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    TowZone got a reaction from Towmanjc in Dump Tow from 2006   
    Quick little tow after this unit went over.


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    TowZone reacted to Orcas Tow in Standard Northwest recovery   
    Ha, new truck is in the heated shop all shiny & warm away from the salted roads. This is the 2001 550 4x4. Love the new truck but not ready to have it get all dirty yet:).
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    TowZone got a reaction from Midway Towing in Chargeback   
    Eagleone said:
    We had the same thing happened but... our driver waited 4 hours 100 miles away from home for payment. Got a card over the phone and a signature from owners brother who was driving truck. they disputed, we countered then we were credited, then they disputed again then countered again. We were eventually paid but lost $150 in fees for the charge backs
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    TowZone got a reaction from Singh in Towing an AWD on wheel lift?   
    As I see it, it's not worth the taking a chance as there may already be an issue.
    Also, the bearings in the dollies will likely heat up and fail on such a long trip.
    I suggest you confirm this is an AWD model, it's about 50/50 chance it is only FWD. Been There Done That...
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    TowZone got a reaction from mushspeed in Big Kid’s Toy: 1940 Dodge Wrecker   
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Front-View-Modified.jpg
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-includes/images/blank.gif
    By Jeff Bennett  
    If you spend any time surfing craigslist for your next hole to throw money down, you’ve undoubtedly seen that big trucks are becoming popular.  With increased numbers of them being offered at prices that are temptingly low, medium and heavy duty trucks seem to be catching the eye of value conscious shoppers.  In their day, these trucks may have seemed large.  However, this illusion goes away when one of these old timers is parked next to what today passes for a 1/2 ton pickup.  Faithful reader Fred H. has discovered a great example of a big truck at what might be a reasonable amount of money.  This fascinating 1940 Dodge wrecker can be found on craigslist in Vermont, but the seller strangely hasn’t stated a price.  While the ad is sparse, this old work horse may end up being a real bargain if you are a savvy negotiator.
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Drivers-Side-View-Modified.jpg
    Dodge trucks from the immediate prewar period have exactly the right Art Deco looks.  This truck has that perfect combination of curves and straights, and the look is enhanced by a wrecker body that blends well with the original styling of the cab and chassis.  The gentle curve downward to a bob tail enhances the looks of this heavy hauler.  The stainless rail that follows the line of the body is like a cherry on top.
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Rear-View-Modified.jpg
    Unfortunately, not everyone will fall as in love with the wrecker mechanism in the back.  My guess is that it could be removed without too much fuss.  You could argue that it would be a sin to separate the mechanism from the bed.  Not many prewar wreckers have survived.  Dodge made thousands of wreckers during the war, and many were sold by the U.S. Army as surplus after the conflict ended.  Why would a service station keep an older one that was likely worked to death through the war years if a newer one could be bought for peanuts?  Furthermore, wrecker bodies were often transferred to newer trucks when the old one was too worn out to continue.
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Passenger-Side-View-Modified.jpg
    Thankfully this truck has escaped that fate.  It may be well worn, but nearly all of the mechanical parts are still available through aftermarket vendors.  Powered by the familiar MOPAR flathead six cylinder that was known for its low end torque, this brute has been treated to a recent valve job.  Despite this, the seller says nothing about the engine running or its condition.  The flat tire on the passenger side rear outside rim probably answers that for us.
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Winch-630x473.jpg
    For being a Vermont truck, it seems that rust isn’t a big problem.  Since they were made for work not play, trucks like this one were built of heavier gauge steel.  In an era before cowboy Cadillacs hauling personal watercraft to the lake, trucks like this one were Clint Eastwood tough.  Heavy springs and granny gears ruled the day.
    image: https://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1940-Dodge-Interior-View-630x473.jpg
    Inside, the interior looks to be remarkably well preserved.  No rust is visible in either the dash or the floor.  A heater is present, as is a finger chopper fan.  Even the steering wheel looks free from cracking.  For those of you who have never driven such a truck, the steering wheel is big for a reason.  There was no power steering fitted to these trucks.  This is how you got an upper body workout back in the day.
    The only thing wrong here is the lack of an asking price.  It is almost if the seller is carefully screening the potential buyers to weed out rat rodders and dreamers.  Commercial grade trucks don’t get restored as much, but nobody can deny their neat practicality.  Trucks like this one are a favorite among enthusiasts.  As kids we played with toy versions of big trucks, and it is hard to resist the call to play with them again as adults.

    Read more at https://barnfinds.com/big-kids-toy-1940-dodge-wrecker/#CDrXl36y8GkhcQOH.99
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    TowZone reacted to Jim B in Do you use brochures?   
    I hand out mouse pads. Just about everyone uses a computer. 
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    TowZone reacted to Ed Johnson in Do newspaper ads really work?   
    We have been in business over 37 years. Many years ago, we found that newspaper advertising did not pay off even when a discount coupon was included. Today, few people buy newspapers so your ad base would probably be poor.
    Telephone book advertising worked well for many years, but most phone books have become thinner and are distributed only to customers who have home telephone lines; as a result fewer people receive phone books and those who do, rarely use them. Cell phones have taken over the market.
    Internet advertising works great if you have a well placed ad. We have an excellent website that appears among the top three listings when people search for "Towing near me" or "Towing Hampton VA"
    Our internet listing and website were designed by a well known company. The key here is to have a good company design your site and you pay them for all listings. Paying for listings by many companies is very expensive and cumbersome to manage. 
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    TowZone reacted to mooresbp in Got it lettered   
    Got lettering on new truck. Turned out nice. Thank you to Sign Design and Tom Wide. He has done all of our trucks and various other signs around the store. Thanks again Tom.
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    TowZone reacted to EdsTowing in Secret Super Stretch Hiding Out Back   
    Got a call from another towing company to move a 100" Lincoln stretch from Jersey to up by us. After taking the call, I looked up the address on Google & found it...

    There it was...hiding behind a house!

    You could just see the bumper protruding on street maps...

    Eddie wiggled it out of there with his wrecker...fortunately it's not too long! (the truck that is...LoL)
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    Thoughts and Prayers, we'll be watching for a news report.
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    TowZone got a reaction from Kat in 2018 wreckmaster roll call   
    It has been awhile since we have conducted a WreckMaster Roll Call. Since the forums are now on TowForce it is about time we recognize are members with WreckMaster Certifications. Also, there is an option in the new profiles for adding WreckMaster Certification Info.
    START NOW: Not Registered, it's easy do it now.
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    TowZone got a reaction from Kat in Tow Truck Driver Acts Quickly Following US-127 Crash (MI)   
    Poor visibility and slick conditions can make it easy to lose control.
    Tow truck drivers are there to help, but that often puts them in harm’s way.
    “I am completely amazed that nobody was injured,” Cory Kowalski said.
    Cory Kowalski joined up with Ausable Towing and Recovery a year ago, his first close call of the day came Monday afternoon when a car lost control on US-127.
    “I activated my emergency lights and pulled over to the shoulder of the road to check and see if she was OK,” he said.
    Then close call number two. A car slammed into his wrecker.
    “I ran back up to the wrecker to check on the lady that had hit the tool box, and directed her to move her vehicle since it was still driveable in front of my wrecker basically to protect all of us,” Cory said.
    Cory was just feet away when close-call number three left him with only seconds to react.
    “The third vehicle lost control and ran directly into the rear-driver-side of my truck and hit everything. She was standing right in the lane of traffic and I directed her to get out of the way,” he said.
    He says the ‘slow down, move over’ laws exist for a reason.
    “It’s beyond comprehension of how important it is, whether it is a wrecker, a police officer, sheriff’s department, fire department, EMS or even your county plow trucks, they are all emergency vehicles classified under the ‘move over’ law and it’s a national law,” Cory said.
    Mikka and her mom, Laurie drove down the same stretch of freeway and see them as words to live by.
    “Because there could be somebody outside, helping someone else not in their vehicle and if you are close by then you might not see them until it’s too late,” Mikka said.
    Nobody got hurt.
    That’s what Cory says he’s holding onto.
    “You keep playing it over and over in your head. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a fiancé and I want to get home to them every night, just like every other first responder out there,” Cory said.
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    TowZone reacted to Njsss in 42st   
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    TowZone reacted to TRUCK N TOW in Tow truck driver hit, killed while loading vehicle on truck (mi)   
    Sympathies, thoughts and prayers to Bill and all the Mike's "family" and friends.    
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