone sitting in jail for this," said Simpson. Simpson said through pieces of the car that were found at the scene, and a side mirror that landed in Simpson's tow truck, investigators have determined the car that hit him is a newer model Toyota Rav 4. Anyone with information about the wreck should call Sandy Springs Police. RESOURCE LINK with video
  9. Notifications advise the owner of Searcy Towing & Recovery, Cale Hopkins passed away following a heart attack. Anyone with further details please advise. Any links will be added as they become avaiable.
  10. UPDATE 10:15 A.M. Police say they found the tow truck driver involved in this incident and he is being detained for questioning. Police have not said the driver is a suspect. The shooting remains under investigation. ORIGINAL STORY NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A 28-year-old man is recovering at the hospital in very critical condition after a shooting at a tow yard in North Las Vegas, according to police. Officials say a tow truck driver and someone getting their car towed got into a disagreement that escalated. The disagreement turned into a physical fight that led to the shooting. Officers are unsure if both parties were shooting or just one, or the other circumstances surrounding the incident. North Las Vegas Police are looking for the other person right now. This happened on 4220 Donovan Way, near Losee and Craig roads, around 7:30 p.m. The shooting remains under investigation. RESOURCE LINK UPDATE: Man was trying to leave altercation at North Las Vegas tow yard before shooting, police say UPDATE AUG. 2: A man fighting for his life in the hospital was trying to leave an altercation at a North Las Vegas tow yard before he was shot, police say. North Las Vegas Police Department says the man and his father were at the tow yard because the man's car had been towed. He got into a disagreement about tow fees with an employee, 28-year-old Jason Harris, which turned into a physical fight. Police say the man and his father were leaving the tow yard in their vehicle when a gun fired. The man shot was sitting in the passenger seat. His father drove out of the area and called police. The man was rushed to UMC in critical condition. Harris was arrested and booked at the Las Vegas City Jail on the charges of two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, one count of battery with a deadly weapon and one count of discharge a weapon into an occupied vehicle. 28-year-old Jason Harris was booked at the Las Vegas City Jail. Source: North Las Vegas Police Department RESOURCE LINK
  11. Tow truck processional rides through Kalamazoo to honor beloved fellow driver KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Joseph Bird choked up when he talked about his friend Sam Smith. He’d known him for 40 years. They both owned tow truck businesses and always helped each other out, he said. “I know numerous people that called him that didn’t have money for tows. Smitty would go help them out,” Bird said taking a deep breath. “Sorry. I get a little choked up here.” Bird said Smitty, as everyone called him, was always ready to help people out. When he wasn’t in a tow truck, he was in a plow truck. “Smitty he would just light up your day,” said Bird's son Joey. “Always smiling. I’ve never seen him angry at anyone. He’s just very kindhearted. Joey Bird grew up in the tow trucking business and remembered riding around with his dad and Smitty. He has fond memories of participating in demolition derbies in Kalamazoo and Allegan counties. Smitty’s tricks always had the crowd on their feet, he said. “Smitty would just go out there and put on the biggest show you could see,” Joey Bird said. “He would hook to multiple cars, doing wheelies. I mean, it was the highlight of my life.” He even made history, Joseph Bird said. When he opened Smitty’s Wrecker Service in 1979, he was the first African American to own a tow truck business. He paved the way for others to follow in his steps. “He did everything he could in Kalamazoo,” said Smitty’s son Robert Smith after the funeral at Galilee Baptist Church. “I’m going to miss my dad. Very Very proud of him.” Smitty died on July 19. He was 96 years old. The Birds said they’re going to miss Smitty as well. When they found out about his death, they called several tow truck companies and asked if they’d like to participate in processional to honor him. “We had to do this,” Joey Bird said. “I’m glad I got as many trucks as I did because it's a short notice during the week.” Wednesday morning, drivers came in from all over West Michigan, from Marshall to Grand Rapids, to participate. As soon as the funeral ended the drivers lined up near the hearse. Robert Smith thanked them for their tribute to his dad while other family members walked up to each of them and shook their hands. “The towing business is a brotherhood,” Joseph Bird said. “We look out for one another. And this is our tribute to Smitty and his family for everything he did for us and the community.” The processional began at the church on Westnedge Avenue and drove on Riverview and Gull Road before it arrived to Riverside Cemetery. Kalamazoo police led the way. Dozens of people followed and met at the plot and said goodbye. “Smitty will always be there in memory,” Joey Bird said. “Smitty will always be smiling down on you. And Smitty is going to be missed dearly in this community.” RESOURCE LINK With Video
  12. ST. GEORGE — The occupants of a Toyota Prius were seriously injured Tuesday afternoon following a collision with a tow truck in Iron County. The crash occurred around 12:20 p.m. at the intersection of Midvalley Road and state Route 130, also known as the Minersville Highway. According to Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Ryan Bauer, the Prius was eastbound on Midvalley Road while the tow truck was southbound on SR-130. The driver of the Prius stopped at the intersection and then decided to move forward, Bauer said, explaining that they either didn’t see the oncoming tow truck or misjudged the distance, which resulted in the tow truck hitting the driver side of the Prius in a T-bone collision. The occupants of the Prius suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries, Bauer said. They were taken to Cedar City Hospital by ambulance, and from there, the driver was flown to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George by an Intermountain Life Flight helicopter crew. Each occupant in the Prius was wearing a seat belt, and the side airbags were activated on impact, which Bauer said prevented the injuries from being worse. The driver of the tow truck was unharmed. This report is based on statements from police and may not contain the full scope of findings. RESOURCE LINK
  13. Yes the same District that has been in the news. Details are few as this was posted to a Facebook Page. A request has been made to clarify the connection to the towing industry. https://washington.cbslocal.com/video/4134156-victim-identified-in-northwest-baltimore-deadly-shooting/
  14. WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — Police have arrested a Cumberland woman accused of driving off after she allegedly hit a tow truck driver working on a disabled vehicle in Woonsocket last month. Police said Kenneth Young, 39, was preparing to tow the vehicle away from Cumberland Hill Road in the early morning hours of June 30 when he was struck. The tow truck’s emergency lights were flashing at the time of the crash, according to police. Young was taken to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries. Police said the driver who hit Young sped off without checking on him. Later that morning, Woonsocket police were notified by Cumberland police of an unoccupied car with heavy front-end damage near a small shopping plaza on Mendon Road. The damage was found to be consistent with the hit-and-run. On Friday, police arrested the registered owner, Emily Lowe, at an impound yard where the vehicle was being stored. Lowe, 27, was charged with one felony count of leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injury. She was arraigned and released on $10,000 surety bail and is due back in court on Oct. 30. RESOURCE LINK
  15. VIDEO PENDING HARFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A crash on the interstate in Susquehanna County sent three people to the hospital. It happened just after midnight on Interstate 81 southbound near Harford. State police say a tractor trailer hit a tow truck and a car on the side of the road just after Exit 217 (the Harford exit). Another car was also sideswiped by that semi while traveling alongside it. Three people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. They are all expected to be okay. Interstate 81 was closed while crews cleaned up the wreck here in Susquehanna County. RESOURCE LINK with video Images shared by Dave Duchnik
  16. Last ride planned for owner of towing service Coopersville-area residents are encouraged to line the city’s streets late Saturday morning when the family of Ken VanDoorn gives their loved one his last ride in a tow truck. The owner of John’s Towing Services died July 17 after a battle with cancer. He was 55. Lt. Jon Alkema of the Wright-Tallmadge Fire Department said emergency services vehicles from several area departments will join the family in a procession following the funeral at Coopersville High School. The funeral is at 10 a.m. The procession is expected to begin at about 11:30 a.m. It will start at Coopersville High School, go north on East Street, west on Cleveland, south on 68th Avenue, east on Randall, north on 64th Avenue, and then east on Main Street. Alkema said fire department personnel heard that other towing companies were joining in on the last ride and that firefighters and police decided to join, as well. “We’re just trying to do this so the family can see all of his support in the community,” Alkema said. The lieutenant spoke fondly of the late towing company owner. “We have worked with Ken as a fire department for a lot of years,” Alkema said. “Any extrication training we held, he would supply the cars and not take any payment. Not a gift card or anything. He would give you the shirt off his back. He would do anything for anybody.” Alkema said VanDoorn was always happy, always laughing and always making jokes – even when he was battling cancer. As of Thursday, Alkema said he has commitments from Coopersville-Polkton, Wright-Tallmadge, Chester (Conklin), Ravenna, Spring Lake and Allendale fire departments to be part of the procession. Some Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office deputies, a Life ambulance and possibly Shields of Hope are also expected. VanDoorn’s family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, any donations be made to Shields of Hope, 29 W. Main Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464; or Spectrum Health Hospice, 100 Michigan St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49502. RESOURCE LINK
  17. At least a dozen drivers stuck with flat tires after hitting metal debris from tow truck on I-45 HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- At least a dozen drivers were left stranded with flat tires and damaged cars after hitting a tow bar that fell off a tow truck onto I-45 before the North Loop. It happened just before midnight. Several people with their hazard lights on were parked on the side of the freeway with flat tires, waiting for help. ABC13 spoke to one man, Cody, who was changing his shredded tire at a nearby gas station. He was on his way to the airport when he had a blowout. Cody said he hopes he only has to pay around $200 for a new tire and that the damage isn't worse than he can see. Police helped several stranded people, including a family on the side of the road with a sleeping baby. No one was injured. RESOURCE LINK
  18. ANTRIM — A Maryland man is in serious condition following a Tuesday afternoon crash on Route 202 in which he crossed the center line and collided with the bed of a flatbed tow truck, according to police. “We still don’t know why he did that,” said Antrim Police Chief Scott Lester. He said it is unclear if some sort of medical emergency might have contributed. Lester said the man was driving a two-door Jeep Wrangler from Hillsborough toward Antrim. Witnesses told police the Jeep was passing another car, Lester said. The tow truck driver took evasive action to get away from the Jeep, Lester said, but the Jeep crashed into the bed of the tow truck anyway. The tow truck, registered out of Epsom, was towing a Ford F-250 truck. The Jeep driver was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon via helicopter. The tow truck driver sustained a minor leg injury, and the two teen passengers in the Jeep, unrelated to the Jeep driver, also sustained minor injuries in the crash. Their names were not released Tuesday. Route 202 was closed for several hours that day as people were treated and the vehicles were cleared from the scene. The accident remains under investigation. RESOURCE LINK
  19. Teenage cyclist fatally struck by tow truck on Staten Island street; 58-year-old biker killed hours later in Greenpoint NEW YORK — Two cyclists – including a teen – were fatally struck by vehicles in the city on Tuesday, bringing the number of bikers killed by vehicles on New York streets this year to 17. Alex Cordero, 17, was on his bike near Castleton Avenue and Clove Road when a tow truck collided with him just after noon, police said. Cordero suffered severe trauma and died at the hospital. The 38-year-old driver stayed at the scene of the Staten Island crash. Several hours later, a 58-year-old man was fatally struck by a box truck near McGuinness Boulevard and Norman Avenue in Greenpoint. His name has not yet been released. No arrests have been made. More cyclists have been fatally struck this year than in all of 2018. RESOURCE LINK
  20. LYNDHURST, Ohio -- Disturbance: Wellington Road At 10:40 p.m. July 15, a woman reported that a physical altercation had taken place between her boyfriend and a tow truck driver. The boyfriend was upset because the driver was supposed to have delivered his vehicle to him earlier in the day, and because the car had a flat tire when delivered. At one point, the boyfriend stood in the way of the tow truck so it couldn’t leave the driveway. The truck bumped, but did not injure the boyfriend. The boyfriend punched the tow truck driver. Police spoke with both men and neither wished to pursue charges. RESOURCE LINK
  21. A bicyclist was left clinging to life Tuesday after colliding with a tow truck in Staten Island, officials said. The 17-year-old bicyclist and the L&S Towing truck crashed into each other on Castleton Ave. and Clove Road in Port Richmond about 12:30 p.m., witnesses told police. The cyclist was launched through the air by the impact. The teen was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center in critical condition. The tow truck driver remained at the scene. No arrests or summonses were immediately filed. “The tow truck driver, his light was green so he started driving," a friend of the driver who showed up at the scene after the crash told the Daily News. "The bicyclist crossed the red light. The (MTA) bus was there too so they (cops) checked the bus camera. It looks like the bicyclist hit the rear tire.” “He’s worried about the guy in the hospital,” the friend said of the driver. “It’s sad news." The victim’s green bicycle remained at the scene as cops investigated, along with two bikes apparently belonging to pals he was biking with. The incident comes as the number of bicyclists killed in the city so far this year had more than doubled compared to the same period last year. As of Tuesday, 15 bicyclists had died on city streets compared to seven during the same period in 2018, officials said. RESOURCE LINK
  22. 2019 Idaho Tow and Recovery Expo!! September 21, 2019 11am - 6pm Expo Idaho Boise, ID
  23. A Springvale woman is facing multiple charges after she struck police cruiser while texting and driving under the influence Saturday on Route 202 in Lebanon, according to Maine State Police. Molly Foisy York County Jail Trooper Benjamin Handzel was parked behind a tow truck in the breakdown lane at the intersection of Route 202 and Blaisdell Corner Road with the cruiser’s emergency lights on around 9:30 p.m. Passing traffic had slowed to about 20 mph while the tow truck operator from Chandlers Towing and Recovery was securing a pick-up truck to the flatbed, police said. Police said 22-year-old Molly Foisy was driving a Nissan Sentra east on Route 202 at a “high rate of speed” and was passing cars when she struck Handzel’s cruiser and narrowly missed the tow truck. No one was injured in the crash, police said. After the crash, Trooper Conner Walton administered field sobriety tests and determined Foisy was operating under the influence. An intoxilyzer test administered at York County Jail indicated she was over the legal limit, but police did not release her blood alcohol content. Police say Foisy was also texting while driving. RESOURCE LINK
  24. A 21-year-old man was ejected from a vehicle and died after colliding with a tow truck in a crash Sunday night in Seminole County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Michael Freeman, 21, of Sanford, and Brandon Robbins, 27, of Orlando, were driving in a 1999 Subaru at 6:40 p.m. east on Ronald Reagan Boulevard and near the State Road 417 entrance intersection, said FHP spokesperson Lt. Kim Montes. It is unclear which of the men was driving, Montes said. The Subaru traveled through a red light at the intersection, while a tow truck proceeded through a green light from the S.R. 417 exit, Montes said. The Subaru hit the left side of the truck causing the Subaru to overturn and eject Freeman, Montes said. Freeman and Robbins were both transported to the Central Florida Regional Hospital with serious injuries, but Freeman was later pronounced dead, Montes said. The tow-truck driver, 54-year-old Jimmy Resto Ocasio, suffered minor injuries, Montes said. An investigation is ongoing. RESOURCE LINK
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