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  1. I guess if you cant disconnect the battery when it gets to the yard, can you turn the headlights on to drain the battery or will that not help.
  2. https://fox8.com/2019/03/18/driver-was-pinned-under-tow-truck-in-fairview-park-crash/ Tow Truck Driver in Ohio pinned under tow truck caught on police dash cam. its not safe out there no matter what slow down move over could not help this guy out there. you always have to be aware of your surroundings it scares me to think I want to be a tow truck driver and see all these accidents.
  3. so sad I didn't realize how many tow operators are hurt and killed doing their everyday job its a shame and sad to say I don't see it getting any better with the new generation and the use of cell phones and cars coming with touch screens computers in them. It doesn't matter how many light you have on the truck it seems that doesn't help. I was talking to a local tow guy and he told me he runs with his light off because if he has his lights on cars shoot out in front of him to be in front of him because they think he will be slow. so he says he noticed with his lights off he has less cars come out in front of him. I guess when I thought about what he said it made sense to me I never understood why trucks ran with there light on while towing a car.
  4. I am new to this and I cant believe how many tow truck drivers are killed each year or involved in a serious accident by someone running into them I was an EMT for 12 years just let that go last year in 2018 and a firefighter for 20 years and I have seen some bad accidents thankfully none involving a tow truck, although about 10 years ago I remember a firefighter on a call I was on from another department get killed directing traffic. Its only going to get worst with people not paying attention on the road and more to there cell phones. If cop cars aren't even safe when on the side of the road truck driver definitely don't have any better chances. I just want to say to everyone Happy New Year and be safe out there, you my friends are in a dangerous situation all the time.
  5. good point on man hole cover never would of thought of that as a hazard I guess you have to carry a long stick to guide you as you walk, and I also saw someone posted they carry fishing waders another great idea.
  6. wow it really is a small world I saw the tow truck and the limo hooked up and I saw you posted Atlantic city I said wow I know Lakeview towing you are not far from me I live in Buena Vista NJ what a small world it is. When I first saw the picture I said I wonder if that is Lake view towing from over here where I am at. I am surprised you guys have extra time to be on here posting and you guys been in business as far as I can remember although I thought your trucks were always red.
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