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  1. UPDATE: Officers are searching for Justin Lang, 32, who is wanted on suspicion of two counts of manslaughter in the crash that killed Ramon Murillo, 32, and Richard Struble, 57.
  2. Let me try this, the Century is the Rotator, then the Hazmat truck with tools and supplies for mitigation/cleanup. Skid Steer to carry the contents of the load from the crash and supplies to & from the area. The Second Heavy is actually the NRC Carrier to transport the Armored Car. Eric, will need to explain the Plan of Action. Sure appears Professional from Start to End. Should be the Industry Standard! After all it's just money...
  3. "No tire changes should be initiated roadside for operator safety" This should be the policy of every Tow Company and Motor Clubs should adhere to this policy as it would save at minimum one life a year. a lane should be blocked with a blocker vehicle This should be a requirement on roadways where the speed limit is a minimum 55mph. A standard industry requirement, to include safety glasses, reflective vest, as well as a hard hat. OK, safety glasses are going a bit far as they are not going to have any effect on roadside safety in regards to possibly being struck. I prefer reflective clothing over a vest as most fail to put the vest on. The clothing eliminates that safety fail. Yes, I'm good with the safety hard hat. Problem is the hard hat that would benefit our industry professionals are at minimum $150.00. The best ones are over $300.00. There fore the cost factor is going to be an issue for many. Yes, I have been researching them and may or may not purchase one this year. If you think those General Plastic Construction Area Hard Hats are going to benefit a Tow Op on the side of the road. The only thing that will protect is a bump on the occasional head which many of us can relate too. The answer is never more regulation, it is education and desire to save lives. Most in this industry in all respect to those effected by a loss is reactive rather than proactive. I think to many who were just out there doing their job and could not have avoided the incident that took their life or cause injury to them. Yes, we can think back that maybe this or that could have been done differently. Yes, reviewing these roadside deaths would possibly save lives. Often out of respect for the family we do not ehter into these discussions. When we have ventured into this discussion few want to participate due to the high probability they could be on the list of those injured or whose name is going on the Wall of Fallen. I generally take so many precautions that I know many think I go overboard. My life has a value, I protect it the best I can. Your family places more of a value on your life than you do. You may or may not know that, but I am sure they worry more and more each and every year. The Odds of being struck increase the longer you are in that situation and they know it. Think Safety
  4. Can you believe the Pinecroft Sedgefield Fire Department did not mention the two tow truck drivers on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PINECROFT.SEDGEFIELD/posts/2806319286108547?__tn__=-R
  5. This truck was SOLD while Listed on Tow411 and ended up someplace in CT. Does anyone know where it might reside today?
  6. This topic will serve as both an appreciation of continued support recognition and a current roll call of Active Patron II supporters. Those on the list are asked to add a reply to this topic. Those missing from this current list please advise as some members status did not transfer to the new message board. Thanks 5towman All City Tow Service Allstar710 antowing Arichard Arrow541 ASAPautomotive aztecasalesandservice Benski Towing Bigredtowing5 Byddon Borotow Bridgeman's Wreckers Bruce Bock Chuck Anderson dan turpin Dave Whealon Dependable Dtow DutrasTowing Eastendtow 66 EKYtow55 f650man Falcon01 firstduetowing CGT Inc heather411 Hill Towing Hot Rod Motorsports IATOWMATER JeffTow Jim B JGTOW Jmmonday72 JohnF JST1 Kasey Kerns Knighthawk Towing Kim02 kw6x6 Les Tow lowrider luf#1 Marks Towing moetows Moremph Nieman's Towing ✔️ Njsss nousdef Nyctowing007 Oldschoolpete paulie417 Pifer's Service Center ProTower PRTowing RandyR RasTow Recovery Inc Reds Rick Lichty Riddle Towing ROCKY MT TOWMAN RodVT Rubbersidedown silverhawk Smith Brothers of CNY Southwest Towing Stuart Wagner SURRYTOWER Tatersalad72 Texas6 THOMAS CURRAN Tom Durham towblaze96 TOWMAN27 TOWRUSSELL towwind44 Voigt W900AVt wasinc WM96511 WTR Patron Level II and III Roll Calls will be added later. Those who are able to provide community support at this time are asked to review our supporter levels at: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ Thanks
  7. The new system has been up and running about 18 months now. What thoughts are out there, we want to hear those that recall the old system and from those that are new to the message board world. Best response in the next 10 days earns a towers Prayer T-Shirt.
  8. 30 years ago we had one that was in the lot for several weeks. The smell coming from the trunk area was intense. Called the Police and Fire, all agreed it was bad. Fire Popped the Trunk.. And Nothing. Smell was intense but the truck was rather clean, nothing in it at all. But yeah, once you have been around that you never forget it. Flies in the window are a dead give away something or someone is dead. Maggots are even worse, move the vehicle immediately to a remote area or you'll be seeing those on the ground for awhile.
  9. Randy, this topic reminds me of the HATS Presentation and T.I.M.S Program. The Tools are there everyone should have access to them.
  10. OK, I have had numerous replies to Enter the Recovery Topic Challenge for a chance to WIN this Great New TowMate Light Bar. I suppose I was not clear as to what it takes to enter this drawing. "Each Heavy Duty Recovery Topic a member creates from June 1, 2019 to September 1, 2019 which includes a minimum of 4 images and a minimum of one paragraph narrative describing the recovery and even equipment the used will be entered into this drawing. The more Topics the better the chances of winning." These Topics can be in Tator Patch "Rotators Only", Heavy & Medium Duty Recoveries and Air Cushion Recoveries. This is a Participation Prize, the more you share the better your Odds. But, like any drawing it only takes one entry. In the Early Days of the Message Board there were numerous Recoveries and Great Discussions. That's been Lost! TowForce along with the support of TowMate is seeking to change that and bring winning Opportunities back... So, replies to be entered into this participation program with a prize valued over $1000.00 you must participate. Thanks in advance for your participation!
  11. Tick Tick Tick, not one single Qualifying submission yet. Time is Ticking if you don't get posting those recoveries this light bar may be on here for awhile! Or will we see a couple of members go head to head and battle this one out. One member could create all 100 Equipment Recovery topics.
  12. Little Rock woman accused of attacking tow truck driver, stealing his keys Angry that her car was being moved, a Little Rock woman burst out the window of a tow truck and assaulted the driver, an arrest report said. Little Rock police officers arrested Zakyrah Sharome Gilbert, 19, Tuesday on charges of robbery, first-degree criminal mischief and theft of property after an arrest report said she broke the window of a tow truck moving her car from 13500 Chenal Parkway. The report said Gilbert elbowed the driver in his face while taking the keys to the tow truck. Gilbert caused approximately $1,500 in damage to the truck and police said they had not been able to locate the truck's keys at the time of the report. Gilbert was in the Pulaski County jail as of Wednesday evening in lieu of a $2,500 bond. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/jun/05/little-rock-woman-accused-attacking-tow-truck-driv/
  13. Trent, that was rather interesting. Hopefully others will take the lead and show us there EDC (Every Day Carry) When I find the time I'll show what's on my new belt either in a video or just images. Not much in my pockets other than a wallet, everything else is in a bag i carry and and hang over the passenger seat within reach. @Trent A Butzlaff
  14. Randall, the states with the highest number of tow operator roadside instances would be an interesting topic of discussion. Death, Injury, reported near miss/close calls. I have California, Texas, Illinois, Florida and Michigan in mind. But, I need to look back through the reports as I have not keep up with the deaths. It's just too much as I myself have more near miss instances than I want to recall. Most of us have them, no one working roadside seem to be immune. Tow Operator just find themselves at the top of the list with more fatalities than any other group working in the danger zones.
  15. "They gave us a 5 year unconditional warranty as well." Now that is is a good warranty, you hope you never need it but we all know how these lights can fail. After 5 years, I'd say you got your moneys worth.
  16. Coroner Releases Name of Tow Truck Driver Struck by Big Rig in Castaic A tow truck driver fatally struck by a big rig on the Golden State (5) Freeway in the Castaic area was a resident of that area, the coroner’s office said Monday. Erwin Geremillo was 47 years old, the coroner’s office said. The AAA driver was hit about 8:15 p.m. Friday on the southbound side of the freeway near Vista del Lago, the California Highway Patrol said. Geremillo was tending to a stopped vehicle when he was struck by a tandem big rig that did not stop, the CHP reported. The incident is classified as a hit-and-run, but it is possible the big rig driver did not Geremillo had been struck, CHP Officer Stephan Brandt said. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, the CHP reported. RESOURCE LINK
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