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    Hello to all starting a new venture

    Hey Randy thanks for the advice and the link you provided that's why I joined this forum to see what people are doing and to get some good sound advice from professionals willing to share there ideas and thoughts. I want to learn as much as I can and do as much research as I can that's why my plan is to do it in 2 years to go to classes and get some training. Anyone can buy a tow truck and say they're a tow operator I want to do it right. I'm planning on going to the Florida show although I will probably be in crutches since I'm getting my achilleas operated on in March and I will defiantly be at the Atlantic city show since I'm only 30 minutes away. I am also going to see if I can get a part time job with a tow company to get some experience operating a tow truck. That partnership idea is good but sometimes its hard to find someone with the drive to want to succeed and give it a 110% to make it. I once owned a pizza shop with a friend and we were partners and didn't work out my partner didn't put the time and effort into the business and he spent more time next door at the dunkin donuts with the girls working there needless to say he ended up getting divorce leaving his wife for a young girl and at the end he lost everything. I am not opposed to a partnership but it has to be someone with motivation and a drive to succeed and want to work. thanks for all the input.

    Re: New Years Awareness

    I am new to this and I cant believe how many tow truck drivers are killed each year or involved in a serious accident by someone running into them I was an EMT for 12 years just let that go last year in 2018 and a firefighter for 20 years and I have seen some bad accidents thankfully none involving a tow truck, although about 10 years ago I remember a firefighter on a call I was on from another department get killed directing traffic. Its only going to get worst with people not paying attention on the road and more to there cell phones. If cop cars aren't even safe when on the side of the road truck driver definitely don't have any better chances. I just want to say to everyone Happy New Year and be safe out there, you my friends are in a dangerous situation all the time.

    Afraid of water

    good point on man hole cover never would of thought of that as a hazard I guess you have to carry a long stick to guide you as you walk, and I also saw someone posted they carry fishing waders another great idea.

    Company Name

    Brian thanks for your response I see towing companies in different states with the same name as another company but I am gonna take your advice and come up with a name of my own its not worth the hassle or money if the name was to get trademarked. Thanks for the good advice.

    Getting Lucky in Atlantic City

    wow it really is a small world I saw the tow truck and the limo hooked up and I saw you posted Atlantic city I said wow I know Lakeview towing you are not far from me I live in Buena Vista NJ what a small world it is. When I first saw the picture I said I wonder if that is Lake view towing from over here where I am at. I am surprised you guys have extra time to be on here posting and you guys been in business as far as I can remember although I thought your trucks were always red.

    Hello to all starting a new venture

    Goodmichael thanks for the advice a lot of good points and that's why I joined the forum to get some good advice from some good people and that's why I'm trying to do all the research before I jump into this new venture that I plan on doing in a year and a half to 2 years I know towing is not just buy a tow truck and start towing I want to go to classes and go to the shows. The only reason I'm thinking about Florida is because the weather and the cost of living and I also have family there. I own a condo in Daytona so I go out there about 4 times a year. I am tired of working and giving the state of New Jersey all my money on high taxes for nothing. I agree with you about customer service in this day and time with the internet everyone is always looking to see reviews. The days of naming your business with the letter A is not a need anymore as no one uses a telephone book. I want to thank you very much for the pointers and good advice. Be safe.

    Hello to all starting a new venture

    Thanks a lot Jim for your response I was thinking central Florida but I will take your advise and check Craig's list and look at google to see what is out there.

    Company Name

    When starting a new tow company is there anything that says you cant use a name someone else has in another state I see tow companies with the same name but not sure if that is ok or not I don't want to step on anyone's toes or piss another tow company because I used the same name. I even considered calling that tow company to see how they feel about it just out of respect.
  9. Hello to everyone here, I live in New Jersey and have to get out of here the cost of living is getting crazy here. I'm planning on moving to Florida in the next year or so and starting a towing business I hope to get a lot of information from the members here that can help I want to go to classes to get certified and hope to see some of you in Orlando when I got to the tow show in 2019. Right now I'm trying to do all the research and get as much information that I can and I will appreciate any suggestions and answers I get from the members that are here to help. I want to say thank you to the members here making this forum available and with great information and answers. Thanks