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  1. https://www.kansascityhomes.com/listing/2172569-5631-e-31st-street-kansas-city-missouri-64128/?fbclid=IwAR3IjBZsxe6FHWK3kYQLNWqw27-XayjZlNtdVw0PPT7Xt4g4nBgGWbQ11o0
  2. Another Tower taken at a young age. My thoughts go back to so many I have meet and then were taken too soon. Many were members of Tow411 and few I had either just spoken to or sat down with. I just turned 59 so this weights heavily on my mind.
  3. This incident occurred 09.14.19 when an SUV failed to Slow Down.
  4. Do you have or have you had a pair? I know I have seen Howard Eagan brag on these for years. @Scooby Strong
  5. And ongoing list of those responding to various roll call posts can be found here.
  6. Where I was is forever etched in my mind. Where were you to day the world changed forever! And the day a sitting member of the House of Representative to said 'Some people did something" is evidence we have been deeply effected. The attacks have not ended and are now from within...
  7. I suppose this story is even more powerful as I lost my Dad to Alzheimer's this past January. Part of a story by Mark Newberry which appeared in the Farmington Press Online / Daily Journal Online As a natural extension of the body shop business, Rodney Milfelt has created a one-of-a-kind tribute to his father’s memory and to help cure Alzheimer’s. “In 2007 I was on the internet just looking for wrecked cars in junkyards and ran across my dad’s very first wrecker that he bought in 1965 when he went into business,” he said, “He actually went into the wrecker business before the body shop. I found it in Potosi, went and looked at it and it was my dad’s wrecker, because it still had his name on it. Trees were growing through it, it was trash. I bought it, brought it back here and left it sit out here in front of the shop a month or so for everybody to see it. “I’m going to restore this thing. About last year, about 12 years later, I started on the body and thought we’ll do something for Alzheimer’s. So it’s lettered on the wrecker, ‘pulling to end Alzheimer’s’ and it’s got some other logos on it, but we’re dedicating it to dad and Alzheimer’s. I’m trying to get it ready to lead the parade in Farmington for the Alzheimer’s walk. It’s been an uphill battle with it, but it’s turning out pretty neat.” The Rest of the Story Milfelt Auto Body Shop with Tow Truck out front as it appeared in 1967. Milfelt Auto Body as it appears 50 years later. An Alzheimer's Walk scheduled for Saturday. https://dailyjournalonline.com/news/local/alzheimer-s-walk-scheduled-for-saturday/article_dcecca8d-8a76-5b51-b57f-fcbb97067084.html UPDATED: Hundreds of people converged in the parking lot of C.Z. Boyer-Taylor Chapel in downtown Farmington for the Walk to End Alzheimer's on Saturday morning. The parking lot was filled with purple shirts as walkers registered with event volunteers at booths and people were gathering around for the opening ceremony. Audra Caine from B104 opened the ceremony and spoke of some of the challenges and statistics associated with people affected by Alzheimer's disease. Darlene Milfelt-Klein was the individual who raised the most money bringing in $7,498.65 for the cause. Walkers then lined up behind the Milfelt Wrecker and Auto Body tow truck which led the charge of the Alzheimer's warriors through downtown Farmington. RESOURCE LINK
  8. That likely took a few tries to get that image. Is the light house much taller then it appears and what is the huge modern building to the left? Thanks for making time stand still and transporting at the same time.
  9. I'm sure there are more of these out there still then any of us realize. Might have to dig them out, but like much old towing equipment some guys just can't let it go. Does anyone still have one or any parts around?
  10. I ran one a for a short time and found the side to side feature useful. The the only true drawback I can recall was the method used to strap the wheels the metal grid which the strap was attached to would not always insert properly. Oh yeah and there was an issue with the wheel lift limiting the boom reach. Anyone else recall these type of units and have experiences to share? If you haven't been around the industry more than a decade then you likely never even saw one. I have not seen one in a very long time myself. Found on a 2017 Equipment for list page, $100.00 http://jingletruck.com/tow-truck-jerr-dan-68131
  11. By now we are all aware of just how fast this situation can play out. We take are eye off the on coming traffic for a half a second and there's vehicle that failed to move over right there. Had we taken a step or two at most at the very least we would caught a mirror. I had one just two days ago, not a vehicle and sight and whiz a black Dodge Charger maybe 18 inches from the white line and my truck was on it. No, back up it was around 2am all the traffic had been moving over except for this one idiot. Had I thought I needed back up I would have certainly called for it. All it take is that one time and this can happen. Luckily I was not injured and the truck was not struck. Sadly, my story can be told by countless tow operators weekly. Maybe we need a post for us to vent, cause if not these instances simply build up or do you just let them go. In reflection the memory of the last near miss is gone as soon as there is another. This happens once or twice a week, I just hope my odds of not being struck are high. But, I'll have to increase my awareness how about you? Ohio State Highway Patrol Facebook Page: JUST RELEASED: Dash-cam footage of trooper’s cruiser being struck this past weekend. The trooper was changing a tire on a disabled vehicle on the Ohio Turnpike, when a U-haul truck went off the roadway striking his cruiser. The U-Haul did not stop at the crash scene, but was located a short time later. Always remember to #moveover for the flashing lights! It's the law!
  12. Nice effort, however not the intended use for Gojaks. They don't like bumps and they don't like rocks. Also, as tough as they appear the Gojaks can be damaged fairly easy. I notice also that you did not lock the foot peddle down. I highly recommend doing so, as body damage to the vehicle could occur if the vehicles wheels were at and angle or not locked straight. The primary use for Gojacks are to maneuver a vehicle from a location and or spin the vehicle around. I have used them extensively in the past when doing Private Property Impounds. Since we do fewer of those types of tows I no longer carry a set of them. But, they still a valuable access if you can justify carrying them around on the truck. We have a couple of sets in the garage for moving vehicles around in there. That is an asset there for sure. Thanks for sharing...
  13. Great, 4 or 5 shots one before and one after could make the difference on a disputed images. And really it a $350+ TowMate Light Bar. What amazes me is the number of topics in Heavy Duty Recovery Challenge. At this point I can say will likely have 50 submissions in the Light Duty Recovery Topic Challenge by October 31st. At that point the drawing will be held. As for the $1100+ TowMate Light Bar may go all the way to the end of the year. Thanks for both your support and participation, we're more than half way into this message board rebuild. We'll be nearly 100% a little over a year for now.
  14. Obviously the cap was not enough to encourage new TowForce supporters. This is no Joke the Towing Information Network needs funds and supporters have stepped to the plate and provided those funds throughout the years. Those funds are now depleted and we much ask our members to renew their supporter status. We also need new supporters and to make the Promotion which is being extended through the month of November even better. All First Time Patron Level 3 and Sponsors will receive both a cap and a T-shirt. Current Supporters can purchase Caps and T-shirts for $15 each. $10 each in lots of 3 or more.
  15. The chance of winner are now just 1 in 4. If you told me that in July I would have laughed. At this point it not a case of message board traffic. It's a case that many have gotten used to the single image topic on Facebook and forgotten how to create posts with disruptions. Recoveries with discussions to learn from....
  16. Ladies we have not forgotten you. We know a few of you may want something different. Guys, you may not wear this black cap. So, we now have one your lady would wear. Get it with a New Supporter Status and provide the financial assistance our network depends on.. Supporters can now purchase these black and Turquoise caps for just $10 each. (Upgrade your current supporter status or purchase more than 3 and receive free shipping)
  17. There were two images when the topic was recreated. However, the method of transferring topics failed. Another manner in which images are transferred has worked better. Our apologies for missing images.
  18. John Marsee did not login and claim his T-shirt last week so his name goes back into the drawing. That means we have 2 WINNERS this week and they are: SouthernStar1 & BillsAutoBody You have until Friday to pm me your size and mailing address. * whan you see a flash drawing topic add a reply. Enter as many times as you can during this drawing which will run though the end of 2019. However, you can only win once, if your name is drawn again then it will be discarded and another member we be drawn. This assures as many members as possible receive a t-shirt. Thanks
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