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  1. wreckerman1

    2003 International 4300 stuck in park

    Ok, I'm in Michigan and we have been running like crazy, once I get the truck back in the shop I will get that info. Thanks again.
  2. wreckerman1

    2003 International 4300 stuck in park

    Unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram. The odd thing is the brake lights work and pushing the brake cancels the high idle for the PTO, so I would think the brake switch is ok, maybe there is a wire issue at a connection.
  3. I have a 2003 International 4300 with a Allison that won't release the shifter. If you unplug the brake switch on the pedal you can get it in gear, and for now we removed the side cover and we are just manually releasing the shifter. We replaced the Shift interlock solenoid and it worked for a short time then quit working again. Thanks for your time and help.