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  1. Only a couple days late to the party! Better late than never I say!! Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Jesse, new member here. I do not currently work in or drive tow, though I did 7 years light and medium duty towing throughout MA/RI/CT before I relocated to warmer climates. It's been a couple years now, but the bug has never gotten out of my system. I still stop and assist stranded motorists, my lockout kit has a permanent place behind my drivers seat, and I dream in Amber flashing lights. This among other things has made me realize I need to get back behind the wheel of a wrecker. Admittedly, it's a little intimidating after so much time has gone by. Florida has a very different roadscape than what I am used to. I mean, hell, without black ice and the occasional white out, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself. Right now I am still at my 9 to 5, keeping the family fed and the lights on. Nights and weekends, I spend my time bootstrapping a towing business. I spend a lot of time reading and researching, trying to get it right the first time around. Speaking of reading, I read a lot about how Florida has a saturated towing market, scrolling through the deluge of unlicensed and uninsured "Mechanic For Hire" craigslist ads, and watching the gypsies fly all over town. It gets discouraging sometimes. Is there room for me? Am I capable of this? What if I fail? Then I slap myself for being a pessimist and think, "What if I succeed? What if I build something my children can take over? What if this can care for my family when I'm gone?" So here I sit, with a dream for a better tomorrow and a 25 year old medium duty wrecker parked in the driveway, slowly being restored to it's prime. Paperwork, applications, and fees mailed off all over the state. And a hope that once the paperwork is filed, the applications approved, the licenses licensed, and the fees pocketed I can start to recoup some insurance costs. At this rate I can start to drum up some business in 5 years! My apologies if this was a long winded or a bit too much information for a new member introduction post, but hey, it's who I am. Living the American Dream, or something like it. HAHAHA. Some things you just need to learn the hard way, but if anyone has advice or experience they want to share, please consider it solicited. The only way to learn is with your ears and mind open!
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