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  1. I would return it to them so they can have a chance to fix their mistakes.
  2. I love that you are OCD about your trucks appearance like I am. Just finished my HPL attachment and can't wait for the first bike of the season.
  3. The pink 16 ton(?) doesn't look beat up in the video. Wonder if brakes were really the issue or a driver issue.
  4. ...Most of us don't know what we are doing tomorrow much less 5 months out. Will write it down on the calendar.
  5. I use vacuum caps from the auto part store. ...got to find an older employee who know what a carburetor is. Ha
  6. What a pain in the butt job.
  7. TSperformance 6 position Worked fine on a 2003 at f550 with a 7.3. Truck is gone now so I can't help with the part #. My Hydra in my 99 is on a 350 and high idle is mainly used to jump start big bastards.
  8. I think its impossible to change a 3rd parties perception in this industry. Your company owes me $300 for one I did last month.
  9. I gave up on my hunt for one and chose a TS performance 6 position switch. High idle is all i really needed. Hydra also makes one.
  10. Here Expired WM, School of working everyday in the trenches.
  11. Is this a integrated renegade unit or the separate rebel unit ?
  12. Renegade Stiff legs, These are an option that Twin Cities Wrecker does. Notice how far forward these are compared to the factory ones which look like a toddler just slapped them on the tail.
  13. The time has come to finally purchase a sat based phone or messenger. Do you have one? Looking at a Garmin inreach unit right now but could be swayed to another brand. Keep going out of cell service areas doing 4x4 recoveries and it would be nice to check in every once in a while to keep the boss lady happy.
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