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  1. American Towman shared these videos on FB LIVE.
  2. Thanks, you just made it in time. Shirt will be in the mail soon. And I believe we are still waiting on a mailing address for Kole Farris.
  3. This one was one of the few posted without description. We did not transfer the replies as they were not very descriptive either. Possibly the member that posted them or someone who recalls the recovery may respond.
  4. An Error was made in the side bar. ESR is the T-Shirt Winner this week. Thanks to a sharp eyed member for pointing that out. ESC is still is the drawing. Good Luck next time Paul. ESR, PM me your T-Shirt Size and Mailing Address.
  5. Best Months For a Tow Show OK, we're into the Tow Show Season. Several shows have past already and several are upcoming. I am curious what the best months are for you to get to a Tow Show. For me it's like June, July. September, October and November are best. March and April are a Challenge. December, January, February and May are OUT as is August which we are into now. Next: Best State for a Tow Show I am struggling to rationalize a Best State. So I suppose I would have to narrow it down and then look at the attendance. Of course a show you are closer to could lack attendees and exhibitors and still be your Best Show and Best Show State. I suppose it comes down to ease of travel along with cost. Baltimore has been a success due to those two factors. Can you name other states and include states that do not currently host a Tow Show? This will be an ongoing topic, so take your time it wil be here when you're really to comment. Your input is much appreciated...
  6. No one else has anymore more images from the Southern Tow Expo and the Flora Bama Party. No one did a facebook live this year, I feel left out cause I just cannot make a August Show. Even if it were close I could not get away. Months like March, June, July. September and November are best for me. Guess I need to work on that harder next year.
  7. August 13, 2019 (Newswire.com) - CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum will hold its second annual 5K Run for the Fund benefiting its Survivor Fund on Sunday, Oct. 13, at 8 a.m. Chattanooga-based Lee-Smith Inc., a commercial truck dealership that has been a part of the Chattanooga community since 1939, returns as the 5K's gold sponsor. "Lee-Smith is pleased to be the title sponsor of the Run for the Fund 5K," says Dayton Shepard, executive vice president of Lee-Smith. "Once a year people from around the globe gather in Chattanooga, the birthplace of the towing industry. During that week in October, the industry honors those who have lost their lives while serving others, recognizes industry leaders for their accomplishments, and promotes efforts to create awareness of the 'Move Over' laws." Shepard added: "This fun event supports and promotes these missions. As a local, Chattanooga family-owned company, we are excited we can again support the industry through this event." A recent national study indicated the fatality rate in the towing industry is 15 times greater than for other industries. The Towing Museum estimates the industry loses 60 operators annually, with hundreds injured, while handling towing and/or recovery calls. The organization responded to the crisis by establishing the Survivor Fund in 2005 to provide immediate financial support to families of towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service. "The second year of the Run for the Fund is an exciting time for us at the museum," said Jeffrey Godwin, head of the Survivor Fund. "We know we will have more participants and we are already seeing some terrific support from both the Chattanooga community and from within the towing and roadside industries." In addition, this year's donations will be matched by Bobby's Law, named for Bobby Unruh of Tucumcari, New Mexico, who was killed by a distracted driver while attempting to tow a commercial vehicle off the interstate. Linda Unruh, former tow company owner and Bobby's mother, later successfully lobbied to change New Mexico's Slow Down-Move Over law to include tow truck drivers. She continues to advocate for drivers to slow down and/or move over nationwide. "I want change for the betterment of our industry. My passion is to make a difference for tow operators and first responders," Linda Unruh told Tow Times magazine. The 5K Run for the Fund welcomes walkers and runners to support the Survivor Fund. The race is chip-timed and the course starts and ends at the Towing Museum, 3315 Broad Street, following the nearby Tennessee Riverwalk. Each finisher will earn a Finisher's Medal. Last year's 5K winner was Paul Rutherford, a tow truck driver for Cedar Bluff Towing Inc., Knoxville, Tenn., who is a marathon runner – he has run in over 200 races – and is a cancer survivor. "I'm a run-a-holic," he said. Rutherford's advice to tow truck drivers and operators, who often lead sedentary lives, is to "get out and do something fun in your life." For details on the Run for the Fund 5K, contact Brenda Faulman, 407-936-2494
  8. Driver who abandoned car on Interstate 94 and shot at Good Samaritans charged MILWAUKEE — Austin Fountaine, 22, of West Allis was charged Tuesday with one count endangering safety and one count of possession of a firearm contrary to injunction after abandoning his car on Interstate 94 and Hawley Road and firing shots at a vehicle that had stopped to ask if he needed help. About 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6, Fountaine misjudged the turn of the ramp, and his silver Chevrolet was off the road when a tow truck with three passengers stopped to ask if he needed assistance. The three then witnessed Fountaine exit the vehicle and run across the ramp and into the bushes. Police took Fountaine into custody after the car was found registered in his name. The suspect had gone home and asked a friend to help him dispose the gun into Lake Michigan, according to the criminal complaint. He admitted to shooting at the Pontiac and stated he had observed multiple cars with "handguns coming out" of the vehicles following him on the freeway, according to the criminal complaint. "They were lucky they walked away with their lives because [he] was trying to kill them," he was quoted saying in a jail call to his mother, according to the complaint. If convicted of the two counts, Fountaine could face up to 20 years in prison and up to $50,000 in fines. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Aug. 16. -------------- Now for my questions: Why would a Tow Truck Driver with passengers stop to check on a stranded motorist. I understand being a concerned citizen. However it is not worth the chance, call law enforcement. If the vehicle is in the roadway call law enforcement and wait for them to arrive prior to approaching the vehicle. 1) Mental Illness is at the forefront of concerns these days. You do not know who has a weapon (note: a weapon can be a firearm, a knife, a tire iron, etc.) 2) Passengers in the tow truck were exposed to even more dangers. I Encourage Every Tow Company to review this with their staff. I once knew a tow truck driver that was struck from behind by a tire iron as he was changing a tire. We have all have at some point allowed the customer to stand beside or behind us as we changed their tire. For numerous reasons I cannot allow anyone to invade my space, I make sure they are at a safe distance away from myself and traffic. I have more thoughts, but I want to hear yours and they may be "Why Worry?" RESOURCE LINK
  9. Entries are taken from the recent semi annual roll call. But, wait there's a twist. New Members that join before Friday and add a reply to this topic which includes Company Name & Location will be entered into the next drawing. Good Luck! Note: We will be added additional opportunities to win throughout this series. Each member will be eligible once every 90 days. Should the members name be drawn, that member will be placed back into the drawing and another member name drawn. Thanks
  10. For the next 4 hours and 11 minutes every member that adds a reply to this topic will be entered into this weeks drawing. Hurry!
  11. The News is blowing this up as Tesla Autopilot fails. The driver of the vehicle stated it was not in autopilot mode. But it was in Driver assist mode, which many automakers have some sort of these days. The driver stated he had his hands on the wheel and failed to see the tow truck, exactly where the tow truck was located in vague as it seems to vary in the numerous reports. I tend to lean to it being in a narrow break down lane of sorts. Also, the Tesla did not burst into flames upon impact the Driver (father) and his two children were able to exit the vehicle to a safe location. The story should read catch fire following the accident. Many vehicle will do that, this just happens to be a Tesla. Wow, as I am writing this Fox & Friends is doing a story on it. I'll add comments if they report anything different then I have seen. We do have at least a couple of members in Russia and a few lurkers. Those members may have more info to share.
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