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    JustAnotherHooker reacted to mushspeed in Overturned military transporter 300, 000 lbs   
    This is a job we did a few years ago......
    We had a call from the Police control asking if we could send an incident manager to liaise with the emergency services  on the recovery of a Tank transporter  that had overturned and blocking the westbound side of the A31  and causing major traffic disruption in the surrounding areas
    On arrival we met with the police, fire and rescue, highways officials and  army officers.   
    What we had was a 4 axle Oshkosh tractor  hauling a 7 axle low loader trailer  carrying an armoured KRAV  recovery unit ......whilst negotiating the roundabout the suspension on the left hand side of the trailer had collapsed, throwing the whole lot over .....the weight of the KRAV with its combat armour on  was  67 tons  150,000 lbs  and was lying upside down  still attached to the trailer 
    The army advised the police that they will organise their own recovery teams to recover the vehicle   .....when the police asked how long will it take  ?   The reply was it will take 2days !! To get the necessary teams and equipment on site .......this was totally unacceptable by the  police officers in command and we were asked how long will we take ? .I replied  we can have all the necessary recovery equipment on site within 2 hours.....at that stage we were advised by the highways dept there was a subway directly below the vehicle and ther could be a point bearing risk  for any heavy equipment directly above , we were also advised by the water authorities  that there was also a 24 inch high pressure water main  close by  feeding two major towns....           no pressure !!
    We advised the police that we will need a full road closure for at least 10 hours   because of the risk of shock loading  we decided it was also necessary to get a  80 ton crane in from one of our account  customers ....just to be on the safe side   that will take 4 hours to get there.....the police and army agreed to that and we  got on with the job.





    The first job was to release the KRAV  from the trailer ....the plan was to upright the unit and trailer first and get it all out of the way .......some of the hold down chains had snapped when it rolled but there were 2 chains  holding on and they were under extreme tension ...it was too dangerous to cut them  so we chocked the wheels of the trailer and rigged to winch  the trailer further over 


    See the chain round the blade ....that had a lot of stored energy  on it ....if we tried to cut it it could have gone anywhere...

    This Graham and me having a discussion with the police, army  high ways, fire and water co,  officials  working out a lifting and winching plan 

    We put the 750 in the field adjoining and rigged to haul over  and then restrain on the upright  we put our Mercedes 6x4 alongside   ( just out of  picture )   giving plenty of deadweight for the final restraints     4 x  2 part lines 


    A picture of the entrance to the subway which runs directly underneath  the  job 


    After the chains were released, the next job was to square up the unit and trailer ready for the upright    the back end of the tractor was lifted over  and then rigged for the upright 



    We hauled the unit and trailer over using 4 x  2part lines  to haul over    and  4  x 2part lines  to restrain  plus we used the crane as a catcher on the front of the unit ....


    It came down perfectly    a bit of overkill perhaps but we were taking  no chances !!


    The army had showed up with transporters in readiness to take the  casualty  vehicles away    there  is a 3rd one,  just out of picture

    Once the unit and trailer were out of the way ..... now we can concentrate on the  tracked  vehicle    ....fully upside down  there is a crane on the top of it and that was buried into the roadway 
    As we did with the tractor trailer,   we rigged   4 x 2 part lines to haul   and 4  x  2 part lines to restrain    we used the crane as a  catcher for the last couple of feet just in case it kicked 




    The job went  perfectly.....no dramas, no injuries, no breakages, the only thing we had, was a bent shackle pin ....we cleared the site at midnight   giving a total time on scene  start to finish  9 1/2 hrs         2 days  Huh !   Good job there is not a war on !
    The road was closed for the rest of the night to repair the holes made by the KRAV ....
    Police  happy,   Army happy,  Highways dept happy,  Water co happy,       me happy, we got paid by return..no quibbles !!.
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    JustAnotherHooker reacted to mushspeed in The U K Professional Recovery Tow Show photos   
    More pictures of the show

    This is a 4x4 go anywhere winching truck....   made by Mercedes  called a unimog ..very popular in Europe especially in mountainous and isolated terrain  
    The equipment has been manufactured  by specialist equipment company    Syren  Engineering  I had a rotator built by syren and we found it almost bullet proof 
    This vehicle is fitted with front and rear mounted winches  and a huge rear spade  that can be driven deep into the ground  plus a crane for high pulls 
    Sorry about the picture quality 

    This is a double extending trailer  supplied to Mick Gould Commercials   by Rydam international    from faymondville Holland 
    It has so many features ,    all wheel steer , raise and lower neck, hydraulic flip toe ramps , the suspension can be lowered to achieve the minimum loading angle 

    Hydraulic stabilaser legs  for rigid loading 

    The tractor is a category 3 heavy haul unit  double drive with reduction hubs



    I have included the manufacturers plate  the numbers are in  kilograms   multiply that by 2.2  will give you that in pounds  gross weight in the UK    220,000 lbs 
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    JustAnotherHooker reacted to mushspeed in The U K Professional Recovery Tow Show photos   
    The Professional Recovery  Tow Show ..the largest in the UK   took place at the Telford International Centre  it was pronounced a huge success  with record Exhibitors, Visitors and Vehicles on display  offering the very latest Towing and Recovery equipment  from mighty Rotators right through to ratchet straps,    off road winch trucks to depollution equipment , from the UK and around the world...
    Business seminars   and a very strong presence from all the Towing associations,   the  gala night and award ceremony in front of 500  guests  was very enjoyable .... even a major power cut could not spoil the evening ....towing and recovery folk spend half of their working time in the darkness  no drama !!


    A 5 axle,   twin steer, double drive,  rear steer  5th axle,  Volvo   fitted with Century equipment from Boniface Engineering  built to a very high specification for Millers Recovery 


    A 4 axle twin steer  Mercedes  from Boniface  for N S  Clarke  Recovery ....    check out the top flyer 


    A very light weight snatcher  ideal for getting into multi storey and underground car parks,   fitted with dolly wheels for that job with lost keys or stuck in park 


    This is a very light weight tow dolly  aptly called a Stow and Tow   it all folds up and fits into the rear of the van below  it can legally tow vehicles up to  1  1/2  tons 



    A double deck  transporter capable  of carrying  4 cars  .....1 on the top deck,   2 small cars on the platform  1 in the rear car lift  built by Dave Bland Engineering  for  Furness Recovery also equipped  with a  6 seater passenger cab....

    A lightweight Roll back  with alloy body  built by Dave Bland  Engineering  for Bells Recovery

    Proud purchasers  Mr and Mrs Robin Bell  checking out their new asset  with  ther friends from Highway Recovery 

    A medium duty   using  NRC  equipment  and built by  Dave Bland  Engineering   check out the length of the boom ...  this truck was sold shortly after
    this picture was taken.


    A  Specialist  Street Lifter  for the  CMG  Group  specifically designed for damage free inner city  tow aways  a 2 car capacity up to 4 tons each  one on the platform and one in the spectacle  lift  built and supplied by  the Roger Dyson  Group.

    A  double deck transporter for  NYR Recovery    the payload on the platform  is a maximum of 10 tons  and  an underlift  with a 6 ton capacity ...
    Below is another landoll for the NYR  heavy haul  fleet 


     An easy track for  Crouch Recovery 

     A  4x4 recovery unit for off road work  complete with lorry loader knuckleboom  crane  for salvage recovery   for Welsh operator  Walls Celtic Recovery 
    This is a  clever idea.....  an air bar  which is connected to the PTO controls  and when the PTO is engaged  the air bar extends from the side of the truck by 2 feet and has flashing and chasing LED  red lights  giving an added warning device for the oncoming traffic ...
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    JustAnotherHooker reacted to TowZone in It's the Work Boots you don't see first!   
    This ceremony will take place once again this weekend. The Cones, The Vests and The Hard Hats stand out. But it's the the Boots that Towers Stood and Worked in that will impact you the most.
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    JustAnotherHooker reacted to Eric Fouquette in Getting it done on a Sunday..   
    Mike and myself were out getting it done on a Sunday..




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