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  1. Four hospitalized, one critical, in 11-car crash on I-65 An 11-vehicle crash on I-65 ended up with four people being hospitalized Saturday night, and the southbound lanes being out of commission for hours. According to the Indiana State Police, the crash happened shortly before 11 p.m. on I-65 southbound, near Whiteland Road. First responders on the scene reported the crash involved multiple vehicles and several injuries. "As police and medical personnel sorted through the crash, it was determined a total of four people were in need of medical evaluation, one patient was in critical condition and a medical helicopter was summoned to the scene," Sgt. John Perrine said in a statement. Perrine added that three others patients were taken to local hospitals by ambulance for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. Preliminary investigation indicates that a tow truck was slowing in the left lane to remove an abandoned vehicle from the left shoulder. A black pickup truck collided with the tow truck as it slowed, police said. A third vehicle rear ended the pickup, causing it to spin and come to rest in the road, police said. The pickup was then struck again by a box truck. "There were only four vehicles involved in the collision; however several other vehicles struck debris in the roadway causing damage," Perrine said in a statement. "The driver of the pickup was flown to Methodist Hospital in critical condition. He is expected to survive." The crash left the southbound lanes of I-65 close for three hours, police said. The incident remains under investigation. RESOURCE LINK
  2. RENTON, Wash. – A 50-year-old man was arrested after shooting a tow truck employee from his car on Friday night. The tow truck employee saw the suspect dump trash onto the tow company's property in the 200 block of Rainier Avenue South around 11:00 p.m. When the employee tried to confront the suspect, he drove away, firing two bullets that struck the employee. The employee was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He has since been treated and released. The trash the suspect left behind was from a nearby restaurant, according to responding officers. Upon going to that restaurant, they discovered video footage showing the suspect and his car, who was a Renton Highlands resident. Officers found his car parked near his residence. SWAT and hostage negotiators responded and the suspect surrendered without any trouble. RESOURCE LINK
  3. WORCESTER - At 25, Kevin O. Montalvo has already worked for more than a decade, with his latest job towing for Early’s On Park Avenue while caring for his 61-year-old father, who has diabetes and lives with him. Always a fan of trucks, towing cars and drag racing, he started his own towing company a few years ago with the help of his older brother out of his home in Southbridge, where he grew up after he purchased a flatbed for $11,000 while also working in Boston loading and unloading and taxiing airplanes full time for American Airlines. His parents, originally from Puerto Rico, worked in factories most of their lives, he said. Mr. Montalvo’s first job was at 15 working for a buddy’s landscaping business mowing lawns on the South Shore. Also a big sports fan, the Southbridge High School graduate plays softball, flag football and drag races, traveling the East Coast and beyond to compete. He is also close with his young niece and nephew, who visit often from Puerto Rico. Why did you start your own towing company? “I always liked trucks and towing cars and I am big into drag racing. I loved cars a lot, and a friend who is a mechanic, I would see a tow truck show up and thought, ‘I want to do that.’ I saved a lot of money and bought a flatbed for $11,000 and tried fixing a few things on it to meet DOT (state Department of Transportation) standards to pass inspections. “I did it for about eight months, but it didn’t work out. Next time I’ll try it, I’ll have better sources. It is a lot of money and I’d rather buy a house before I start a business and potentially fail again.” What motivated you to start your own business? “I’ve always been a working person. I’ve been working since I was 15 years old. A close friend of mine allowed me to work with him and we used to drive to the South Shore every day to do landscaping at his buddy’s business. It was my first summer job mowing lawns at the South Shore and I’ve been working since.” How do you like working for a larger tow company in Worcester? “It is good working for Early’s. It is a great company with good people. We work with the local and state police and AAA. It could be fatals, picking up stolen cars or recoveries. We picked up a car the other day and you could see skin on the front windshield still from a kid on a bike who got hit by a car. He was OK. It’s tough at first, but we’re there for our job. We have to take the car no matter what. Some accidents you go to, you think, ‘Hopefully, they are OK.’ I’ve gone to a couple of rollovers. We see a little bit of everything - people running through red lights and T-boning people. Our service calls are all over the place. All over the map.” What is the worst call you went on? “The worst one I have been on was a motorcycle accident. The bike was pretty mangled. That is scary because I ride my own bike. He made it, but he was really hurt and had a long road to recovery. I am sure people who have been there longer picked up worse at some pretty scary accidents.” What is the weirdest call you went on? “At 3 in the morning, this crazy guy was on his truck and said he was cutting wood at 3 a.m. I got there and had to tow a truck and trailer full of wood. We came in the next morning and he was sleeping in his truck on my truck bed. A few of the drivers asked him to leave the property, but he wouldn’t leave and we finally got the police involved to get him out.” What is the most challenging part of your job? “Most of the time we see crazy stuff and deal with crazy people during snowstorms. When we do snow tows, we get some weird people coming in there. In the winter, we get calls for snow tows during the parking ban in Worcester. If a police officer puts a ticket on car, we’re allowed to tow it, and the police say, ‘Come get them.’ When people come to Early’s for their car, they get mad at us because they think it is our fault and they try arguing with us about it to try to get discounts. Some try to steal their cars out of the lot and we have to watch the cars overnight. Other drivers have experienced firsthand people attacking them or getting in their face and yelling at them. “It can also be stressful if it’s busy. There can be people waiting a long time for calls or we can be there pretty quickly. I did a call one time at 2:30 and it came in at 11 because the calls kept coming in and it was super busy. You can tell they’re upset because they don’t want to wait that long. I wouldn’t want to wait that long. At the same time, I understand where the tow company is coming from.” What do you like about towing? “I love towing and helping people out. We help a lot of people, actually. The other day, an older lady lost her brakes on an off-ramp on 290. The car came to a stop right here on Park Avenue on the main road. I picked her up and she gave me a hug. She was a nice lady. I just like helping people out and I like the challenge it brings.” Can you tell me about drag racing? “I’ve been building my own car for a year. I’ve put a lot of money into it. My buddies have cars and my son’s godfather owns a race car and I go with him all the time. My dad always would go with his father as a child, and later, I tagged along with them and got really into it. I drag race in New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire and Florida. I’m going to Florida at the end of October to go drag racing for four days. You have to find the right people. There are a lot of competitors in different categories.” Where do you play softball? “I’ve been playing softball for three years in Southbridge. I had Early’s sponsor me this year. Everybody at the field says, ‘Hey, it’s Early’s towing,’ so it works out. Sometimes we get a call if they ever need a tow.” RESOURCE LINK with images
  4. Two men are still alive because of a part-time tow truck driver from Port Chester. Heriberto Virella was making routine checks along Interstate 287 at 2 a.m. Friday. It was toward the end of his shift at Hannigan's Towing and Auto Body but he couldn't sleep, so took one last ride to look for potentially stranded cars. Around 2:15 a.m., he was driving westbound when he heard a crash on the eastbound side just past Exit 8. "I swung around to find the truck with two occupants," Virella said. "The passenger was slumped over with his head between his legs. The driver was passed out and slumped over the wheel. He had drool or was foaming from his mouth." He notified the Thruway dispatch, and troopers, who were conducting a traffic stop nearby, quickly arrived and administered NARCAN. Local first responders also arrived and rushed the victims to the hospital. "The EMTS told us, 'These two guys would've been dead if it wasn't for him,'" said Tom Hannigan, who owns the Port Chester shop. "Mr. Hannigan said what I did was heroic, but I really didn’t do anything," Virella said. "The first responders did everything. They’re the heroes. I didn’t go anything heroic." Virella was one of the Port Chester firefighters who lost his job when the village eliminated the paid fire department in 2016 and hasn't been able to land with another department. He's been working part-time jobs while staying in shape and pushing to be a firefighter again. He said he recently re-certified for the Candidate Physical Abilities Test. "I'm not giving up," he said. RESOURCE LINK with images
  5. Woman pulls tow truck to inspire boys and girls CATLETTSBURG Ten tons, fifty feet, a hundred expectant children. Lauren Tussey had promised Friday to pull a tow truck weighing that much across the Catlettsburg Elementary School parking lot while children took their monthly snow cone break and watched. Setting an example, she said. Showing little girls — and boys — that anything is possible with determination and fortitude. No pressure, right? Actually, very little, judging by Tussey’s lighthearted replies to questions about her upcoming ordeal: “You’ve just got to lace your shoes up tight and lean in,” she said — and then did just that. When Tussey slipped into the harness attached to the truck’s front bumper, she took a few deep breaths, leaned forward until her shoulders almost touched the ground. She took a short step and then another and another and after eight steps broke into a slow trot, the massive red truck rolling slowly behind her until she crossed the 50-foot line. Tussey, 27, has been in training for months and already has won trophies for strength competitions, and she volunteered to pull the truck at Catlettsburg because she lives in town and that’s where she attended preschool and played youth basketball. “I remember in elementary school seeing presentations that helped shape me and my convictions, whether it was about drugs or recycling — I just vividly remember those assemblies, she said. Her message to children is that anyone can be strong, and accomplish big things. Tussey’s strength training started as a self-improvement campaign that included smoking cessation and better diet choices. Since then it has become a central part of her life. She is a financial planner whose off hours include bench presses, dead lifts and other power-lifting exercises. “I’m a firm believer in being your own competition,” she said. The truck was courtesy of owner Dean Akers, who admitted donning the harness the previous evening to see how far he could pull it. “I thought, if Lauren can do it, I can do it. She’s a girl,” he said. The reality? “Forget it,” he said. The truck wouldn’t budge. The festive atmosphere came with a valuable lesson, according to Catlettsburg principal Jeff Frasure. “Anything you set your mind to you can do,” he said. Compared with what Tussey wants to pull next, the tow truck is little more than a Tonka toy — she has approached the city fire department about hitching herself to one of their fire engines. RESOURCE LINK With Video SECOND NEWS VIDEO
  6. An overnight traffic accident in Milford sent three people to a local hospital. MILFORD – Three people were hospitalized after a head-on collision early Saturday morning. Frank Barba, of Milford, and Latisha Seasebey, of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, were in the emergency room at Milford Regional Medical Center as of early Saturday afternoon, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Their ages and conditions were not released. A third person was taken to the hospital by ambulance, police said. No other information was available on that individual. Police say Seasebey was driving a Jeep Cherokee and Barba was in a tow truck that collided at 12:42 a.m. at 90 Beaver St, a spot that a Milford police dispatcher called a “bad S-curve.” Another person was in the tow truck, police said. A passenger had a head injury and a driver suffered an arm injury, according to the police log. It wasn’t clear whether Barba was the driver. No arrests were made, police said, and one vehicle ended up in the woods. Four police cruisers, fire and rescue trucks, and three ambulances responded to the scene. RESOURCE LINK
  7. Just after midnight on 8/22/18, an 18-wheeler tank truck was eastbound on SH 105 between Cleveland and Tarkington when the driver swerved to miss a vehicle coming at him head-on in his lane. His trailer went into the ditch and caused the truck to roll over. The driver was not injured but it closed SH 105. Moments later a J and J Heavy Duty Wrecker which was dispatched to the tanker rollover was eastbound on SH 105 in front of the Ranch Hand Restaurant when a dog ran out in front of him. The driver swerved to miss the dog and rolled the large heavy duty wrecker over. Tarkington and Cleveland Fire Departments responded. The wrecker driver was transported to Memorial Hermann in Houston by Life Flight in critical condition. As the wrecker crash was cleared, Smith Towing, Miller Heavy Duty, and Saddle Creek Towing hooked to the 18-wheeler. As soon as HAZMAT International finished pumping the tank out all four wreckers hooked on and righted the truck. As this was happening an 18-wheeler Lumber truck tried to turn around at SH 105 and SH 321 and ran into the ditch. Smith towing pulled him out and SH 105 reopened at 5 am. UPDATED: Last report was that Tow Operator David Perry is in ICU but stable. Waiting on MRI results to determine extent of injuries and next steps to take. Multiple Resources
  8. JAKARTA – Yamaguchi Wrecker Co., Japan’s leading tow truck supplier, is providing wreckers to local authorities in Indonesia so it can ease the country’s heavy traffic jams. The company says it has received an order for 44 small wreckers from the transportation agency of the DKI Jakarta provincial government, and plans to deliver the first batch of six before Saturday, when the Asian Games open. The deal, valued at about ¥600 million ($5.4 million), will allow the local road transport authorities to nearly double the size of its 47-truck fleet. Jakarta authorities aim to boost their towing capacity in the future. YMG Derek Indonesia, a Yamaguchi affiliate established in 2015, will install towing equipment capable of lifting 8 tons in small trucks from Isuzu Motors Ltd. The equipment will be imported from Miller Industries Inc. of the United States in partnership with a local firm. The Yokohama-based maker of tailor-made wreckers has formed an exclusive alliance with Miller Industries at home. The local unit will offer a five-year warranty and after-sales maintenance. The Japanese company is also in talks with authorities on Bali, in Surabaya in East Java province and in Medan, North Sumatra province. It can produce a wrecker capable of lifting a vehicle weighing up to 75 tons. Tow truck demand in Japan stands at about 100 units per year, and Yamaguchi Wrecker holds about 40 percent of the market, with annual sales between ¥800 million and ¥1 billion, according to Yamaguchi Wrecker President Kikuo Yamaguchi. He said the group aims to achieve ¥1 billion in sales in the Southeast Asian country because demand is expected to surge in proportion to the length of its expressways, which are still only about 14 percent as long as Japan’s. The president expects annual demand in Indonesia to climb to 200 to 300 units in the future. Entrusted by its U.S. partner to develop the Southeast Asian market, Yamaguchi Wrecker has also set up subsidiaries in Singapore and Thailand to expand businesses overseas. RESOURCE LINK
  9. ROSEDALE, MD — A vehicle rolled over on Philadelphia Road Wednesday morning in a crash that officials say involved a tow truck. The driver was trapped, Baltimore County fire officials reported after 6:40 a.m. Crews were dispatched to Philadelphia Road at Golden Ring Road at 6:31 a.m. to respond to a crash that authorities described as a serious accident with rollover. The condition of the person who required rescue was unknown, officials reported. RESOURCE LINK
  10. SPRINGFIELD, VA—A man is facing assault charges after causing a commotion during a car towing and biting an officer Monday, Fairfax County Police say. A tow truck driver was repossessing a car in the 8600 block of Beech Hollow Lane around 10:18 p.m. when a man assaulted him. An officer arrived to find the man in his car and refusing to get out as it was being towed. After asking him several times to leave the vehicle, the man continued to refuse. At that time the officer took the man's arm and began to pull him out of the car. While doing so, the man bit the officer's hand. Officers ended up using pepper spray and a baton to get the man out and into custody. Winston Gadd, 65, of Springfield, was arrested and charged with assault and battery and assault on a law enforcement officer. RESOURCE LINK
  11. Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office An Elloree man reported Monday night that a tow truck driver pulled a gun on him and drove away with his girlfriend, according to a sheriff’s office incident report. The incident began when the man and his girlfriend had a verbal dispute. He told his girlfriend to leave his home. The man said a black Dodge tow truck pulled up in his yard and his girlfriend walked toward it. He also walked toward the truck. The driver of the truck allegedly pulled a gun on him and stated, “Don’t be walking up on my truck like that,” the report said. The man’s girlfriend left with the driver of the truck. The case remains open. RESOURCE LINK
  12. TREMONT - Tazewell County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a crash on Route 9 in Tremont. The highway just west of town was closed for more than two hours as officers investigated. The Sheriff's Office tells WMBD the crash involved a tow-truck carrying two vehicles and another vehicle heading in the opposite direction. The preliminary investigation found the two vehicles collided head-on. The tow truck driver was life flighted to an area hospital, no word on their condition. The driver of the other vehicle was not seriously injured. RESOURCE LINK
  13. - - - - - - - - Start - - - - - - - - - Saturday morning Supreme Towing was dispatched to a location outside of Dandridge to work a minor single vehicle accident. David Brooks (owner of Supreme) responded and loaded the car on his rollback and left the scene with the car’s owner as a passenger with him in the rollback. After traveling a short distance, the car owner decided on a location that he wanted to be dropped off at. David and the man were making small talk while en-route until the man grabbed David’s head with one hand and stabbed him in the neck with a knife that he had produced in the other. David managed to exit the rollback and the car owner drove off in it. Police made contact with the rollback and began pursuing it through Dandridge and then in to Sevier Co. on I-40 where THP and Sevier city units joined in. The car owner drove the stolen rollback thru the median and proceeded westbound in the eastbound lanes until striking an eastbound car and coming to rest off the shoulder of the interstate. The car owner got out of the rollback and began to harm himself severely with a knife before being taken into custody and transported for medical treatment. David was transported for medical care and the stab/cut wound required 14 stitches and a full recovery is expected. The reasoning for the car owner’s actions is unknown at this time. Thank you in advance for the prayers for David and all involved after this traumatic event and stay safe out there! —David would like to thank the THP, Jefferson Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Sevierville City Pd, and Jefferson Co. EMS for their professionalism, along with anyone else that was involved in this event. He is humbled and appreciative of the care and effort that was shown to him and that he is receiving. He is also overwhelmed by all that are taking a second to check on him and would like everyone to know how thankful he is for his friends, family, and valued customers. Thanks again! - - - - - - - - End - - - - - - - - - Images Added: UPDATED NEWS LINK with Video: https://www.wbir.com/article/news/crime/report-man-cut-tow-truck-drivers-neck-before-stealing-truck-high-speed-chase-on-i-40/51-585579462
  14. Updated News Video 8/22/18: http://www.wdrb.com/story/38941197/louisville-tow-truck-driver-fighting-for-his-life-after-i-71-crash Brent Greenwell Brian Johns, The Director of Operations at Mosby's Towing & Transport in Louisville Ky. reported that late last night one of the companies best drivers was struck on I-71. The Tow Truck Operator was outside his tow truck and loading a vehicle for tow. Thank God our driver is alive! Brian went to the scene and saw it was not good. The Tow Truck Operator was rushed to University of Louisville Emergency Room, the areas Best Trauma Team. Where he underwent surgery last night and has long road to recovery ahead of him. Mosby's Director of Operations (Brian Johns) stated he will do all he can to help this tow operator and his family during this difficult time. The car actually came up the bed of the roll back and hit him, then flipped over going down I-71. Brian added, this is all that is known at this point. Please keep this driver and his family in your prayers. SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER is a LAW that MOST people NEVER pay attention too . GIVE US ROOM TO WORK PLEASE...we will work hard to bring awareness to this law here in KENTUCKY! - - - - - - - - - - END - - - - - - - - - - As the Driver Remains in Critical Condition this news story finally emerges as the company pushes awareness. Tow truck driver seriously injured on the job LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A tow truck driver, and father, remains hospitalized after being seriously injured on the job. Brent Greenwell was working Saturday evening when he was hit. Greenwell was rushed to University Hospital in critical condition. His right hip was shattered, there was extensive internal bleeding, and he ended up in an hourslong surgery that resulted in the loss of his right kidney. Friends tell WLKY as of Tuesday evening, Greenwell had not yet regained consciousness. Brian Johns is Greenwell's boss at Mosby's Towing and praised Greenwell for being a dependable employee, well-liked by customers. Johns said Greenwell had responded to a call around 8 p.m. Saturday on I-71, just past the Zorn Exit. Greenwell had already lowered the bed and was in the process of preparing to load a disabled van when a distracted driver drove up on the bed, before ultimately flipping her car. It happened so fast, eyewitnesses have said Greenwell never had a chance to get out of the way. "I talked to the customer at the scene that seen the whole thing. He said he was up here (on the bed) and got knocked over the truck and to the other side of the guard rail," Johns said. On Tuesday, Johns preached safety, telling WLKY once every six days a tow truck driver is killed in the United States. He is urging drivers to slow down, and reminding them of the "Move Over" law. "You gotta pay attention. You gotta give our people on the side of the road room to work. We're at your mercy, you just need to give us a break," Johns said. The driver responsible, according to a police report, was distracted. At this point, police say charges are not expected. Anyone wishing to help the Greenwell family with medical and other expenses can make donations at Mosby's Towing, located at 3119 Dixie Highway. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  15. Mark Wahlberg was recently in Columbus, Ohio, to talk about his new Chevrolet dealership. While there, the actor met with media and shared his lifelong passion for cars. In fact, one of his first jobs was as an auto mechanic. As a teenager, Wahlberg did oil changes and tune-ups and even drove a tow-truck. Wahlberg also started fixing and flipping cars when he got his license. Wahlberg explained: "I had quite a few cars on my first policy when I was 16 1/2—my insurance policy—because I bought a car for $200, fixed it up a little bit, sold that car, bought another car. And my mother was like 'What is going on? How are you getting all these cars?' " Wahlberg opened the Chevrolet dealership with business partner Jay Fieldman. Adding a Chevy dealership makes good sense for the actor. He's worked with Chevy on a number of his films, most notably as a star in the "Transformers" franchise. Wahlberg has also been making the rounds of the television talk shows, where he has tried to sell the hosts new cars. The story of his teen auto mechanic work has also been a topic of discussion on the talk shows. As for the first new car Wahlberg purchased when he started to make money with a recording contract as Marky Mark, he says it was a bad idea. While he could afford the Mercedes-Benz, he couldn't afford to insure the car. He still lived in a tough Boston neighborhood, and the locals enjoyed vandalizing the fancy ride. That included cutting open his roof and stealing his radio. That's less than ideal even with a proper insurance policy. Eventually Wahlberg could afford insurance, though, as his career took off rapidly from there. The rapper became a global sensation and also served as a model for Calvin Klein. Eventually he transitioned to acting, and he's been banging out feature films ever since. His latest is called "Mile 22" and is in theaters now. In it, Wahlberg plays an American intelligence officer on a dangerous mission. We don't think any Chevrolets are featured in the movie, but Chevy has an in for product placement in future Wahlberg films. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  16. Wicked weather and wild wrecks From a media release: Battling massive mudslides, whiteout snowstorms, torrential rain, or dangerous rockslides, the highway heroes of Discovery’s most-watched original Canadian series HIGHWAY THRU HELL are set to return for Season 7 with an unprecedented 17 action-packed episodes, more than ever before! Airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT, beginning Sept. 4 on Discovery, Season 7 kicks off with an exclusive behind-the-scenes episode featuring heavy rescuer Jamie Davis alongside friendly competitors Al Quiring, Ken Duperon, and Jason Davis reflecting on epic recoveries and discussing the various ups and downs they face in one of Canada’s toughest industries. Following the premiere episode at 11 p.m. ET, viewers are invited to pose their questions to HIGHWAY THRU HELL star Jamie Davis in Discovery’s first-ever Facebook Live aftershow at Facebook.com/DiscoveryCanada. Featuring stories of remarkable strength and fearless dedication, HIGHWAY THRU HELL chronicles the lives of these heroic rescue teams who often put their own lives at risk to help keep vital transport highways open and communities safe. Dropping everything to respond, it is their duty to remove the often-dangerous cargo, clean up the twisted metal, clear the road, and get traffic rolling again for thousands of drivers. HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 7 also sees Davis make a bold move, turning to vintage machinery to tackle modern-day wrecks. Davis’ team is not only tested by unforgiving weather conditions but also faced with the challenge of mastering old iron equipment to combat some of the most spectacular wrecks the crew has ever seen. Discovery primes viewers for the new season with a full-day marathon of HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 6 on Saturday, Aug. 25 beginning at 3 p.m. ET. Season 6 is also currently available for streaming on the Discovery GO app, Discovery.ca, and CraveTV. HIGHWAY THRU HELL has consistently attracted impressive audiences, ranking as a Top 10 series on entertainment specialty television in Canada for total viewers and the A25-54 demographic. The series has made Discovery the most-watched entertainment specialty channel in its timeslot among total viewers as well as the A25-54 and A18-49 demographics. Toyota returns as the show’s exclusive automotive sponsor, featuring the capable, rugged, full-size Tundra pickup in HIGHWAY THRU HELL’s seventh season. About HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 7: Jamie Davis is shifting gears once again. After years of keeping the highways open with some of the most modern heavy wreckers – the legendary tow man is staking his future on old iron equipment. At Davis’ yard in Hope, B.C., Classic Holmes tow trucks – some nearly half a century old – are slowly replacing newer, costlier wreckers. For Davis, the vintage trucks are more than just a passion – they represent survival. Under pressure to reduce costs and stay competitive, Davis is confident this winter he and his crew can tackle some of the toughest jobs – on and off the Coquihalla Highway – using an ageing, rebuilt fleet. This winter season, Davis is counting on one truck more than any other – the “Mighty Mo”. After rolling out of his garage at the end of last winter, the beautifully restored Holmes 850, named after a World War II battleship, is ready for war. Known as the most powerful tow truck of its day, the hulking 40-ton wrecker will need to shoulder the biggest jobs as Davis prepares to sell his last modern truck. After a challenging first winter working the mountain passes, former prairie operator Colin McLean is back in Hope for more adventures as Davis’ lead driver. But having run some of the best top-of-the-line hydraulic trucks, Davis’ “old iron” is going to take some getting used to. Each one-hour episode follows the Jamie Davis Motor Truck team as well as their competitors – Quiring Towing, Mission Towing, Aggressive Towing, and Reliable Towing – as they brave the harsh conditions of the Coquihalla Highway. Ready to navigate extreme roads and weather, each team prepares to put themselves on the line in order to keep some of the most economically important and travelled trucking routes in North America open and accessible for all. HIGHWAY THRU HELL is produced by Great Pacific Media in association with Discovery Canada. Executive Producer is Mark Miller. The series producer is Neil Thomas.
  17. A two vehicle accident sent a tow truck into a power line pole Tuesday afternoon in Knoxville. At approximately 4:40pm, a silver minivan traveling west on E Robinson St struck a tow truck traveling south on S Attica Rd. The collision damaged a utility pole. Mid-American Energy was called on scene to survey and make repairs, with no power outages reported. Both drivers avoided injury in the crash, and the cause is unknown. The Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville Fire Department, and Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. RESOURCE LINK with image
  18. Tow truck plows through pizzeria, sparking fire A heavy-duty tow truck crashed into a Hunterdon County pizzeria Monday night, sparking a large fire. Frenchtown officials say that the truck plowed into Galasso’s Pizzeria on Bridge Street around 10:40 p.m. and caught fire, which spread to the pizzeria and then to the Frenchtown Café. No one was inside either restaurant at the time. The driver of the truck had minor injuries and refused treatment by medical personnel, officials say. A tenant who lived in an apartment above the pizzeria was able to get out without injury, thanks to the efforts of some good Samaritans. Officials say that both businesses were badly damaged. It was unclear why the truck left the roadway. The crash is under investigation. RESOURCE LINK with video
  19. BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Andrea Harris thinks of himself as a country boy. But these says he's being hailed as a hero for helping a family in a life or death situation. Monday, the Black Warrior Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution gave Harris the medal of heroism for civilians. In July, Harris, who is a part-time tow truck driver, found a car that had rolled down an embankment and caught fire on Highway 171 and Mount Olive Road. A woman made it out of the car. But her child was still trapped inside. Harris went down a hill, broke out the glass and pulled the child to safety. Weeks later he's being hailed as a hero. "Sometime 9-1-1 isn't fast enough. Everything is time sensitive, in case a life. And I just thank God that he put me there at the right time where I had enough time to get down the hill," says Andrea Harris. David Jones, President of the Black Warrior Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution explained why they decided to honor Harris. "Mr. Harris did a heroic deed. He needs to be recognized," says Jones. Despite all of the attention and the award he received today, Harris still doesn't think of himself as a hero, just a man ready to help someone of he can. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  20. According to this news story initial reports said a tractor-trailer crashed into a building along the unit block of Bridge Street causing the fire. However, another source stated "The report of a tractor trailer is wrong. It was a HD Wrecker hauling a Frac Tank." No further details: https://6abc.com/firefighters-battle-multi-alarm-blaze-in-frenchtown-nj/3950921/ Additional News Link: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Building-Fire-Tractor-Trailer-New-Jersey-Frenchtown-490788721.html
  21. FLINT (WJRT) - (08/06/18) - A flatbed wrecker was hit while responding to an SUV rollover along I-475 Monday evening. It was one of two at the scene helping to turn the vehicle back onto its wheels. The crash happened just before 6 p.m. in the southbound lanes of I-475 at Atherton Road in Flint. It's not clear if anyone in the passenger vehicles involved was hurt. Both wrecker drivers were OK, but shaken up. They hope the crash will be an eye-opener about how important Michigan's move-over law is. "I have kids I need to get home to every night. Every night. Get over," Justin Passmore, a manager for US-23 Auto Care and Towing, pleaded with obvious emotion. The owner of the company, Donald Fee, said he'd like the move-over law to change even more. "I would like to see it say 45 mph is what everybody needs slow down too," he said. "That is the courtesy that we give construction workers on the expressways when there are workers present -- 45 mph is the speed limit." The Genesee County Hazardous Materials Team was called into the scene to help clean up a fuel spill from the damaged wrecker. Lane closures were in place for several hours. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  22. CABAZON, Calif.- - A man is dead near Cabazon after being struck by a big rig truck on I-10 W west of Haugen Lehmann Way. The victim, a tow truck driver, was struck by the truck while standing on the shoulder outside of his work vehicle. The crash was reported at 9:09 a.m. 9 firefighters and 3 fire engines responded to the scene. It is unclear at this time what caused the crash. There is no information on additional injuries. The big rig truck that struck the pedestrian is on the scene. CHP is investigating the incident. RESOURCE LINK with images Tow truck driver struck, killed by big rig on I-10 near Cabazon A 50-year-old Cabazon man working for Stagecoach Towing was struck and killed by a big rig Tuesday morning as he was climbing back into his tow truck near Cabazon, according to the California Highway Patrol. The accident happened at 9 a.m., two miles east of Main Street near Cabazon. Marco Rodriguez, 52, from Riverside, was driving a big rig in the slow lane on westbound I-10. The tow truck driver had parked his flatbed tow truck on the north asphalt shoulder of I-10 westbound and got out of the driver's seat. There were no disabled vehicles in the area and it is unknown why the tow truck driver stopped on the shoulder of the freeway. The driver of the big rig allowed his vehicle to drift onto the north shoulder as he approached the tow truck. At that same time, the tow truck driver was climbing back into the driver's eat when the right side of the big rig collided with the opened tow truck door and driver. The tow truck driver was thrown from the side of the truck and into the slow lane of westbound Interstate 10. A passing motorist stopped and pulled the man from the traffic lanes. Cal Fire arrived on scene, but the tow truck driver, identified as Jon Israel, was deceased. The westbound No. 4 lane was closed for three hours during the investigation. Alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as a factor in the collision. No arrests or citations were made at the scene. The big rig is undergoing a mechanical inspection. RESOURCE LINK
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