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    TowZone reacted to rreschran in Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"   
    "GAAAAAARRRR ... it looks like me gots' scurvy in me skivvies!"
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    TowZone reacted to FTI Groups in Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"   
    Shiver me timbers (or t-shirts in this case). 
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    TowZone reacted to Doreen ur Finance Lady in Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"   
    Aaaarrrggggghhhh! Ahoy, me hearties! Yarrr gonna learn to talk like a pirate today
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    TowZone got a reaction from mooresbp in Taking Tow Trucks Into Flood Water   
    Wait till the water recedes, there is absolutely no reason to enter the water. The vehicles are already a total loss and what little fluids may leak with not be enough to contaminate the environment. The tow truck you see in this image may not be effected by this action tomorrow or next week. But it will show signs of failure within a month or two. unless the fluids are changed immediately.
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    TowZone reacted to TTOUT in T-Shirt Tuesday Today on TowForce 09.17.19   
    Good Beetlejuice, and love the skeleton animals down there as well!
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    TowZone got a reaction from goodmichael in Taking Tow Trucks Into Flood Water   
    Wait till the water recedes, there is absolutely no reason to enter the water. The vehicles are already a total loss and what little fluids may leak with not be enough to contaminate the environment. The tow truck you see in this image may not be effected by this action tomorrow or next week. But it will show signs of failure within a month or two. unless the fluids are changed immediately.
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    TowZone reacted to byddon in First day wit GoJaks   
    They work great with the flatbed, but only if the vehicle is on a hard smooth surface that is fairly level AND you have some starter ramps to transition onto the deck. We have been using them for years this way, just need to know when they will work or when skates are the better tool to get the job done.

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    TowZone reacted to dperone in Come for the Tow, Stay for the View   
    It was pretty tall, I had to have the phone all the way on the ground ant cam style to get the whole thing in the shot. The big glass building of the Ocean Casino Resort, formerly known as the Revel Casino. 
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    TowZone got a reaction from PatroticTower in Woman hit by tow truck while walking along highway after traffic stop dies (FL)   
    Randy, I felt the same way. Really the Home Address as though the Tow Truck Driver was at fault.
    The blame lays with the officer that allowed the subject to walk illegally on the highway. Who does that?
    The stories relayed here are from a Bot Search cannot be altered.
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    TowZone got a reaction from ESC in Win A Towmate TM-FLUX Wireless Tow Light   
    The chance of winner are now just 1 in 4. If you told me that in July I would have laughed. At this point it not a case of message board traffic. It's a case that many have gotten used to the single image topic on Facebook and forgotten how to create posts with disruptions. Recoveries with discussions to learn from....
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    TowZone got a reaction from mooresbp in Would you Look at That... Updated 2,222 Members "Now 3,682"   
    A year later and we are at 3,682 members. That's about 750 members short of where we should be at this point. I am sure that if every tow operator visiting our message board would take a few seconds to join this deficit could be made up by years end. Participation is the key to a successful community but social media has become about reading and not participating.
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    TowZone reacted to Njsss in It Fit   
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    TowZone reacted to Charles Duke in Tower Down: 08.23.19 (TN) "Updated with few details"   
    I was able to get the obituary and funeral information from the following link:
    I also found out through Starlite's FB page that there will be a wrecker line-up:
    Still, there is no official news report that has been located yet. 
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    TowZone reacted to mooresbp in Re: Scanners and Response   
    We have some scanners and one radio but it is to keep us informed so that when something does happen we know what is going on since we only have 3 towing services in the county it is nice to know if we will be needed and we can be prepared. We cover most of the south half of the county and so knowing what and where is important.
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    TowZone reacted to Doreen ur Finance Lady in Tennessee Tow Show Roll Call - Oct 10-12, 2019   
    Don't forget - I will be at the Tennessee Tow Show! Booth #304. If you need financing at the show or before the show give me a call 516-852-5740
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    TowZone reacted to yoBdaBenO in Re: Scanners and Response   
    Names Rob, there are several in the app store. The one I use is Scanner Radio, but there are several that come up using that search.
    So look for these images in your app store.

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    TowZone reacted to Putman in Tower Down: 08.23.19 (TN) "Updated with few details"   
    I received a call this weekend by someone that knew him and looking if there was anything that could be done for the family and he was setting up a go fund me account. He was unsure of the details but said there was a problem with the park on the truck and they was unable to get the truck to go in park at the scene. I have not seen any info on local news or online on this. I asked him to send me details by email. I believe if this is the case that the towing company wont be giving out much details.
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    TowZone reacted to ECTTS in 2015 Ford F-550 4WD Truck & Jerr-Dan Wrecker MPL-40 - Stock#10213U   
    For sale now at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales! This new 2015 Ford F-550  4WD Truck and Jerr-Dan Wrecker MPL-40 comes in red and is equipped with a Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, spring suspension, power steering, and AC.
    East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales has been a competitive Car Hauler and Tow Truck supplier in the U.S. since 1995, offering sales, service, parts, detailing, lettering, vehicle wraps, and the East Coast Advantage to every customer. Visit us now at https://ectts.com for more great offers on other towing and hauling trucks and supplies!

    2015 Ford F-550 4WD
    Color: Red
    Ford Powerstroke 6.7L
    4 Wheel Drive
    TorqShift 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
    Spring Suspension
    FA: 6,500 lbs
    RA: 13,660 lbs
    Power Steering
    AM/FM/CD Stereo
    Cloth 40/Console/40
    mileage: 35745
    Back up Camera w/ Large Monitor
    Grill & Body Strobe Light Kit
    5.7 Collins Dollies
    Jerr-Dan MPL-40
    MPL-40 Standard-Duty Wrecker with Recovery Boom
    Hydraulic 4,000 lb. Wheel Lift Grids – Adjustable Under Lift Level Stop Assist System
    — (4,000 lbs Fully Extended, including the patented LOCKLINK® Over-Center Locking Mechanism)
    Boom (per SAEJ2512) – 16,000 lbs. Retracted, 6,000 lbs. Extended
    Dual 8K Worm Gear Winches with 3/8″ x 110′ 2-Ton Cable (Qty 2)
    Winches include Manual Winch Free Spool and Tensioner
    Wired Remote with Membrane Touch-Pad Switches for Under Lift Functions
    Mud Flap Brackets with ECTTS Mud Flaps
    3.50″ Fender Tubs for Aluminum Body
    Body Mounted Aluminum Pylon
    Marker Lights (3 Each Side) for Aluminum Pylon
    Complete with Tie-Down Straps
    Safety Chains
    8 Head Amber LED Light Bar
    Corrosion-Resistant Modular Aluminum Body
    Polished Aluminum Rails and Diamond Deck
    Low-Maintenance No-Lube Technology
    LED DOT Lighting
    Dual Manual Deck Controls
    Illuminated Driver and Passenger-Side Toolboxes
    DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.

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    TowZone reacted to brian991219 in Re: Seminar - Defensive Driving - Dallas Tow Show   
    Thank you for the kind words Randy, well said and on point about drivers injured in single vehicle crashes. Fact is, rear end collisions are the most common, at 28% of all crashes, and also the easiest to prevent.
    I will also be doing a mini-clinic version on the show floor, Friday the 16th at 12:45. This is open and free for all attendees, think of it as a primer for what you will learn on Saturday morning.
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    TowZone reacted to rreschran in Re: Seminar - Defensive Driving - Dallas Tow Show   
    Based on the climbing number of tow truck and flatbed carrier accidents, I invite you to attend, American Towman's Brian Riker and his seminar on, "Defensive Driving and Driving Professionalism". Fact: Tow trucks and solo crashes and incidents are oftentimes the fault of the tow truck driver. Come and learn how tow trucks respond to panic stops, conditions while loaded, why the use of wearing a seat-belt is important, including other driver caused behaviors that result in tow operator fatality. Brian's seminar is must see information and something you should present at your company's next safety meeting. See you there in a couple of days at the American Towman Dallas Tow Exposition, August 17th, 2019 at 0800 Room Appaloosa 2.     R.
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    TowZone got a reaction from ESC in Win A Towmate TM-FLUX Wireless Tow Light   
    Keep em coming, our goal is to giveaway this TowMate Light Bar on or around October 1st. However, we need to get close to the 100 qualifying recovery topics. Sounds like a steep hill to climb, but we never know till we try.
    Thanks to @Orcas Tow @dperone @ESC @mooresbp for your participation. A decade there would have been numerous members creating posts for a giveaway and the prizes were smaller back then. We're going to get this back on track.
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    TowZone reacted to goodmichael in Responder Training Program   
    We lose people to roadside struck by incidents due to the industry not making safety their number one priority. Safety is an attitude. And safety costs money to perpetuate. We have a poor attitude on safety. We as an industry accept the sixty deaths as a cost of doing business for the year. We then cross our fingers that they will not happen to anyone we know. On the same front, people whine, cry, piss and moan about the cost of their insurance premiums. But nobody, but a select few, has ever raised the fact that if this industry adds protocols to make the industry safe at the cost of the end user, the premiums people pay will be considerably lower, and the sixty deaths might possible be cut to fifteen for the year. 
    We have some outstanding business people in this industry that strive to provide a great, safe workplace for their people. We have a great deal of clueless people who have the assets and ability to acquire equipment but do not have the vision that safety is paramount in this field to survive for the long term. They are concerned, but not concerned enough to take the required steps to ensure a safe workplace. They are more concerned about the loss of business they will encounter if they charge accordingly, and their charges are reflective of a safe workplace. They do not want to hurt their customers feelings, and or are too worried about someone else getting sub par clientele. Then there are the meat grinder people, the bottom of the barrel companies. They could care less about their staff. Fire one hire one is their motto. You all are a piece of work. 
    We also have poor industry leadership that is afraid to step up and call people out for lack of safety. I consider myself fairly informed despite not having a television in my home for four years. I read about fifty books a year on various subjects. Nobody from the manufacturing end , Miller, Jerr Dan, or any of the other CEO's of equipment manufacturers have called for any type of urgency in discussing this issue. Motor clubs have not done so either. Law enforcement has failed as well. I am speaking of at large discussions to address the issues of safety. I hope I made somebody mad. I really do.
    We as an industry perpetuate an unsafe working environment for our staff by not doing everything we can to ensure that we do all we can do. So to answer your question, so many die because so many more do not care enough to take affirmative action to prevent the deaths. 
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    TowZone got a reaction from mushspeed in Does anyone use their rotator for towing?   
    I recently posted this question to a FB Group dedicated to "Rotators Only"
    Here are some of the responses I received and I will use initials though some may be identified by the images they included.
    HB said:
    50 ton all day everyday

    BB said:
    Every day
    GCS said:
    MS said:
    Only if we are extremely busy or it’s something heavy ie overweight dump truck or garbage truck
    PS said:
    50 ton with a knee boom all day everyday
    JD said:
    50 and 60 ... everyday
    RP said:
    Won’t pay bills just sitting waiting for a wreck
    MM said:
    A 1075 all day everyday don't think I was ever legal once with the weight
    MG said:
    50 ton all day long
    TP said:
    Both of ours are towing all the time
    MW said:
    Isn't normally not first but yes sir all the time
    Jay Trgo said:
    60 ton Jerrdan, 1135 , 2 -1150's and a NRC 6080 when needed
    AV said:
    4 out of 5 of ours roll all day. The 75 ton twin steer sits for the "big one".......
    BW said:
    JD 60 all day everyday!!
    FH added:

    BA said:
    CH said:
    1150 every day
    JB said:
    JP said:
    1075 Twin-steer, all-day every day but it stays local and focused on the larger stuff when possible.
    JD said:
    When needed. Out at least Twice a week rowing
    CG said:
    Our 1075 usually once or twice a week
    ByA said:
    50 ton every day, 70 ton never
    Warren Driscoll said:
    Our 1075 will go out only for cranes, pumpers, diesal pushers etc unless the others are busy. We see the rotator as a specialty unit and if its needed its going to be more$
    SouthernStar1 said:
    All the time with my 1060

    DD said:
    Theres an under lift for a reason

    WL said:
    If needed
    CS said:
    All day, everyday
    Mat Bartlett said:
    Every day
    ZB said:
    Every day here

    NB added:

    IE said:

    SR said:
    Yes we do
    RM added:

    CJSE said:
    All 3 every day!
    CC said:
    All the time
    LC added:

    LN said:

    AF added:

    SC said:

    KL said:
    Nah. That's what the DTU's are for. Big Bitches stay inside unless there's work to do
    JK said:
    TCR added:

    JM said & added:
    Only big stuff or unless we are really busy.

    RH added:

    DD added:

    FG said:
    Every day
    TR said & added:
    Only when it’s something super heavy or needs a lot of wheelift reach other than that we use it for recovery only

    BMP said:
    It was in my travels so figured why not lmao

    Brian Bell said & added:
    Most tows are done with the B&B or the 5130 but if it’s bigger or if n I feel like it I’ll take the rotator and tow with it.

    CW added:

    WH said:
    Two here sometimes three
    ML said:
    BT said:
    JWF said:
    Use mine everyday for all kinds of things
    WD said:
    As long as its close enough to still cover if a rotator call comes in, nothing long distance
    Ron Pratt added:

    JS said:
    Every day.

    MC added:

    MC added:

    JTP added:

    MS said:
    Every day!
    JTS said & added:
    Ten years now but been letting it rest while I use our DTU

    KWK said:
    Every tow I do is in my rotator
    VA added:

    BW added:

    TW added:

    KM said & added:
    1075 towing a bobtail

    JD added:

    VC said:
    Everyday everyway
    sweiljr said:
    We do with two of the the other one is primarily for recovery just a back on towing
    JL said & added:
    Nope, we take the UL off them as soon as we get them

    TowZone said:
    Wow, more than 100 replies. That's amazing, it's also odd considering I have been trying for more than two months to give away a 36" TowMate Light Bar valued at over $1100.00
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    TowZone reacted to Orcas Tow in Scooby Doo almost into house.   
    I had a call for a Subaru into a house. I arrived on scene to find a Subaru had gone beyond the parking blocks & was resting on the house with the transmission pan on top of a large cinder block.
    Probably could have used the flatbed but thought it may drag trans pan across cinder block & create a mess, needed lift on both front wheels but that would take 2 wreckers. I'm a small operation on a remote island, so if possible I always try & use what I have on scene.
    Using my 2001 F550 4x4 with a Chevron 408, twin 9,000 winches with swaged 3/8 wire rope I found a Holmes Tree placed about perfectly on the passenger side of the car for my needs. Using a ladder I choked a 3/8"grade 80- recovery chain/4 ton snatchblock up high on the tree for a high/rearward pull on the passenger side of the Subaru with my drivers side wire rope terminating to a WreckMaster K strap to the passenger front wheel, rigged my passenger side line directly to the Subarus drivers front wheel again terminating with a WreckMaster K strap/4x4 wood block creating clearance for strap to body. Boom up/out high for lift, blocks behind wheels for safety I  engaged winches & brought the car back up onto level ground without any further damage to the house or car. Replaced blocks & confirmed no undercarriage damage, happy customer.  

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    TowZone got a reaction from mushspeed in Actor Danny Trejo Rescues Child   
    Some live it, but many don't... Either way this interview is moving and I am glad to have had it brought to may attention through this series of events. So, if you have time to sit and watch an hour long show, I recommend this interview. I believe a the Lord placed this man in that intersection at that precise time for a reason. Those of faith can relate to what I am saying.
    Just as I believe the Lord has guided us to this new network message board.
    The Towing & Recovery Industry lost it's center and it will take a Force to bring it back.
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