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  1. A man accused of rampaging along the busy Parkway East highway in Pittsburgh allegedly shattered windshields with rocks and a screwdriver and threatened to stab motorists. According to KDKA-TV, it happened around 5 p.m. Sunday evening in the outbound lanes of the Parkway East, near the Oakland exit. State police tell KDKA Daron Bivins, 25, of Pittsburgh, stopped his vehicle and started to damage other vehicles that were disabled on the Parkway East, using a bicycle frame and a screwdriver he obtained from one of the vehicles. State police tell KDKA Bivins tried to stab multiple people with the screwdriver and later threatened to shoot police officers as they arrived to arrest him -- although it wasn't immediately clear whether he actually had a gun. Bivins also grabbed a brick and threw it multiple times into the windshield of a PennDOT tow truck, KDKA writes, adding: At last report, Bivins was lodged at the Allegheny County Jail on a long list of charges, including felony counts of aggravated assault. All told, state police say 11 people were affected by Bivins' actions, including some with non-life-threatening injuries. Also, four civilian vehicles and two PennDOT vehicles were damaged. RESOURCE LINK
  2. Lafayette, LA – Towing services are a special rescue service that everyone at some point can be in dire need of. Guy’s Towing Service offers prompt and professional towing, roadside, and transport services in Louisiana. As the leading tow company in Louisiana, Guy’s Towing Service operates 24/7 and responds promptly to emergency service calls whenever a vehicle is stuck on the road. The company is known for its sophisticated high capacity equipment designed to safely tow or pull all types of motorcycles and vehicles stuck in a ditch, snow, mud, or deep water, without damaging them. Guy’s Towing Service has invested so heavily in specialized tow trucks, landoll trailers, and team training that no vehicle or industrial equipment is too big or complicated for them to handle. Bert King, the company’s spokesperson, described their services this way, “Although our equipment is impressive, that’s only part of the reason to go with us when you need a tow truck. Service is what sets us apart and what many other towing companies are lacking. There are many reasons you might need a tow truck. And when you come to Guy’s Towing Service you can use one of our versatile trucks for much more than car breakdowns. While many towing companies claim to have good service, their reviews don’t support it. Ours do.” The company is a special 24-hour solution for people with stuck cars especially in the country road late at night, and for towing of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. As the best and largest in Louisiana, their wide variety of services are subdivided into towing, commercial towing, emergency towing, heavy duty towing, Loads shift and Cargo transport, Roadside Assistance, Vehicle recovery and extraction, and specialized hauling service. Their website details it all. Apart from their efficiency and affordable prices, Guy’s Towing Service also offers FREE RIDES HOME from holiday parties for anyone under the influence of alcohol. They will also help take the person’s car along too, right to the person’s home. Helpful service such as this is what has kept them in business for over 40 years. Vehicles are unpredictable and can stop working at any time, anywhere. To get a solution, contact Guy’s Towing Service 24/7 and even during holidays. They are located at 329 Westgate Rd Lafayette LA 70506 and can be reached by phone at (337) 205-4487 and via email at bert@guystowingservice.com Visit their website at https://guystowingservice.com for more information. Media Contact Company Name: Guy’s Towing Service Contact Person: Bert King Email: bert@guystowingservice.com Phone: (337) 205-4487 Address:329 Westgate Rd City: Lafayette State: Louisiana Country: United States Website: guystowingservice.com/ RESOURCE LINK
  3. E. J. Roberts Garage was in Danville, Indiana, which is situated about 25-miles west of the City of Indianapolis. Like many other garages did in the period, the shop tow truck was a converted automobile. In this case, Roberts cut off the rear section of a 1910s or ’20s Cole V-8 powered touring car and mounted a Manley “Wrecker Crane” on the rear. The car was manufactured by the Cole Motor Car Co. located in Indianapolis. Tires were the bane of the early motorist and tube problems, punctures, tread loss, and blowouts were fairly prevalent at the time. Roberts’ specialty was tires, along with the sale of Standard Red Crown gasoline, repair work and car storage. The garage sold and serviced the complete line of the U.S. Tire Co. including solid rubber tires used primarily on trucks. Tell us what you find if interest in the enlargeable photograph below courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society. This entry was posted in Auto photos 1921 - 1942, Garages and Dealerships, Gasoline stations, Trucks, Buses and Equipment and tagged Cole Motor Car Co., Danville Indiana, E. J. Roberts Garage, Indianapolis, Manley "Wrecker Crane", Standard Red Crown gasoline, U.S. Tire Co.. RESOURCE LINK
  4. 11-29-2017: Orignially posted by Areed6999, We are in the process of rebuilding a 1968 Zeglison truck. Does anyone have any idea of any interest in these type trucks or know of any groups that do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Picture of Old Autocar Cabover in front of Penndel shop.
  6. 01-29-06: Original poster wrote: Picture of on of my grandfathers wreckers picking up a disabled straight truck (Mrs. Smiths) from the 50's or 60's.
  7. 01-29-2006: Submitted to the Vintage Forum. Here's a picture of A Penndel location from Christmas Day in 1955. OldHolmes460User said: Here is what I did to see them and I have no idea why it works. I right clicked on the red X and used Properties to get the picture's address (URL). I highlighted it and pasted it into the browser window. This enabled me to view the pic directly. But then when I hit the back button to return to the tow411 page, the picture appeared on the page instead of the red X. Great pics, and worth the effort to see them - Bob
  8. 01-11-2006: Ed Barker Wrote, Just was wondering if anyone has any history and pictures of HUBBARD wrecker bodies.If you do I would love to see some posted . Thank You. Chaser8003 said: We had one. That thing was bad to the bone!!!! I think she lives somewhere by the kentucky-tennessee line. We sure do miss that thing. 75 International fitted with 89 Hubbard. Autorescue said: Floyd's always has interesting units! Buddy Corgan said: That thing is down right cool, Chase! hdtowman65 said: I luv it! That is one tuff lookin truck. Towboy88 said: Interesting unit. Can we get a Floyd's fleet picture sometime?
  9. 12-25-2005: Orginally Posted by hdtowman65 Danny, I found this in my pics.Did you work there once? Sky Ball is a real nice guy. He has helped us out a few times. Rick Da Wash Boss said: WOW,,, Thanks Rick nice pic of them trucks love that mack. i did not work for a-z but where i worked in hartford ct at spillanes towing he had purchased the 1950 autocar with 40 ton weld built on it from a-z. i drove truck at spillanes. Danny Cassello - East Hartford, CT craneman said: cool trucks! ian tomei said: Awesome looking trucks!! Micheal 212 said: I'd like to see more pics of the Little 56 Ford???? Blue Hills Towing said: danny do you know where that a car is.that is sharp.also thanks for sharing. Da Wash Boss said: Yes that 1950 Autocar ended up going to FLA. and last I knew it was being cut up.
  10. 06-24-2006: FredsTowingnj Wrote, Anyone have a problem with the fuel gauge on a 2005 C-5500?Mine just decided to stop working its pinned on E. TNTOW said: We have one on an 05 3500 w/ Duramax and it has never worked. Dealer believes it is a cluster problem and will have to replace but parts are backordered until middle or end of July. Carter and Sons Towing said: Joe (TNTOW) your 03 3500 does it have dual tanks? If so the sender is in the rear tank. The fueling process for the GM light duty trucks are to first not to be running. Then fill the front tank and then the second tank. Also the senders have problems and need to be replaced. The float arm where it pivots loses contact and no longer tells the computer how much fuel is in the tank, usually also displays the low fuel light in the dash. Also a good idea to replace the booster pump that pumps the fuel from rear tank into the second tank. After replacement you will have to clear the codes I believe it to be a P1182 code. I would also assume that the sender issues also carry over to the Medium Duty trucks as well worth checking into.
  11. 06-29-2004: Originally Written by Toyo03 I have a 98 Chevy 3500HD with the 6.5L diesel and about for months or so ago I got a message on my dash that's reading "water in fuel" but I've changed my filters and added fuel purifiers to help clean out the water but it still comes on and it's bugging me a bit? I notice that it comes and goes but mostly when I am on a downward slope it comes on but after I flatten out on roadway or going up a slope it doesn't come on? Anyone with info besides taking it to the dealer just yet? Ahui hou gotta go, Shane Gale25yrs said: Did you open the drain valve on the front of the engine near the thermostat housing to drain the water out of the fuel filter housing when changing the filter???? Toyo03 said: Sorry Gale but the answer is no I haven't. I didn't know there was one? I changed the filter that goes in the back towards the firewall on the engine under a plastic cover. I'll go check it and see if I can find what you are talking about. Gale25yrs said: To drain the water just open the valve with the engine running.
  12. TowZone


    09-16-2006: Towman26 Wrote, Does anybody have a Boniface unit. If so how do you like them & how about some pics Pttowguy said: I have operated 2 different Boniface units. One has been retired and the other is still in use today. Very well made, strong units Ed said: Where I used to work we had Boniface units, 25, 35, & 50 ton Recoverer. They worked good & very strong. Had a few that cracked under the structure and had to have gussets installed but it was probably from overweight issues. The wheel lifts didn't have tilt which could suck on motorhomes & busses. Maybe some of the units are different. Maybe call Schlier's of Tannersville PA, he was/is a dealer and had a couple for sale. WreckerUK said: Hi, love my boniface 30ton recoverer does everything i ask of it and more
  13. 10-01-2006: Ad Barker Wrote, I was wondering if someone could post some pictures on the flip feet on a heavy century ,,,,,would like to see them on and off the truck if possible???? Curt Sharp said: What style of feet are you refering to? The 5030's have permanent spades with lifting pads that clip on... the combo style like on the 9055's do not seperate as a rule and simply pull a pin, the spade flips down and re-install the pin Ed Barker said: Curt it would be the one that flips down like on your 9055 or maybe like on your rotator,,,,,I am looking for some ideas on how they are built for a unit of ours.Thank You,Ed Curt Sharp said: I will get you a few pics Noltes said: Here is the project I am working on our 00 9055. Its made of double frame 37" long with grader blade with teeth cut out on a flame table. Teeth are only 1 1/4" below the frame. I still have to add the d-rings, one straight back and one angled up for the side pulls down. Folded up you can still use the smaller spade with the frame rail clearing the light and mudflap, could for real soft surface, pretty big surface area for rear pulls. Worked great the other day in the soft grass, front tires were real light and spade wasnt even through the grass.
  14. 04-12-2012: Webb Wehbe Wrote, Thanks to Vladimir and the A911 team on the purchase of new INT35HD unit. Here are a few pictures of the unit that we are shipping to Vladimir and his team, last week the weather was -28, so they are very excited to get this unit. After the first units performance and Metro service Vladimir was very confident in our product line, they purchased another unit. We are in further talks about a new really big rotator for them in the future. This unit will be driven right across china to Russia, if we ever get any pictures from the driver we will post the drive.We also act as a shipping consolidator for our customer. Many of Metro customers send other goods to our factory and we pack and ship the goods for them with their orders. We try and use 100% of the space so that customers can save cost of goods and shipping. We would like to post pictures on a daily basis, however we are just swamped at this end. Thanks to all our customers for their support.
  15. 04-04-2012: 30 ton lift writen by Sam W
  16. Empire State Towing & Recovery Association's tow show in Lake George, NY.
  17. A Winthrop, Ark., fire truck, summoned to a house fire Thursday morning west of Cross Roads, Ark., rolled into a pond and became submerged in the water and mud. The fire was reported by an alarm company at 12:55 a.m. Thursday in a residence located about five miles west of Cross Roads near Arkansas Highway 234. The owner works out of town and no one was at home when the fire started. The firefighters were prepared to spray water on the fire when the 1985 model pumper truck started rolling into the pond and sank. "We're not sure what happened or why the fire truck started rolling into the pond," said Winthrop Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Miller, who is also a first responder. "We had pulled the hoses and were fixing to start spraying water when the truck rolled forward and went into the pond," Miller said. The house was engulfed when Winthrop, Foreman and Alleene fire departments arrived. The first person to arrive at the fire was Little River County Deputy John Blagg, said Sheriff Bobby Walraven. Blagg got inside the house and was using a fire extinguisher to suppress the fire but had to exit the house because of the smoke, Walraven said. Baker Wrecker Service removed the fire truck from the pond Thursday afternoon. Miller said the removal was difficult. "We appreciate Baker Wrecker Service for their help. It was hard to get the truck out of the pond," he said. "We (are) fortunate no one got hurt," Miller said. The operator had jumped off the fire truck when it started rolling and was unharmed. "I want to thank all of the fire departments who came and helped us. It was 21 degrees," he said. The fire truck was insured. "Hopefully that will help us with repairs to the truck," he said. Miller said the cause will be investigated to determine what caused the fire and the fire truck accident. RESOURCE LINK
  18. Two people who were killed when a tow truck crashed into two vehicles stopped along the Kennedy Freeway were recalled Friday evening by friends as selfless and joyful. Khalil S. Jones, 19, and Shamus D. Dean, 47, died and two other people were critically injured early Friday in Bellevue, police said. Jones was an airman from Daytona Beach, Florida, who was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. Dean is from Papillion. “A real tragedy like this is felt by everybody at Offutt,” base spokesman Drew Nystrom said. The crash occurred about 3:10 a.m. on the edge of the freeway’s southbound lanes at the Chandler Road exit. Jones’ Pontiac G6 had stalled along the road, police said. Two passengers were inside. Dean had pulled over in his Chevrolet truck to help. Police said an AR Towing tow truck driven erratically by James S. Helbert, 57, of Bellevue crashed into the Pontiac and Chevrolet. Helbert was not injured. Jones and Dean were pronounced dead at the scene. The Pontiac’s passengers, Tyquan M. Petty, 18, and a 15-year-old girl, were in critical condition at the Nebraska Medical Center. Police did not release the girl’s name but said the passengers live in Omaha. Police did not say whether Jones and Dean were inside or outside the vehicles when the accident occurred. Police also said they had not determined Friday evening whether alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. Other than saying that the company was praying for everyone involved, a representative of AR Towing declined to comment Friday afternoon. Helbert pleaded guilty and paid a $100 fine last month after he was convicted of careless driving early Nov. 21 in Bellevue. He was also convicted in July 2016 of speeding 11-15 mph on the Interstate. The southbound lanes of the Kennedy Freeway were closed at Q Street until about 8 a.m. while authorities investigated. Jones’ friend Griffin Sullivan said he was with the airman and others hours before the crash. They were hanging out at a house, “enjoying each other’s company, watching YouTube videos, listening to music and making summer plans,” Sullivan said. “The last night that he was alive was a great night for him,” he said. All of Jones’ friends were stunned, Sullivan said. “It’s a total tragedy. ... He was a great guy and loved to help others, which is why he was in the Air Force.” Dean’s friends expressed similar sentiments Friday evening. Andrew Gearan grew up with Dean and went to Platteview High School with him. “A lot of people are going to miss him,” Gearan said. Dean, who leaves behind a teenage son and daughter, was fun to be around and tried to make others happy, even at the expense of his own happiness, Gearan said. “I was one of the first of our friends to find out,” he said. “As I made phone calls to people that we knew and I told them what I knew, that he stopped along the road to help somebody, the first thing out of all of their mouths was ‘That sounds like Shamus.’ ” RESOURCE LINK
  19. In 2006 A Member was seeking info on the W70. Drhook541 posted these images, Anaron said: I got a big picture of that one hanging on my wall. Donnie called me one day and said he was going to let me in on a little project, send him a $1000. I did as did many others and Doc's pictures is the end result. Donnie spent a lot of money on the reconstruction of this great truck. If I remember correctly they were like only 2 or 3 of these units made? Ron Burnes Hpgtowing said: Hey whats the chances of buying that?....LOL Scooby said: If I remember correctly, in a conversation with Terry humelsine There where four of them produced. The whereabouts of the other three are shrouded in mystery. That unit is the last of the four that where made. If I remember correctly, that unit was auctioned off by the military at the Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland. It was purchased by Fullerton Towing, and refurbished at the time of purchase. Fullerton had just received the towing contract from whit marsh road to the Del state line. They needed this big monster for hd towing/recovery. I do not know when it left Fullerton, and where it went from there. But it has ended up as DADS after all these years Truly a fine example of good old American engineering. The ability to produce things that will last the test of time, and for generations to admire. I apologize if I am off a bit, but to the best of my memory, that's the story. Gale25yrs said: I saw it at it's debut in Ohio. It is an amazing machine. Power up and own on the booms as well as power swing on the booms.
  20. 01-01-2006: Originally posted by captradiator, I know that old 515 wore out at least four trucks. Not to mention, it pulled and winched way more that it was designed to do, but just kept on keepin' on! Johnny Spanky said: Thanks Johnny. Check out that Holmes Hi-Speed Towing Cradle, in the back. Collards, & Black-eyed Peas. Man, you're talk'in, my kinda talk.
  21. 01-01-2006: Originally posted by captradiator, This is the GMC that the W-45 was installed onto in the early fifties by my uncle, Ralph Fender. He started out in the wrecker/body shop/garage business in 1923. Johnny Spanky said: My kinda Truck! Thanks ed barker said: The first heavy that I ever run was a w-45 on an old mack,dad added a big drag winch with a 4 speed transmission,boy oh boy would that old truck winch,you just didn't stop it.The w-45 was very capable when you knew how to use it you just had to watch your P's and Q's or you would bust it up.Eventualy dad also added hydraulic stiff legs that he built from scratch,boy did that make it easier.We ran that unit for 15 years .A funny thing was we sold it for $500 more than we had payed for it 15 years before.We have all hydraulics now,but sometimes I just wish i had that unit on certain jobs ,I think to myself and wonder if the old w-45 could've worked this job.Don't get me wrong it was a lot of work with the old mechanical but it sure was educational. Unknown member said: hello mr johnny. i am only 20 miles from you. my uncle drove a truck for mr ralph back in the 50s one of the redrams boy at the stories i have heared. by the way the frist heavy i worked was a w35. call me at 556-0131or 556-3906 i would like to talk. i will also see if my aunt has any old pics. thanks ray Captradiator said: Ray, Good to hear from you. I remember your uncle well. I will contact you soon, and it would be great if you had some pictures. Johnny
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