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  1. I use schmitz mittz like black knight gloves was wondering if you have any opinion on these as I like them but I feel like mechanics gloves work a lot better for when I am hooking up. Also I see alot of tow men using some sort of headset for phone calls was wondering if you use one or any brand recommendations?
  2. Could you made link it or give some good recommendations?
  3. Im still pretty new to towing been doing it for about a year but still not use whats the best stuff to bring on me/wear Right now I wear a reflective pants cover and a safety vest I bring on me a light some pens and a knife Just wondering what is "the best" or most efficient set of equipment to bring and what you guys wear to the job as I was looking into something like this (https://www.truckntow.com/safety-apparel/jackets-rain-gear/class-3-speed-collection-premium-cold-weather-coverall.html) but not sure if its really worth it I live in the Upper East Coast FYI
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