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  1. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  2. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  3. A driver pulled out of his pick up location and he failed to turn when he pulled out causing him to go into the ditch but only saying his front wheel was stuck as if ...
  4. A broken down coach bus needed a tow far far away so who else to call besides team 1140 we went out and hooked this bus in Chicago and towed this unit to ...
  5. A driver blew out his bearing and caught fire lucky for him he was able to put the fire out but he couldn't move as his wheels where about to fall off he thought he ...
  6. A memorial procession of tow trucks will take place Sunday, June 23, in Armado, Ariz., for tow operator Richard Struble. Struble, 57, was killed along with his customer Ramon Murrillo III, 32, on June 11. Struble was assisting Murrillo with his vehicle when a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed went out of control and struck the two men and the Struble’s tow truck. The driver of the vehicle that struck the two men fled the scene on foot. Police are still looking for the suspect – a white or Hispanic man between 25 and 35 years old – and ask anyone with information to call 911 or 88-CRIME. The procession will begin at 11 a.m. at the Longhorn Grill, 28851 S. Nogales Highway in Armado. Tow Trucks will proceed to the Discount Tire at 3760 N. Oracle Rd. The public is invited to attend at the end of the procession. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  7. In today's video Trent Jr and Alex deal with a 20ft container that was knocked off of a trailer at the Loves truck stop in Coachella. Thanks for watching as always ...
  8. The Towing & Recovery Management Summit, hosted by Tow Times magazine, has invited Mike Matousek, director of government affairs at the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), to be the main guest at this year’s closing session. Matousek will discuss OOIDA’s national campaign for increased government oversight of the pricing practices of the non-consensual segment of the towing industry. Under Matousek, OOIDA has aggressively pursued reform of nonconsensual tows for commercial motor vehicles in such states as West Virginia, Colorado and most recently Missouri. In a recent press release, OOIDA stated, “Missouri is the Wild Wild West for non-consensual towing,” adding “dishonest towing companies can charge anything they want and there’s nothing truckers can do about it.” OOIDA, which represents independent small-business trucking professionals and professional truck drivers, has leveled similar charges in campaigns across the nation, stating it is “targeting bad actors” in the towing industry. In addition, the organization believes there is no truck driver shortage but instead an issue with driver retention. OOIDA is against lowering the age of commercial interstate drivers to 18 from 21. “We are concerned about the perpetuation of a myth of driver shortage,” another press release stated. The session, titled “Face to Face with OOIDA,” promises to be a lively debate with the leaders of the towing and recovery industry who customarily attend the Summit. The “Face to Face” will be moderated by towing attorney Michael McGovern of TowLawyer.com, who will take questions from attendees in a town hall format. Now in its sixth year, the Towing & Recovery Management Summit is set for the nation’s capital Washington, D.C., following events in previous years in Nashville, Tenn., St. Louis, Mo., and New Orleans, La. The Tow Summit, scheduled for July 31 to August 2, 2019, is a premier event where “towing and business intersect,” drawing towing company owners, managers and other decision makers from around the nation each year. For more details about the Summit, visit TowSummit.com or contact Christine Weaver at 407-706-6848. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  9. The Wisconsin Towing Association recently sent out a survey titled, “Tell Us About Your Company.” The survey included the usual company information: Name, address, and a brief company history, along with an opportunity to comment on lessons learned, the biggest misconceptions of tow operators, training and certification, and final thoughts. As I read the responses, several themes began to surface. Comments on the biggest misconception of tow operators were not good: “Dirty,” “uneducated,” “dishonest” or “un-reputable” and “not considered professionals.” This is something I believe our industry has to continue working on to improve. Both in-house and outside training (such as WreckMaster) and continuing education (like the TIME Program) was seen as a must. The survey also made it clear that there is a need for setting national standards — such as the TRAA certification programs — to show the motoring public that the towing and recovery industry is made up of professional tow operators and businesses. On the dangers of working on the roadside the message was clear: “Education and safety — always.” The biggest changes in the industry included advanced technology in equipment and communication, and the shortage of qualified employees. With regard to belonging to your state and national association: “the need to work and stand together all the time. strength in numbers.” (I found these words to be so true.) Other comments included: “Family comes first, employees are not only a part of the team, but many are considered part of the family.” “Patience is needed every day and motor clubs; insurance and legislation are still seen as concerns for our industry.” There were many great missions and/or motto statements, but I agreed with a quote from one of the Wisconsin Towing Association’s founding members: “Tow people are the best people in the world.” View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  10. In today's video Trent jr greases the boom and turret on the rotator then adds Whelen m6 LED lights to the grille Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT ...
  11. In today's video Trent Jr goes up the hill to rescue a bus that is in a really bad spot. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE ...
  12. Meritor’s director of customer loyalty, Christy Westrich, provides insight on the evolution of online parts ordering through MeritorPartsExpress.com. View the full article on vehicleservicepros.com
  13. June is Move Over-Slow Down Month. Towing operators have one of the highest fatality rates of any industry. Be aware. Stay safe. Make sure everybody in your region knows about Move-Over-Slow Down. Spread the word. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  14. Working in the 24/7 Towing & Recovery Industry requires wreckers, rotators, and rollbacks to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Ensuring that your truck chassis is maintenanced properly helps ensure maximum performance and efficiency. This video demonstrates how to change the air intake filter for different Class-6 truck chassis with Cummins® and Paccar® engines. View the full article on Millerind.com
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