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    TowZone got a reaction from ProTower for a calendar event, RBU Seminar   
    Call 508-763-5474 to register!
    Tired of leaving money on the table limiting your business growth?
    We have helped countless companies increase their bottom line. Yours could be next. What are you waiting for?
    Call 508-763-5474 to register!
    We Teach:
    ✅Building the proper tow business foundation
    ✅Remediation of the accident scene to free you from future liability
    ✅Proper way of writing acceptable recovery invoices
    ✅Obtaining payment from insurance companies for proper billing
    ✅Billing on property damage liability coverage only
    ✅State and federal laws to help get you paid
    ✅Guest speakers: Attorney, Insurance executive
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    TowZone reacted to ECTTS for a calendar event, Las Vegas ShowPlace Tow Show   
    Stop by to See Us In Vegas Next Week! Shop Our Selection Online at https://ectts.com and get free shipping too!

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    TowZone reacted to Beacon Software for a calendar event, Live Training Seminar   
    Join Beacon Software Company for a live seminar! This dispatch training will cover how to create calls, how to accept digital calls and how to dispatch them to drivers. Additionally we will discuss impounding and releasing vehicles. Great for new customers and existing customers that want a refresher! http://ow.ly/hKtc30hJYEI

    Wednesday, January 17th
    1:00 pm, EST
    12:00 pm, CT
    11:00 am, MT
    10:00 am, PT
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