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    TowZone reacted to Paul Rinehart in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
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    TowZone reacted to rreschran in Tow truck goes into Sacramento River (CA) FINAL UPDATE 04.16.19   
    We're all awaiting the recovery of the carrier and the sad news that Mr. and Mrs. Sharma have been recovered ... if not for the closure it will bring to their family and the towing community as well. Christine and I pray for the safety of everyone involved in the recovery efforts.     R
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    TowZone got a reaction from Diana Morris in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    Two Full Days Remaining till we close this semi annual roll call. There are still quite a large number of members that have not checked in. I ask that anyone that has not added a reply do so before this topic closes sometime Friday morning. Thanks
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    Here,  12 years in the Business
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    TowZone reacted to Matjackman in Matjack 3 Day Factory Class!   
    2019 Matjack factory team for the spring session has ended. Thanks to all that participated.

    Jeff Martin, Howard "scooby" Eagan, Jamie Dougherty, Bruce Pedigo, Dale McLaughlin, Matt Bartlett.
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    TowZone reacted to Eric Fouquette in Relax and Go Fishing   
    Just to see what you can catch

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    Sent from my SM-N920V using TowForce mobile app

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    Great site, I hope to check in more often.
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    TowZone reacted to dan turpin in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    Dan here ,Dan's Towing & Recovery 30 years in business 6 trucks, wreckmaster certified
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    TowZone reacted to ECTTS in 2018 Ford F-550 Supercab Jerr Dan HPL-60 - Stock#9645N   
    2018 Jerr-Dan HPL-60
    Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178
    Ask about this truck by stock number: (9645N)
    This vehicle is located at: 2906 Elmhurst Ln. Portsmouth, VA 23701
    For sale now at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales! This new 2018 Ford F-550 XLT 2WD Supercab Wrecker with attached Jerr-Dan HPL-60 is Red with a Gray Cloth Interior and comes with a Ford V8 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine, TorqShift 6-speed Automatic transmission, 192″ wheelbase, power steering and AC. Jerr Dan’s HPL-60 series standard-duty independent wrecker is the perfect vehicle to tackle even some of the trickiest jobs. Engineered for strength and unmatched mobility. The underlift has 5,000 lb. capacity at L-arms, 6,000 lb. using frame forks.  Recovery booms range from 8,000 – 24,000 lb. ratings with (2) 10,000 lb. Ramsey winches. The Aluminum Modular Construction Wrecker Body is designed to provide years of trouble-free and corrosion-free service.
    2018 Ford F-550 XLT 2WD
    Color: Red
    Ford V8 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine
    18,000 GVWR
    CA: 84”
    Tank: 26.5 gal Midship
    Rear Ratio: 4 .10
    Transmission: TorqShift 6-speed auto
    Wheelbase: 192”
    Tires: 225/70R 19.5
    Grey Cloth Interior
    Quad Dual-Beam Halogen Headlamps
    LED Roof Clearance Lights
    Jerr-Dan HPL-60 Standard-Duty Independent Wrecker
    HPL-60 Sub frame with Low Base 5,000 lb. Underlift
    5,000 lb. Manual L-Arms
    Fork Holders
    Frame Forks
    Spring Hanger Forks
    Set of Spring Shackle 12-Ton Wrecker Boom with Dual 10K Winches & West Coast Package
    Cable 7/16″ x 150′ 3-Ton EIPS (Qty 2 Required f/Dual Winches)
    Cable Tensioners for Dual 10K Boom Winches
    Remote Free Spool Handles (Pair) for Dual 10K Winches
    7-Bank Valve for Dual Boom Winches
    60” Alum Body with Both Side Tool Boxes & LED Body Lighting
    24” Aluminum Tunnel Toolbox with Mounted Aluminum Light Pylon
    Aluminum Stone Guard Kit for Tunnel Toolbox
    TowMate LED Amber 60″ Light Bar
    2018 Ford F-350/450/550 Diesel 4×4 Smart PTO Installed
    Light-duty Tow Sling for Dual Line Boom
    Jerr-Dan Custom F450/550 Counterweighted Winch Bumper
    Remote Control for 12,000 lb.  Ramsey Winch Mounted in Bumper
    This Unit May Also Be Referred To As: (Wrecker)
    Repo Truck
    Snatch Truck
    Wheel Lift
    Twin Line
    DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.

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    TowZone reacted to Al Wehbe in Congratulations to Bigg Boy Status Towing   
    On their New Metro Tow Truck's MDTU-35 equipped with a 35,000lb Xp Sidepuller and rear extendable outriggers!

    We will call this unit the Bigg Boy Edition! The MDTU-35 is equipped standard with an extendable boom, flipper feet stiff legs and a 144" under reach.

    As with all Metro detachables The unit quickly separates from its tractor unit to accommodate a trailer.

    The MDTU-35's versatility for both towing and recovery combined with its affordability is quickly making it the most popular quick swap Towing Unit on the market.

    Your dollar always goes further with Metro!
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    TowZone reacted to Jim B in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    I'm still here
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    TowZone reacted to FBMNtow in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    Bueller? Bueller?
    Kidding, I'm here
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    TowZone reacted to cdntowguy in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    How's it going eh?
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    TowZone reacted to cbunk21 in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    Still here, enjoy the topics.
    keep up the good work guys and be safe out there.
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    TowZone reacted to dustyscustom in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    Dusty's Checking in from Flandreau, SD
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    TowZone reacted to ccg in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    ccg we are still here
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    TowZone reacted to Kelly Neal in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    We are still here reading.
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    TowZone reacted to Greywolf in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
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    TowZone reacted to Ray Rivera in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    HI I AM HERE !!!!
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    TowZone reacted to Bordners in Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call   
    I'm still around! It's been a while since I've been on here.
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